What Do these Dreams of the Devil and Hearing Voices Mean?

Well, I had a dream that I was talking to this beautiful girl, and her face changed into the devil right in front of me, then someone was actually talking in the dream, but I couldn’t see this person, they said that you will never know what the devil looks like, it may come in the form of a beautiful woman, I jumped out of the sleep when I heard the voice.

I layed in bed still, but with my eyes closed, then I heard a voice say to me, “the devil came and visited you tonight,” so of course, I got a little scared but then I heard it again, “the devil came and paid you a visit tonight.” I got up and slept with the lights on for the rest of the night.

3 days after that I had a dream that I was being chased by a demon, he look liked a black shadow, but fast! I ran into the house where my friends were and I shut the door, and asked my friend for a garlic and a bible, and then a voice saying “you have to invite him in,” but I didn’t. I dreamt two dreams in this night, the dream before this, I was at a church and the pastor was praying for me, and was saying I was possessed and when rubbed his hand over me, felt like something was coming out of me.

Ok this is question, what do these dreams mean? When I woke up from the last dream, I was shaking and fidgety and felt a lot of negative energy. And no, I haven’t been watching horror movies

Asked by cece

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  1. Hello Cece,

    It’s good to know you are not watching horror movies now, but what about in the past? Our minds do not forget anything they have seen, read or heard, even when we think we have. Eliminate them and what is left? Are you Christian, what do you know about demons? How long have you been reading this site, before the dreams happened? You didn’t say ‘when’ you had the dreams, and we do talk about demons here.

    A woman as a demon. Demons are creatures controlled by ego and negative emotions, with no measure of ‘love’ for balance within their energy. When we compare them with humans we find that, for the most part, certainly in the older generations, men were logical and women were emotional .. when I ‘met’ Samael she was the most beautiful being I had ever ‘seen’, but so twisted. For men certain demons appear female, for women they appear male. We know them as succubus and incubus.

    Did a demon come to visit and try and influence your dreams, its possible. Did it succeed? How frightened are you now? I am hoping you are not curious to continue the association, because inviting them in is pure insanity, but they are like an addictive lolly … one bite leaves you wanting more.

    You are not possessed, but your mind was feeding you solutions just the same, thank heavens. Yes, DO NOT invite them in, though that only works with vampires .. as does garlic .. so sorry, what have you been reading or watching on tv?? Vampires are part of popular fiction now, and while they seem to be written as harmless, misunderstood ‘human’ sort of beings, truthfully, if they existed, they are NOT harmless, anymore than demons can be ‘friends’ and ‘helpers’ of humans.

    In the classic sense your dream could mean that there is a problem
    plaging your mind, chasing you around in a sense, that might have something to do with your faith in God, or a greater being, or in trusting someone in authority over you. You seek help from your friends, but cannot trust them to have what you need, nor do you trust your inner voice. Perhaps your mind is saying to you that if you will trust God, represented by the Pastor, some part of yourself, that is not there for your greater good, will be released and you will be safe and free. Perhaps the being you saw in the first dreams was in a way you looking at yourself? We all have a bit of a ‘demon’ within us, its not a negative thing, its our challenge .. to get to know our shadow self, the one that reacts in fear or anger, when we are hurt.

    I hope this helps,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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