What Did God Do With Offerings?

Abel’s offering/gift to God was a fattened first born sheep which God accepted. What did God do with this fattened sheep – did He eat it? This is a very important question because if it was accepted and eaten – What does that make the biblical God?

Asked by pat

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  1. Hi Pat,
    Supposedly, God wanted His followers to show Him how devoted they are by asking them to basically destroy the best creature they had. If they ‘offered up’ a blemished sheep when they had one stashed back for themselves that was perfect, then God knew they weren’t ‘true’ to him. Strange, but true. One would think God already knew that answer?In those times (old testament), a temple alter would literally be covered with the blood of a thousand sheep, doves, etc. by the end of the day. For the worshippers who had to travel long distances to get to the temple, and couldn’t bring the animal, they would have to pay a HUGE price for something imperfect at the temples moneychanger locations. Many, many people got ripped off right at the temples. Then, on top of that (!!!) they had to pay the priest a fee to have the animal, which only the priests could do. Kinda a scam. That’s what Jesus was so pi**ed off about when he knocked over all the carts.

    God doesn’t eat that we know of. Now, we thithe to a church to pay for its upkeep with our money donations. This also helps pay part of the preachers salary (which in many cases, they steal much more than they need to live on). Jesus paid our way out, so our donations are purely to keep up our house of worship in good order.

    • But, back in those times, most people were farmers, herders and struggling. The climate and water sources were chaning drastically year to year. If they made a proper sacrifice, then the crops, etc, we blessed for they following year. Now, all this seems like God was not quite the caring, protecting God that He is to me, but….


      • Yahweh, the male Jewish deity of the bible, was like any other Deity who blessed you after making a sacrifice. Verses are ignored to make Yahweh seem like a “Good god,” but there were BOYS (human children BOYS) sacrificed to him, so long as HE was unblemished (girls weren’t allowed to be sacrificed because they were considered even unworthy of being burnt ashes — no exaggeration it’s said like that in the bible. Whoever finds that exact verse will prove to be the TRUE bible expert.)

        So yeah, when people make fun of other god/dess they’re really pooping on their own dinner table because Yahweh is no different.

        • Finding a verse does not make one an expert at all. Anyone can search using a concordance. I challenge you to show the verse yourself. You say its there….

          • I agree, CareTaker,

            Blessings, name your verses in the Bible please.

            Love & Peace

          • My Father’s as close to an expert I’ve ever seen, but he’s 77 and had many years of ‘the cloth’ behnd him, yet he still has to get the concordance out from time to time. It’s not like memorizing the koran (which is a small book!)


          • Thats right. I have studied the Bible in great depth, couldnt get by without a good concordance and lexicon, (I really like the Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance )

          • I love Strong’s concordance .. and the internet for a quick hunt of verses. LOL

            Love & Peace

    • they burn sacrifice as representation and reminder of the Saviour that God had promised Throughout the generations of the Patriarchs
      and to King David, and to show devotion, loyalty and submission to God, not as food for demons and the foul adversaries of mankind

  2. Hi Pat,

    It wasn’t about the animal itself .. apart from its need to be the ‘best’ (the priests ate well – though some offerings were burnt to ashes), it was the ‘life force’ energy in its blood, and its fear as it was sacrificed. Both those are food for lost souls and demons. God does not require either, being wholly and truly perfect within itself – and self-sustaining.

    I used to ask your question too. The answer made me sick to my stomach the first time I knew it.

    Love & Peace

  3. Hi Ama & Keith,

    Do you both agree ‘the biblical god’ displayed a nature of self indulgence toying with mankind, making egoistic and selfish demands and quite frankly – dislaying traits and behaving in a manner which we human beings are very critical of in ourselves.

    I find it incomprehensible that such a powerful (spiritual,bodyless being ?? I believe he was one of the ancient astronauts who colonised Earth thousands of years ago) would be so very very petty in dealing with mankind. I have my doubts as to whether this Lord/god was the ‘Universal God’ – the Real Deal especially as He was associated with the ‘sons of the gods’ who mingled with earthlings and even had children with the women.

    • Hi Pat :)

      Many people do, indeed believe God is perhaps an alien. As for me, I only know the God of the New Testament. Is he an alien? Maybe. But… his love is real. The real deal, as you correctly stated God should be.

      In the book of John, chapter 10, verse 16, Jesus states, “Other sheep that I have that are not part of this fold; them, also, I must bring, and they shall her My voice. And there will be one flock, one sheppard.”

      This is the verse ‘Ancient Alien’ people really hold onto tight from the bible. They might (though I don’t tend to believe so, in my opinion that is!:) be right. The only one who knows is God, Himself, or those who have strong faith in whatever their own God is.

    • Hi Pat,

      I don’t agree that the biblical ‘god’ acted like that. I don’t think Jehovah was a ‘god’ at all. My biblical God is EL, whom Jesus called out to from the Cross. I believe YHWH did his best to cause as much trouble as possible for humanity, and they, for the most part, innocently followed where they were led.

      I don’t call Jehovah and its followers ancient astronauts, I call them fallen angels. They were around a lot longer than humanity (from any planet) could traverse the stars, and they are still around. We don’t see any aliens these days .. that we know of .. though there are plenty of people’s experiences to review .. but then there are plenty of demonic stories too, and they seem to be increasing. It could simply be, in both cases, that the internet provides us all with the ability to communicate more often .. I think I would rather it be that, than they are slowly increasing the harassment of people on the planet. Do the aliens come in peace .. demons don’t.

      Love & Peace

  4. Hello Pat,

    Ama is correct that it was the best of your livestock, their blood. The reason for it was our sin. Best way to explain…. think of a scale. For it to be balanced, it should hold the same amount of weight at each end. Adam who sin, lost out for all of us perfection and everlasting life. So on one side of the scale is a perfect life. But it was lost, so to compensate on the other side are the sacrifices offered to balance out a perfect life lost. Also the reason why they had to continue to sacrifice offering was one sheep or calve does no way equal a perfect life, so its like trying to reach $100,000 by using pennies youre continually adding. Unfortunately because there is no way to offer something imperfect to total something that was perfect except, for offering something perfect. So its basically a never ending story

    • Sounds cruel to everyone DK, humans and animals alike. We will NEVER be able to balance out Adam’s sin .. because God does not accept anything that is not perfect, but nothing (no offering – even of our own blood, or our children’s) is perfect because of our sin? And how many animals is enough? Who decided the measure? I have never seen a list? We could sacrifice every animal on the planet and it might still not be enough .. so why do it at all? If you know you can’t win, why even try?

      And then there was Jesus, one man sacrificed for all. How was he enough? God sacrificed itself for us through him? Perhaps he did it to save all those animals we would have slaughtered up to this date? But .. we keep sinning .. so again, what was the point of him doing that?

      Jesus was the key in a door that kept the human spirits trapped in Sheol, or hell, after each of them died. That makes sense to me. We make our own karma and repay our own karma, and Jesus gave us back the ability to do that. He gave us back the right to choose.

      What does God do with our offerings?

      Love & Peace

      • Hello Ama,

        I don’t know exactly why its that way. All I know is 1) sin is passed to us because of Adam. He sin and we are his children so therefore we inherited sin. 2) The reason Jesus gave his life was because he was a perfect man that matched what was lost, a perfect human being. The deep details of what, how, why I can’t explain. I’ve only been studying the bible for 5 years, I dont know everything. But thats the basic understanding of it. Somebody once told me the reason the process of it was established that way, was because of what God told Adam and Eve if they ate from the tree. Obviously God could do whatever he wants, but because he’s not a liar and doesnt go back on his word. He followed through with the punishment of Adam & Eve.

        • Hi DK,

          Yes, the bible is pretty intense about sin. Should humanity be really cranky with Eve and Adam for getting us in this mess in the first place? I can’t see all of us fitting into Eden though, and someone would have eventually broken the rules and ‘eaten of the fruit’, given the nature of humanity to challenge everything (dominion over living beings).

          I don’t think our lifetimes will be long enough to truly understand that book. It has so many layers of information in it, and so many ways of interpreting them, to suit the needs of the times.

          It wasn’t just Adam and Eve who were punished, DK. It’s all of us as well. When do you think God will stop being angry with us for what his first two creations did?

          The OT God not a liar? I know webpages that would dispute that from the bible, but for now I’ll leave it alone. We know he followed through on his punishments, hopefully now he’ll follow through on His Love.

          Love & Peace

    • Hi DK

      Please tell me – how did Adam sin? What exactly did he do? All this is nonsense, none of what you say makes logical sense.

      Just think about all this senselessness – killing an animal which could’ve been eaten instead of senselessly burning it to ashes as an offering to ‘someone who has no face and prefers not to be seen’. Where is this individual today? Is modern man too switched on – not easily duped as the ancient?

      Please don’t tell me this individual is the universal God, because I will tell you such a statement is an affront to the average intelligent human being.

      • Hello Pat,

        Adam sinned when he disobeyed God, and ate from the tree. Now we grow old and die.

        Now back in the days, those who worshipped God gave a burnt offer to cover over their sins. The burnt offer no matter how good it was couldnt measure up to perfection that was lost.

        Now the Israel kept on doing this, until Jesus death. God positioned Jesus on earth so that he can help us. His death filled that gap, or balanced us out. Perfect body for a perfect body. Its through Jesus we have the opportunity for salvation. Hence, when we pray we close through your sons name, Jesus Christ Amen

        Today there are very religious people that believe that we have inherited sin. It was through Adam, when he disobeyed and ate from the tree. Even today people try to debunk the bible authenticity by timelines, historical figures, and records, but unfortunately cant.

        Gods not playing with our emotions or treating us bad. He ask us to follow certain laws, Wherever we go, we have to submit to somebody or thing. Whether we rent, we have to follow rules established by the landlord, or may it be laws of the land. Government established laws like paying taxes, or not cross a red light. We are constantly in subjection to an authority.

        • Hi DK,

          So Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree – did anyone starve because of this action. So my daughter nicked a couple of sweets when I asked her not to touch the sweets, do I condemn her for life. Honestly! does the Universal God really care if I ate an apple from ‘god’s’ tree on this Earth? Please put on your sensible thinking cap dear – GOD ALMIGHTY isn’t that small minded.

        • Oh I don’t know, DK, someone proved the Exodus was probably unlikely just the other day. How many days would it take two million, or even 200,000, people to cross over a small section of the sea while Moses held the waters back? I watched the program on tv just recently. We can’t prove the Exodus actually ‘happened’ either, since there are no historical records of it at all, even among the Egyptian relics, and unless they dug Pharoah’s body out of the ocean, they have him mummified in the British museum. We just have our beliefs, or disbeliefs .. but its still a very interesting Book.

          As for God’s laws, and whether they apply or not .. let’s ask Paul. He rewrote them for the Christians. Whose ‘word’ does your church base its teachings on?

          Love & Peace

          • Dear Ama,

            Im sure there are a lot of people whose jobs are to debunk certain myths and stories. The bible, even though its not a myth, is the central focus for many historians to discredit. Like any subject, there are those who belief or not believe. Example is Bigfoot; I visited a little city an hour before Oregon. There I think was the first or most Bigfoot sightings. People who live there will argue that Bigfoot is real.
            Im not saying the bible book of exodus is in the same category as Bigfoot. It was the only one I could think of cuz I recently was reading the Bigfoot topic on this site. Ive watched and read a lot of articles on the subject of the Crossing of the red sea. Many sources allude to the crossing as fact. Some alluded to the event as fiction too. Its just up to the research and information provided, you can base your believes on.
            One video actually provided artifacts in its explanation. He explained that anything left behind in the red sea would be destroyed by the year under sea and of salt water. This is true. Then he showed a chariot wheel covered in coral. He furthered explained that coral usually attaches itself on an object and covers it in its entirety. Sometimes it continues too spread or sometimes just stops. The shape of the chariot wheel, its diameter, number of spokes on the wheel shows evidences of it coming from Egypt royalty. Interesting I might say.
            Im just saying that there are so many things out there that seem out of this world, that people cant wrap there mind around. Like your elements, Ive never seen one. I think there nothing but fairytale characters, but you belief in them. Who am I to try to change your mind if you know in your heart they are as real as you and me.

          • Well said, DK, I apologise if I sound very fierce at times, but I still love discussing things with you. It’s lovely to have a few level headed Christian folks on the site, and you are one of my favourites.

            Do I want to discredit the Bible? No, I just want people to stop seeing it as the unerring Word of God because that causes a lot of anger, hatred and just plain confusion among the ordinary folk, who use it as a reason, or an excuse, to not get to know God. And Exodus is a story that is questionable, as one wheel does not prove a whole army (or even 10 chariots) sank beneath the waves and were never recovered. How many people do you think Pharoah had in his army to chase ‘thousands’ of escaping Israelites? And if it was ‘millions’ of them, what did he think he would achieve by trying to stop them?

            I really wish we had more ‘proof’!

            Love & Peace

          • Hello again, DK.

            I started looking up Sodom and Gomorrah for the other question and found this page on the Exodus ..



            Love & Peace
            Ama (still reading it)

  5. CareTaker,

    Strong’s ythe one he always goes to, as well. It is THE book! His is very old, handed down to him in the 60′s while he was at Westminster. It has a bit of a ‘feeling’ around it when I pick it up… like its been loved like a child. Heavy too! wow!


  6. I look at it this way, no matter how much we may disagree with the way God does things, I and I think most, knowing the available options, would choose to live with God in Heaven, than with Satan and his Demons.

    I choose God all the time. I don’t care if he wants me smoked on a platter. I want my eteranl life with Him.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I choose God all the time too. But I do care if he smokes me, and I go out of my way to ‘not’ give him a reason to. I don’t want to live my eternal life separated from God .. and the smoking happens where the demons are supposed to be punished, not where God and the Light folk are. We have enough ‘separation’ on this planet already, without having the experience in heaven.

      Love & Peace

      • I’m teasing about smoking me. Great to hear from you though. I read your responses, and although I know we have very different beliefs, I see you have a very kind heart to want to help so many.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I think you’re most correct on my personal choice about heaven over hell :)

      Hopefully God won’t smoke me on a platter, that would be a bad sign I think. lol Cooked. Reminds me of a very bad place… way too hot for me. hehe

      Love to you, in His name

    • Hi Kimberly

      Don’t be confused with the Christian biblical ‘god’ and The Universal God. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a realm where the boss plays emotional games and threatens me if I refuse to play these games. You can allow yourself to be smoked on a platter and devoured by this ‘god’ – you are welcome to this abuse, I’d rather remain on Earth in oblivion.

      • Hi Pat, there will be no oblivion though. There are only two choices. That is my opinion based on my research. So choosing between Good and evil for me will always land me with God. I don’t think He plays games. We just don’t understand Him because He is all knowing. He always sees the big picture.

        • Hi Kimberly

          What exactly is this evil which you and I should try to avoid? Oh yes, Kim there are/were many control games which were used to frighten the devil out of mankind.

          I wonder what would’ve happened to me, had I consistantly gave up second best to ‘god’ as an offering? What do you think would’ve happened to me had I kept the best for my family and only the surplus to the ‘Lord’?

          • Hi Pat,

            You would have been shunned by your society, the one that gave you the foundation of your life and your rules of behaviour. The priests might then have punished you in some way, or ‘god’ would have, given that it interacted with people in those days.

            It never seems sensible to put my head in a noose just to see if I will be hung? Most of us don’t realise we are following the rules of society, until someone breaks them and we end up getting hurt. Rules are there for a reason. Perhaps the priests knew the god was a villain and was trying to placate it, or make sure that the people of Israel placated it, so that it would, for the most part, leave them in peace.

            Love & Peace

  7. Hi all,

    Just wanted to say, I’m calling my father/Methodist minister (Who has an amazingly open mind when it comes to the paranormal, and that all the things Jesus did, well, as it says in the NT…we can too!). I’m going straight to one of the horses mouths – sorry Pop. LOL! Will let ya know his opinion a bit later. Cannot wait to hear him explain his position, as he goes into great detail, and I’m liable to be on phone for an hour with him. Love those theological talks with him!


    • oops

      Meant for that to be on the “differences between OT God and NT”
      Sorry :/

    • Take lots of notes. I want everything. It’s not often you find an open minded minister and I miss the one I had when I was 29.

      And then pop the answer over in the other question … LOL

      Love & Peace

  8. Ama
    thank you for the link

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