What Could it Be That is Following Me?

There are a lot of times that I feel like I’m not alone. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel scary, but I get a tingling up my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Other times, when I feel like I’m not alone, I feel very nervous and my stomach feels like I’ve just gone on a ride with a huge drop. I have had these feelings on and off for as long as I can remember.

I have had people tell me that it’s a demon following me. I’ve also had people suggest that I’m sensing spirits. Others have said that I’m just being silly and it’s my imagination. What do you think?

Asked by Kimbot

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  1. Have you considered the possibility of an anxiety disorder? The symptoms you describe sound like anxiety issues. Can’t hurt to check out the possibility. Always try to rule out a natural cause before looking for a paranormal cause.

  2. Hi Kimbot,

    Everything weird is not a demon. It’s amazing how many church people think everything is a demon, even when spirits are mentioned in the Bible. It makes me groan.

    What you have written here are simple signs of a ghost hanging about. Let me explain:

    1) The feeling of not being alone .. or someone is watching you. It could be paranoia, but you would have other symptoms of that illness, so its probably a ghost.

    2) The tingles .. are you talking to someone at the time? I get a lovely tingle from my toes to my head as a YES signal from my angels, when they want to confirm something either that I have said, or that someone has told me. It’s lovely in summer (nice and cool), but can be frosty in winter. :-) Otherwise the feeling could be a ghost touching your aura .. even my hair ‘stands on end’, or feels that way, at times, when I enter haunted houses. :-)

    3) The nervous feeling – when a ghost or spirit is near us the energy of our bodies speeds up to aid in communicating with them. Although ghosts are lost souls, they have a higher form of energy that when they are alive, so we speed up to reach them, and spirits slow down to reach to us. (Spirits, having gone into heaven. are even higher energy again). We do this through the main chakra of the physical body, solar plexus, which happens to be right over our tummy .. so those butterflies that some people feel, is the chakra picking up speed. We feel frightened, have anxiety attacks, huff and puff and panic! .. and its all completely natural. Next time it happens take a really deep breath and HUFF it out again, to release some of the built up energy. Do it three times in a row as you walk away from the sensation .. and that should calm you down. You could choose to give the energy to the ghost, rather than having it steal it from you, but I don’t recommend allowing ghosts to attach to anyone’s energy .. and I only do it when I am rescuing lost souls, I don’t leave them hanging about to steal more of my energy.

    So yes, you are sensing ghosts .. because spirits do not try to scare people. When they visit us (and its usually family members or people we love, or love us) they stay only for a short while, give us pleasant memories, or apologies, and then move on. Only ghosts hang about, because they need our energy to continue their unnatural existence .. which is why so many of us have learned how to send them to a healing place. Then they can come back and visit ‘anytime’ without doing any harm.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. I agree with Ama and Snowwolf , firstly may a psychic feel be root of such sense. therefore you must go to a doctor to visit you and sees why a thing is following you. He may give you some medicine and drug then you will get better I guess this is the first reason for your feeling .of course you must choose a good doctor Which has has past experience about this imaginary illness and knows accurately what medicine is proper for you not a doctor has not has good experience and give you a improper drug that your one illness become two. if you used that medicines and didn’t get better afterward it is thinkable that it is not except a demon doesn’t give up you .I can help you but sorry am not there.

    Hope getting rid for you

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