What Do Dreams of Dying Mean?

This question may seem a bit odd but, have you ever dreamed that you died? Last night, I had a dream that I died and I could see myself looking down at my body, with complete indifference about actually leaving it. In fact, the further I got away from it, the happier I was. I’m not depressed, or suicidal in anyway, honestly, my life is pretty good. This dream was extremely vivid, in such a way that I can remember miniscule details, for example, I remember noticing that the weather was calm, and the temperature mild with a light breeze and the sky was filled with fluffy clouds. A bird was chirping on the windowsill and I watched a leaf blow behind it in the wind. I could see cars passing on the street, and I remembering wondering aloud whether they could see me as well. Has anyone else had dreams like this?

I’m curious about this dream as well as slightly disturbed at my lack of emotion knowing that I was leaving everyone I love behind. Have you ever had a dream like this? What could it mean?

Asked by Anonymous Dreamer

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  1. Anonymous Dreamer,
    Well, I will make this promise to you….the more you dream like that, the less creepy it gets. :) My first Death dream was also the first lucid dream I remember. Died many times since. Didn’t hang out in the afterlife as much as you did, but I have died very painful deaths. I was flying over a city (a city I now frequent as a recurring location — almost every night ). In the dream, I was flying a motorcycle. I think I was around 7-8 years old at the time, so I knew to question the whole “flying motorcycle” bit. That’s when I “realized I was dreaming” (aka lucid dreaming). Problem is, as soon as I realized I shouldn’t be flying a bike, yet realizing it was a dream….I fell to a very gruesome and graphic death. Scared the heck out of me at that age. Since then, I’ve been shot, pushed off cliffs and stabbed a lot. Only creepy part there is it’s usually the same dream figures attacking. And no, I don’t know any of the perpetrators in this reality (maybe soul-self does).

    The perception is tied directly to your thoughts of death (IMHO). I was confused at the time. I now believe very much that we reincarnate. Therefore I firmly believe you never really “leave” your loved ones behind. I think that soul realization is what keeps you calm, as well as separation from a body that handles peptide distribution, mostly without asking your approval. :)

    I highly recommend reading Michael Newton (books on life-between-lives). Also has some youtube videos (neat take on ghosts too!) He and several other doctors and researches have been hypnotizing patients for many years (thousands of case studies). One of the most common elements that all case studies found was that when you die, it works exactly as you wrote above from your dream, all the way down to the feeling of disconnection with animal/mammalian emotions (so uncanny, I reread your post a few times, in point of fact). So my take, would be that you were reliving a past life/past death. I know it seems modern (cars and such), but that could just be conscious translation (happens a lot in dreams). I won’t even dismiss the fact it could be a future life.
    For a more scientific approach, you can look at Ian Stevenson or Jim Tucker. They did not believe in hypnosis as a valid scientific tool, so they instead interview very young children (before most conscious/reality filters are set).

    If this dream recurs, and you become lucid, I would recommend pulling a dream figure (friend/husband/wife/children/etc..) and ask questions about what this all represents.

  2. Hello Anonymous Dreamer,

    No, a dream of dying doesn’t mean you are going to die .. it generally means you are making a big change in your life .. and since the process was obviously very easy, its going to be a good change.

    What you experienced was not lack of emotion, it was lack of fear and pain. Love, when it is pure, is no burden, nor is it overwhelming, nor creates pain. Our bodies die and our spirit releases, and you are right, we no longer have the great attachment to our living families, but we are still part of them. We go into a healing place, let go of fears and phobias, and then we can come back and visit any time we like.

    It is when we are overwhelmed by our hurts, have fear of the future, or anger towards others, that we can end up becoming earthbound. Perhaps you did that in another lifetime, and this time around you are reminding yourself it doesn’t have to be that way?

    I would look forward to the future after that lovely dream. :-)

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (find me under ‘Friends’ on the right here – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  3. i have alot of the time one time i had a dream that this robber was in my house and shot me with a gun i woke up instantly once in the dream the bullet hit me . I felt the bullet it was so weird.

  4. That’s a good question and I do not have the answer. I have dreams where I die very often. I’ve gotten a bit used to it, but I think it’s wierd when, using ella’s dream as an example, I would have been shot then fall and lay there for a while then wake up. It can be really scary because they are VERY vivid and I honestly believe I die. Escpecially in a car accident dream.

    But of course, thats just me. Ive been having those sort of dreams since I was very little, which is strange considering my parents never talked about death.

  5. I read in a ” dream book” once that if you die in your dream, that means you will live a long life.

  6. I have a question that is kinda similar i have had a recurring dream more then twice now where im happy with my husband and kids and then this demon thing takes them and tells me either i go with him or he kills them i find out where they r and try to get to them and before i can get to there they die. i am always in the same city and do the exact same thing and the crazy part besides my family’s death is i have never been to this city don’t know the name but i know my way around it every street every corner would does all this mean?

  7. Hi Mooks Princess,

    Three thoughts come to mind – 1) do you watch horror movies? 2) There are dreams called ‘hero dreams’, where we rescue, or attempt to rescue people that we love. Or ..
    3) it could be a past life memory, with nasty villian that you transpose into a demon?

    Love & Peace

  8. Mooks,
    Can you please describe the city? I’ve been going on about my city for several posts on this site. I used to dream about the people in my life. Every since 6-7 years ago, when I started going to the city, I started to realize that unless I asked for someone I knew, I mostly only ever saw new people (folks I don’t recognize). My hopeful theory is that we are all going to the same place….would be kind of neat. But I can’t seem to get people to describe their cities on here! In my own research, I have now talked to 12 people who have described the exact same city. I was of course sneaky about it. I asked a lot of questions. They may never now how exactly they explained the city I find myself in almost every night.

    Please…someone….describe your dream city!!!

    Interesting note….I’ve been working on parts of the city as of late, but been really down about the fact I haven’t had a lucid dream in many weeks. Finally–last night I was lucid! I was in the city, in the central building (mall, hospital, school, residency). For the first time, I asked a random person where “this was”. She didn’t know either, but said she started showing up a few years earlier.

    One interesting note to this: My normal “am I lucid” checks did not work last night.
    I was beyond “lucid”…I was completely conscious in the dream. First thing I do is check my hands to see if they look “different” or shift/grow/stretch. They did not. Looked at my feet….all checked out. So, yeah….uh, may not always be able to rely on that. So I started checking time and distance. Time and distance was only slightly off. The distance between cars in the very goofy parking lot outside the central building was fluctuating. So the more lucid, the less it feels like it could possibly be a dream, I guess.

  9. CHANGE in your life.
    The Death card in Tarot does NOT mean to DIE!
    It means end of the old and a change into something NEW !

  10. @ ama im not much of a horror movie watch but i do seem to have a spirit living in my house that feel like it influences my dreams if that makes any since. @ Siddle I have been to several parts of the city in my dream where some parts are nice and some what futuristic like buildings i do remember this one hotel that was a tall glass pyramid and a train station that had this quite ultra fast train. a lot of the builds had these walk ways that connected mostly to each other I remember a hospital that had more then just a hospital in it like stores and theater like place and a asylum and a school that was huge like talk building and i remember it having a pool inside and a warehouse looking thing it is just so wired and there were slum houses and apartments near a old railway yard i been starting to write notes and the city i dream about when i can remember i wish i new where this place was everything seems so normal there bright and sunny always never cold or bad weather it gets dark there but it be clear and warm but there is never any stars in the sky.

  11. Mooks. Thanks….and my chills persist. You also just described the city I’ve been going to for the last several years. Usually when I’m lucid, I will fly around the city or scale the buildings. It is usually very sunny and warm as you mentioned. The only time it is stormy looking for me is when I hear the air raid sirens and hear bombs (that started about 4 months ago and is recurring on occasion–never when I’m lucid). I have a flat in the more post-apocalyptic section of town. Lots of worn down buildings….some look post war. But from the sky, everything looks like an episode of Futurama (sometimes it just looks like a regular city, though). My apartment is dank and little from the outside, but when I’m inside, it has infinite rooms. Some are really neat!!!

    The central building (hospital/shop/residence/etc) is how you explain. I see a lot of windows from the inner atrium. Long sweeping hallways with shops with curved walkways/hallways. Usually lined with windows on the right side. Sometimes there are huge curved (lots of things have arcs to them here) escalators going to different floors that is right under the glass pyramid portion you speak of (for me, anyway). Once you walk past this section, you end up near really interesting looking elevators. You never feel them move, but they can go anywhere. They sometimes look like bedrooms , office spaces or just really big elevators that are like curved triangles (like an obtuse Triangle, but with it’s longest side being curved).

    Been to a lot of rooms here. I believe the hospital section is in the basement as I never really see windows, and I feel I’m under the shops. Just a long hallway with a bunch of beds. Locker rooms on either side. Also, close to the center of town (close to the central building) is one of the largest arching bridges I’ve ever seen. Kind of like San. Fran. bridge, but imagine it arcing in the sky much like bridges shouldn’t. I mention that because I can sometimes see it from the Atrium windows.
    And I have actually swam in the pool on the ground floor of the building.

    Thanks for the validation, Mooks!. I’m starting to see some pretty huge patterns emerge!

  12. Sorry to the mod and folks on the board.
    Last anonymous comment to Mooks was me. Forgot to say so.


  13. I have many dreams to where I have died. I have even had multiple dreams in one night to where I had died by the hands of my only friend. And once the dreams would start over The one ‘bringing me to life’ was also my best friend. Most of my dreams are ‘real’ enough to almost feel. Like hugging someone for the last time (in your dream) You might feel it as if it were real. It would be as if to tell you ‘I love this person and don’t want to let them go’ but My father had told me that it was just a dream and not to worry. But what made me unsure was that the very last time I had died. I asked my friend to kill me, and she stabbed me in the back. Later that same week, my best friend ‘stabbed’ me in the back. Dreams can tell you things, but it may not be what you think. It may be a warning or even something that may be related to something you saw, or did before.

  14. Last wedsday i had tha worst dream of my life, my 9 Month old daughter died. An it scared me so bad i jumped up to check on her. Well i jus figured it was a horable dream an tryed to forget. But last nite i had another dream it was like following after my last dream an my husband died an my mother. I hardly ever dream at all an when i do its months later after another. What does this all mean it really freaks me out now im afraid to even fall asleep. Please help me understand.

  15. Hi Tracey and Amber,

    Sometimes are greatest fears are played out in our dreams, so that we can learn to recognise them for what they are .. only fears, not reality. Our minds do this to help us learn and grow.

    Amber, your dream might have been a warning, so that the situation would not hurt as much as it could have?

    Tracey .. yours I really do believe is only a fear of death that is stopping you from understanding something in your life. Have you thought about getting some counselling, even if from an older wiser friend, to help you learn why you are feeling this way?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
    (Victorian Paranormal Connection .. under Friends)

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