What Could be Causing these Noises?

We live on the ground floor of a large manor house, renovated in 2002. There are 12 dwellings here converted as apartments, each quite private.

Prior to this we believe the property was an old folks home and prior to that a vicarage. The building is 120 years old approximately.

We moved in 2005 and love it here. There are a few things that I cannot explain and I wondered what your thoughts are.

When we first moved in we could hear what was quite clearly a new born baby crying in the apartment above. This happened always in the morning at around 7am. The apartment was empty as the owners lived away. (I also checked this was the case) This would happen frequently for some six months and seemed to end overnight.

A couple of years later there was a period of 2-3 weeks when both of our lamps would be on either side of the bed. They are the touch type with three levels of brightness. Upon waking they would be at full strength on either side of the bed and on more than one occasion this would happen a couple of times in the night.

I moved away briefly with work last year. The property was an old cottage some 150 miles away from where my existing property is. I lived there alone and nothing much happened. There was one evening when I again could distinctly hear a baby crying but could not identify where the noise was coming from. The cottage was detached and I know there were no babies in both of the properties nearby. The other strange anomaly was that the surround sound speakers for the TV would turn themselves to full volume in the dead of the night and on many occasions.

I moved back to my property earlier this year. Nothing much has happened until recently.

Yesterday we were woken by what sounded like young children playing and running around in the apartment above and today I was woken by the surround sound on the TV turning to full volume. This has happened since moving back but more frequently recently. After I got up this morning to turn it off, I got back in bed and we both heard a child crying in the apartment above. Not a baby more a young child.

The owners live away and the apartment is empty as I have checked. This happened around 6:30am the past two days and we both heard it. Indeed we have always both heard the noises so I know I’m not crazy.

We never feel threatened at all or scared I just want to know what this is as I can’t explain it.

Asked by David

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  1. sounds to me like you have a ghost. are you completely sure there are no children or babies at all above you? if you do have a child ghost, that could explain it all. hope i helped.

  2. Hello David,

    The crying child could be an anniversary ghost, or residual ‘memory’ caused by a huge outpouring of emotions by either the child or the parents, at the time they lived in the building .. which could be any time since it was built. Is this the same time of year as when you heard it before? It could be triggered by practically anything, including the weather.

    Ghosts come and go from houses now. They are not bound to one spot the way they used to be when I first became a spirit rescuer more than 20 years ago, and sometimes they haunt people rather than buildings, and will follow them around. Your ‘visitors’ could be drawn to you for reasons to do with your energy, or to the flat above your home by something that happened there, as I said, a long time ago, or because of the energy of someone else in the building. The reason why ghosts haunt where they do, or who they do, is as varied as why the living choose one building over another, or one city .. or relive the memory of their lives in their minds over and over.

    Are they dangerous to you or others in the building .. more than likely not. Next time you hear the child crying you could ask for help, that if it is a ghost, the angels FIND it and TAKE it into healing, or heaven, whichever you want to call it. You can do that with any ghost that tries to get your attention by turning on lights or tvs, or opening and closing doors. You might be able to see them, but if they give you a sense of their presence, you can help them cross over, which is often what they are trying to achieve.

    You can check me out via my webpages, the link is at the bottom of this page – Victorian Paranormal Connection.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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