What Can I Do to Make This Stop?

I am the average 24 year old mother of two. I read, talk to friends, etc. But I also have a small affliction. I hear women screaming and crying before my family members die. When I go to sleep, those who are leaving, I talk to them at the passing.

Ever since I was little, I have been able to see what some cant. I can see auras, spirits, ghosts, a few demons, and such. The last time I seen my dad before he died, he had a black cloud hanging over him while he was asking for forgiveness.

Every where I live I have a shadow man follow me who likes to play hide and seek. Sometimes, I get these really bad headaches and the person next to me “hears” what I’m thinking. I want it to stop.

I don’t like knowing when someone I love is going to die. I don’t like having spirits and such follow me. They mess with my kids, and that I will not tolerate. So, if anyone can suggest how I can make this stop, I’ll be grateful. I hate being the family grim reaper.

Asked by Ashtin

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  1. Sensing if a loved one is going to die must be depressing. I’m not an expert at this but you could call a Ghost Hunt group and ask if they could do an investigation in your house or you could visit a physic. I’ve heard of other people with this problem but I’m afraid I have no idea how to get rid of this. Try my ideas, they might help.

  2. Hello Ashtin,

    You are Not the family grim reaper. Does your family have scottish or irish ancestory, because they have the banshee, who will wail (cry) before the death of someone of their bloodlines, and only certain people within the family can hear it, but they usually see it as a gift and not a curse. And you do not ’cause’ these deaths to happen.

    I see what you see, and I help to rescue lost souls. You can read about me by following the link Victorian Paranormal Connection on the right under Friends. It’s not the usual sort of job people have, but its incredibly rewarding. Ghosts tend to fine ‘me’, rather than me looking for them, and I help them find peace.

    I’m glad your dad asked for forgiveness. My father did too, three days after he died. We had a Long chat. He was such a challenge when he was alive.

    Is it the same shadow man all the time? Or do you see lots of them, singularly? I can’t see them. That an orbs are the only things I can’t see, but I have my hands full with the rest. LOL

    Clearing your energy .. let’s start with something simple, but long. It’s called the Michael Invocation and is a request to the angels, and JC if you wish to, to remove anything unfriendly from your energy. You’ll find it here: //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ and then there are houseshields and personal energy shields here: http://www.sacred-gates.com/White%20Light%20Shields%20&%20Rainbow%20Energy.htm and then there’s lots more information about ghosts and psychic protection here: http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/SpiritsGate.html and you are welcome to ask questions, because they are all my webpages. That should take care of the shadow man, and in unfriendlies around you. You can wrap the shields around the kids as well .. I’ve done that plenty of times.

    How to shut it off? Well, the shields will protect you from anything, or anyone, that is not there for your greater good, so that might stop the sound of crying if its not a family banshee .. but if that continues .. the next time you hear it say NO.

    Put your hands over your ears and say – “No! I do not want to hear you. No. I do not need to hear you. No. I will not pass on your message. I am not your servant, you are not my teacher. Let it be finished NOW.”

    Might take a couple of times of saying this to quieten the voice, but she will find someone else to pass the message on. The banshee never meant any harm, they were simply the messangers.

    Headaches .. oh yes, when you overstrain your energy the headaches can be ferocious. What are you doing when one starts to make its presence felt? It’s interesting that your telepathy (as a sender) kicks in then. Can you hear what other people are thinking when you don’t have a headache?

    Love & Peace

    • yes, we have both. I also have a blackfoot medicine woman on my moms side who likes to “visit” when I’m asleep. I can see multiple shadow people, but this one has followed me since my first pregnancy. I was tired of him messing with me when I was alone, so I yelled “Crack Monster” at him cause he would always hide in cracks. When I get the headaches they are sudden, like I was slammed into a brick wall. they can last hours, and it feels like I’m being pulled away.Every once In awhile, people say they seen me walking when I’m asleep and they’ve seen me at a different place at the same time. As to the omen, I’ve tried to ignore the screaming, but it seems to get louder.

      • Hi Ash,

        What happened during the pregnancy? Was it a normal one? Have you been diagnosed with migraine?

        Learn the energy shields, as I suggested, to see how that settles things for you, and let me know.

        Sleepwalking? Where, when and what was happening in your life at the time? Stress will cause a person to do this, and the ‘in two places at the same time’ .. do you astral travel?

        Love & Peace

        • I am sorry for the delay in my reply.
          The wierdest thing to happen during the pregnancy with my first was strange, mournful, beautiful music that came litterally from thin air. I looked outside, inside, under, every where and could only hear it next to me in bed at the time. My husband didn’t hear it even though it was loud. The pregnancy was healthy and she was late by two days ( due date was Fri. 13 ) The most noticiable thing her first day in this world were her bright lavender blue eyes. She was also saying ” Mean mommy” when the nurse would give her shots and take her to the nursery and the same day, she was holding her own bottles. With my second, our closed door would open late night ( 3am) and I’d hear walking around. I stayed awake once with my head hidden and felt a sharp tug at my feet , then heard a voice next to my head say “SHHH she’s asleep! Wake her and I’ll skin you alive!” I did not sleep the whole night when I seen three men the height of my bed walk back into the closet.
          I have seen doctors for my migraines and they kept suggestion I was making it up or would try to put me on narcotics. Otherwise, they can’t find a reason.
          I try to center myself often so I don’t stay stressed out as much, sometimes it works, sometimes not.
          When I “sleep walk” I don’t respond to my name. My family has recorded me calling myself John and acting like a different person altogether. It happens the same times every year, Febuary 24,May 16, August 12, November 1. No clue why though. As to the Astral travel, it usually happens when I want to be someplace else but can’t or if I am so angry I see only see red and black and want to severely hurt the offender. I can’t hold it for long, just a few minutes at most.

          • Hello Ash,

            Weird music .. hmm.. I used to hum in my cot .. my mother says. That was weird to her. I always have music playing in my mind, which is lovely. :-) I don’t know why you heard the music, but I am curious. How long did it last when you heard it, and how long did you hear it for?

            The most magical children are being born into the world these days. I call them ‘the hope for the future’ but they struggle as they grow up, because they see and hear things that their parents don’t, and often the parents don’t believe, or have knowledge, of what the kids are capable of experiencing – so they tell them its their imagination, or warn them it is, which is sad, because these kids are so much more attuned to the natural world than we are.

            Your noctural visitors, during the 2nd pregnancy, could have been family. :-) They sound ok, a bit intense. :-) They could also have been gnomes or other elemental fairy folk. We have a question site about that from one lady called Chris. She has a gnome who is a companion of sorts. You cando a search for it under Q&A Index under Pages up on the right of this site.

            Have you been to a chiropractor for the migraines? That’s what helps me when they happen. When I am stressed walking helps .. going for a long walk, consciously stamping energy out of my system with each step, and swinging my arms high, back and forth, helps to shift some of the accumulation as well. Swimming is good too. It can exhaust me in minutes. I am not a water baby, though I love puddles. :-)

            The sleepwalking sounds more like someone else was using your body while your spirit was out astral travelling. He must have been a strong soul to allow it to happen .. or .. it could be someone you were in a past life who is having a strong influence over you in this one – and I believe that is more likely, because of the repeat of events on specific dates. Have you tried regression therapy to check?

            Stepping out of your body when you are angry .. better than thumping someone, I think. Other people speak of ‘seeing red’ when they are angry. Perhaps it has something to do with blood pressure? Sounds like a good reason for not getting so worked up you can’t control yourself. Work out what triggers it, what fears you have, and let them go .. so that it doesnt’ have to happen again.

            Wishing you a lovely day,
            Love & Peace

  3. Ashtin,

    May I describe something that will apparently afflict me for the duration of my life?

    I have had headaches every single day since 1984. Frequently these headaches become Migraine headaches…, very difficult to bear. I have lived with incessant very high pitched frequency (ringing) in my head, which also happens to make my headaches worse.

    Tinnitus is not a disease, it is a symptom. There are so many things that can cause it or make it worse. It has NEVER STOPPED, since it began in 1996. I wish it would stop. I pray that it will stop. I’ve made prayer requests for healing (from God).

    I want you to know that I believe you can find peace, and relief from your condition. I pray to our Father in Heaven. Jeus, His only begotten son prays for me. Seek God and you will find Him. Seek help and prayer from your near-by church. Or ask your friends to pray with you. The Bible tells us that where two or three of us are gathered, God will be with us.

    I believe your problems can be put to rest, if by nothing else, by daily prayer. God does not sleep, and He watches over ALL OF US. There is a story in the Bible that gives us a specific kind of example on how to pray. There was a woman that visited a judge daily. She was seeking justice. The old woman persisted bringing her complaint to the judge.for a long time. Finally, one day the judge relented, and gave her what she wanted.

    The example shows us how we must be persistent. I still pray everyday. If I receive no healing, I can still find strength in my own prayers. I remind God of His promises to us. And now, I will put your name where I can see it every day, and I will pray for you too.


  4. Don’t get rid of it, this is a gift. You should just seek to control it. I would help but I am a horrible teacher and not a natural psychic.

  5. If you can move energy well thin getting red of life forms should not be hard and they should not return. you can shield them and ground them

    the shield should cover them. i like using stagnate energy because it is hard to move do to the fact that it is made of many types of energy and as a different vibration and feel. the less the life form is fumiller with the energy the harder it is for the life form to control the energy. so use energy tat is not often used by life forms. then encase the life form in a shield. the shield should purge all energy out of it and not allow energy in side. the energy that is being forced out of the shield should be grounded. so wen the energy passis through the shield, simply move the energy into the earth so the earth can neutralize the energy. this way the life form can not recall its energy and the life form will not just reform out of the shield.

    you can also consume the life form witch will make it not wan to be near you because it will have to protect its energy from you at all times. i do not know f you can consume its energy and not be negativity effected by it so do whats best for your health.

    you can call dead friends and family to steal the life forms energy so the life form will leave you alone. you can also find another life form to chase away your shadow stoker. just inform the other life form to consume energy of the shadow one. make sure you inform the other life form to not update you on the progress are ever return to you. do not make any deals are arrangement’s. just inform the life form about the shadow and your desire for it to be gone from you for ever.

    you can learn how to fight with energy and with your energy body also none as the astral body. i dont know were to get the information. i learn from many books , websites, life forms good, bad, and neutral. and some other things. i may find like 5 pages in one book that helps in more than just energy fighting and such but whatever.

    the Bible says that god helps those that make an effort. so maybe this is how god chose to help you. this web site and the people that reply to you, are some other way. it also says everything is for a reason. so maybe one reason is to improve your abilities for some reason. who knows maybe its gods plan for you to be a powerful supernatural queen are something( my pore chose of words and my lack of definitions). i dont believe in any of that or god. but you do so enjoy believing in your Bible and god.

    many life forms will communicate and bother people that ave the ability to communicate with them. the better your communication is the more popular you are. the more energy with good quality you have. the more life forms want energy from you. so you need to take precautions.

    if you want your paranormal abilities to stop. just close your chakras. Just know that closing them means you cant do paranormal tings witch will put you in paranormal drama. the life forms will know that you can communicate with them so they will consistently try to make you communicate with them. they might move physical objects so you can see them ans stop ignoring them. How will you know if your going to be attacked if all your chakras are closed, you wont know you will just be attacked and you wont be able to protect your family and thats just horrible! your abilities are not the problem and stopping them will not hide them at all.

    you can embed a message in your kids energy signature. o wen life forms look at your kids energy. they will see your message that says something like “if you touch my kids i will destroy your energies and tare your astral body asunder” this way they mostly will check you out and look at you just to see if you can back up what your message says. most should not bother you at all if you are able to use your abilities with ease.

    My mom is able to ave conversations with life forms so she is very popular with the astrals that are in range to see her. My mom is dose not care about fear. if she feels frighten from a life form she will confront it and tell it to leave the area. she says it with energy. the energy says that fear will not lessen her abilities and she dose not care what the life form wants. she will have her way are they will have their death by her will! yes all life forms can be killed. you just have to use different methods and. She dose have a few relatives living in are living-room. there are like 7 of them and they are all dead. she gave them that space to live as long as they dont disturb are rooms. are negativity effect my family that lives in the house. you can feel them moving and some times here them speak.

    MY mom as the most encounters with life forms without physical bodies because she cant chose wen she wants to communicate with them because she dose not care much for paranormal things. she dose become able to communicate with them wen they approach her and want to talk to her. she can refuse by using energy wen she dose not want to be bother. she just sends an energy wave trough the area informing the dead not to bother her. its the same thing as i though that is big and controlled.

    i dont want to speak with most of the dead at this time in my life. i just want to improve my self allot first. o have large amounts of different energy types in my body witch makes me a huge target for life forms that want energy. i tend to absorb good, bad, and neutral energies with and without intentions that are programmed in the energy. wen energy enters my body. my energy reforms the incoming energy so it will be the same type of energy that is in my body. i have a numbers of shields for the physical plain and the astral plain. theses shields are not like many other ones. they attack, defend, alter energy, and more. they can even detach and reattach their self to me.they are programmed to be ably to do my things. they self sustain and handle things without me having to know about anything. most life forms stay away from me because of this and that i am very ruthless win an astral approaches me. i just want to take their energy so much its hard to restrain from attacking them.

    the about my mom and i are so you know that having abilities is not dangerous. its what it is depending on the life style and mentality of life form.

    i use to get physical pain from energy works. so i used my energy to improve my astral body and the energy system that come with the physical body form. i do not use channels are tubs to move energy trough my body. i just move energy trough my entire body. i got red if the energy tubes that are in the human physical body. i dont know if you can do he same with good results because my astral form is not human. you still can use energy to grow your astral and physical body to support all the energy works you do.

    Its your life so do what you want with it.

  6. Go to god and lean to his great power (nobody can resist against his will and his power no spirits ,no ghosts and no any powerful demons because everything is none against god even mountains ,seas and sky ) you can’t be cause of die for your family because life and death are in gods hand both. This is Satan voice that come in your ear. if you are not able fend away this thought of your mind pray unique god to save your family from death if you do such repeatedly your painful opinion turn into good believing and good feeling soon . whenever you see that spirit (man) say : In the name of unique god and repeat this holly sentence until he give up you and your kids .That spirit is satanist and Satan is hate of unique gods name ( and afraid also ) . Close your mind against all things that you say you are able to see or feel those for a while except god and try to be an usual person like other people (Satan and his army doesn’t like go to a person that is tend to people and is humanity ) you must practice a lot time to occur this change and when you felt you are in a bad situation say sincerely : My god I have sheltered you don’t leave me against your enemy and my enemy. you promised you will help everyone that sheltered you and now I have sheltered you so don’t repulse me and don’t do hopeless me of your munificence

    • Manss,

      your reply is very abstract. in the Bible it says god gave every one the ability to command spirits. god’s name dose no need to be used because you can do it your self. its also says all demons know who gods children are. so you doing to need to let them know your with god because they already know. did you even bother to reed my reply paragraph 6?

      you stated everything tat anyone would say. she already knows what you say. most of the world dose. you gave only confusion and illogical information that is easily proven incorrect. you gave non-useful information.

      stop calling everything with out a physical body a demon. the word demon has lost its meaning now its just to identify every life form with out a human physical body of there own. there are many types of life forms with proper names for there species. why are you judging? the situation, the life forms and whats good are bad? god says not to judge. there are so many things wrong hat you typed. my reply would be more than 2000 words to correct it all with proof if it being right. so im not going to reply if its about god and demons. and im going to stop disproving your statements and clames

      • Hi James,

        The Christian Bible says we command spirits in the name of Jesus Christ, who is supposed to ‘be’ God. God gave people authority in Jesus’ name.

        And I wouldn’t comment too loudly on confusing and illogical information, you are right there on top of the list.

        I agree that everything in spirit is not demons, but that is how Manss sees it, and since he’s not forcing his opinions down our throats, he’s entitled to believe whatever he wants.

        Do you remember me telling you to be kind? Start practising.

        Love & Peace

        • Ama,

          i have obtain the questions i wanted from this web site and from the users on it. now im beginning a process that dose not involve rudeness.

          • Lovely! Thank you James.

            One thought though .. did you obtain the questions you wanted, or did you mean ‘answers’? This is a genuine question because I do not understand what you mean.

            Love & Peace

          • i mean i ad questions. i replaced my questions wit everything i said. for Example: i did not ask what will happen if i luaght at some ones joke, i just laugh at it and 6then i got my answer by seeing what happened.

      • When we start correcting each other, giving our own opinion as if it was a fact, and we begin to propagate our own judgement against each other, we lose the liberty to express our own ideas and beliefs.

        I hope that we all realize that we cause division when we start judging, and “correcting” others, while stating our personal beliefs as absolute truth.

        I feel free to ask others to state their beliefs, because I want to know. If someone is asking me, I reply as well as I can. Since I am human, I make errors. If my own beliefs seem to be in error, I can study the matter, and after much prayer, I hope to discover that my own beliefs have been tested and established.

        May I recommend a good book. Title: Make Your Words Work, Author: Gary Provost. Conversely, personal long-winded messages complicate communication.

        Try this, write your very long replies in a word processor of one sort or the other. When you reply is finished, start reading your reply, and delete all extraneous stuff that is not absolutely necessary. Then cut and paste your reply in the message box at the web site.

        I like to recall how people once “panned” for gold in mountain streams. Gold always sinks to the bottom of the pan, and all the stuff that is not Gold is dumped back into the stream. Gold is what we are after, all the other stuff is of little interest.

        • jeff that is some awesome stuff you just said. i will check that book out and add it to my library.

      • Hi James , Ashtin requested :” So, if anyone can suggest how I can make this stop , I�ll be grateful” . And I only replied her , did I do wrong ?

        • Hi Manss,

          You did nothing wrong. You answered in a way you saw to be right and we respect you for that.

          James needs to learn some manners if he wants to continue to be part of our group here on TGT. He’s also been rude on other question pages.

          Love & Peace

          • Thank you Ama . you are a good adviser when I need to be confident

        • Manss, you did nothing wrong. You’re being baited by an obvious troll. He wants to upset you and get you fired up. You did nothing to provoke it, this is obviously just the type of guy James is. Ignore it. The less you feed a troll, the quicker it goes away. It’s no fun to poke people who don’t poke back so the easiest thing to do is just walk away with your head held high, while refusing to stoop to his level.


          • Thank you Ama and Diana but actually I think James is a good and polite author Although he criticized of my comment but I enjoyed of his letter. He didn’t choose my comment but criticized very literary and courteous and I love such speaking. If I excuse him it was for he know what I said had not been insolence to others opinion. Anyhow I ‘m not upset of his criticize at all

          • I wish I had your patience, Manss. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • A big hug to you, Manss.


          • Thank you Ama and I wish I had your policy ….LOL….

            Hello A.J
            it was a few week I had not hear your voice, where you were and how are you….you are like a free bird go and go back whenever you wish ……. and thank you for your thanks

            Hope go days for you

          • Excuse me dear A.J …when I was writing previous comment I was going to do a job in a hurry so one of the words became incorrect and I didn’t notice I write it again correctly and apologize repeatedly

            I hope good days for you

          • Oh! Manss, you are such a sweet-heart!! X

            And I hope good days for you, also.

            “it was a few week I had not hear your voice, where you were and how are you�.you are like a free bird go and go back whenever you wish ��.”

            Sorry Manss … I’ve been enjoying more personal ‘email discussions’ with a few people who also contribute on here (you folks know who you are – LOL!) which is why I’ve maybe been conspicuous by my absence on here – LOL!

            It is lovely to be missed though … and I’ve not really flown away … just pirch on a tree branch somewhere …. well, I am an old ‘bird’ – hahaha! (Bird is also English slanged for ‘a common woman’ – tee! hee!)


          • I usually have patience but, there is something about his behavior that is really getting under my skin. I don�t know, I guess I�ve come to like this site and the people on it so much so that I feel sort of protective of it. I don�t want rude people to ruin this wonderful platform that CT has given us. I feel like the negative comments might keep people from asking questions and I really would hate to see that happen.

          • Dear A.j I apologize you very much. As I have told often my English is in the first step . Previously my English was very primary and it improved in a few month which I,m here I don’t know slang well and write bookish more so when I mentioned bird my mean was only it and if I knew it has a slang meaning too I never used it. Therefore I must be heedful about words hereafter

            sincerely – Manss

          • Hey Manss

            You are sweet, but there’s no need to apologise. I did not take offense … I was actually giggling to myself as I wrote the bit about a ‘bird’ also meaning a ‘common woman’. And if you ever meet me, you’ll understand why I thought it so funny – LOL!

            Anyhow, I only explained it because I assumed you wouldn’t know of the slang term, so thought I’d enlighten you. LOL!

            Don’t worry – your English is fine.


          • Thank you A.J……..well, I have a question although I know women are not interested respond to this question and I see you are worried about it too because you have pointed tow time about your age …..LOL
            well, what is your age ? …..of course say true …..HaHaHaHa

          • Hmm… Manss.. not all women are bothered by their age. :-) I quite like being 49 now. I feel I am old enough to enjoy my ‘first’ childhood (I’ll save my second one for much later) … I never had time for it as a kid, I was too busy trying to be the age in my head .. which was very old. LOL

            Love & Peace
            Ama :-)

          • Hi yu Manss

            Oh! I’m not bothered about the age thing. I am 45.

            I will let you into a secret – I am growing old very disgracefully – LOL! (meaning, I’m still a kid a heart and loving it.)


          • Be succeed and glad you both honorable women…..In comparison with you I’m a granddad ……HaHaHaHa…

          • Thank you Manss, that’s a lovely compliment.

            Ok.. your turn to confess .. how old are you? :-)

            Love & Peace

          • NOOOOOOOO!!

            Don’t spoil the dream by telling us your age, Manss …. I much prefer to imagine you being a firm, rugged 24 year old hunk of a man. LOL!!


          • Often, I speak like a young because I have disbelieved I’m going to age yet ,so often I suppose I am 25 ~30 years old yet and I don’t know why pay not attention to this fact, I think because I wish remain young in this age or may my inner sense is remained young yet due to this sense I never tell you my age …..if you can guess yourself ….LOL…

          • Phew!!

            Thanks Manss, for keeping my dream alive!! LOL!

            Now then, wonder what would happen if I added that you were also a fireman ….? tee!hee! hee!


          • Don’t be sorry A.J , I’m not a greybeard as you imagined sudden ……..I’m young yet but not younger than Ama …..LOL….

          • You can whisper it in ‘my’ ear, Manss, I have never been good at guessing games. :-)

            How about .. a young 69? Hmm.. maybe not, wouldn’t want to shatter AJ’s daydreams about firemen. LOL

            Love & Peace
            Ama :-)

          • cant we keep manss age unknown? illusions are wonderful. without them we are left with the unchangeable realty. yes illusions are not truthful, but do we all want to believe believe Manss is not a young sexy heroic fireman? lets jest hold on to the non-damaging illusion for just a while, because we are all faced with truths though out are day.

          • not to be a killjoy but can we stop discussing folks’ ages :)

          • Scoring ’0″ for the late answer. :-)

            I shall just get my walking stick …

            shuffling quietly to the door .. stage left .. giggling. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • Hello caretaker
            I shall finished it now ……….. I’m 50 years old

          • Howdy Manss I am close to the same age myself

      • Hi James believe , I didn’t mean any rudely purpose or sneaky thought . I never offense to anyone or any opinion rather I hate of such evildoer action. you and your opinion is respectable for me what I said was only for Ashtin to get rid of that spirit and that painful thinking which she supposed she is grim reaper for his family so I wanted to help no else .


        • Manss ,
          i feel nothing towards you. were cool and what ever.

          seriously, im a troll! i have red many troll replies and such and there way of being a troll is very obvious and simple to see. there replies are never over 50 words. there grammar and chose of comments are easily related to childish thinking. they say everything that is clearly not true. a troll is much like a bully, but its all online. its also known as cyber attacks or something like that. my replies are nothing of the sort.

          your name calling and labeling will never stop me from anything. if you ever gain call me anything that i am not as if it is a fact wen it is not true. i will correct every reply with detail that you make. it will show you in a very negative way. so stop making fuals clame. many of my replies on this web site supports this reply.

          • Hmm.. James, what was it you called us to start with? Ignorant? I’ve forgotten.

            You see, if you can’t take criticism, don’t say judgmental things. Going by my experience, and Diana’s, and others of us on this TGT site as a whole, who have had to deal with trolls before, yours was a perfect example of how they behave – and Diana might not have read the site where you said you would stop being rude. There are soo many question sites here,

            Love & Peace

          • That�s cute how you�re trying to deflect your own behavior and make it seem as if I am the one being rude.

            Don�t dish it if you can�t take it.

          • And just to clarify James, I did read the comment where you said you weren�t going to be rude anymore�but, that�s just a case of too little, too late. You can try to paint me in a negative light, honestly, I don�t care. If you don�t want to be called out for what you are, change your behavior. You�re not 2 years old, and I�m not going to coddle you and tell you that all is forgiven. There are limits to the amount of rudeness I can see from you before the inevitable happens and I will no longer be able to bite my tongue. Trust me, I held back in previous comments. I won�t be able to do that forever. So don�t say I didn�t warn you.

  7. And also holiness Jesus ( Eisa in our language ) is one of the holiest existence in all history

    • It took me a few tries to understand your meaning from your earlier posts, but I think I understand your meaning now. Thank you for your suggestion. I will say though that I try to ask Him and the Holy Mother when I have no other option.

      • There is a poem from an theosophist that I translate it for you to be more confident and know god is how much near to human but he don’t understand.

        friend is nearer to me than myself
        but its so wondrous I’m far away from him
        what do I do and what can be told
        friend is beside me and I’m remote

        • That is beautiful and I believe close to true in one way or another. Thank you for sharing that with me.

        • manss, sorry about all that stuff. wen i said i feel nothing towards you i meant im not mad with you.

          • Yes Jame , I understood at first and from your first letter you are a polite and educated person although I didn’t understood your mean about your feeling to myself I thought you say you haven’t any affect to me. Be comfortable I got your mean

            Thank you

  8. Thank you for replying and helping me.
    The music still happens once a month during the full moon. It sounds like weird pipes and string instruments. They start at midnight and end at three in the morning. No matter how many times we move, they seem to follow.
    I know for a fact my daughter has visitors, more than three people have said they see ” little men” running into her bedroom walls at all hours. She even keeps her closet door open at night so “they can leave”. Once people started saying they’ve seen running figures in her room at night, I started telling them it was her bed time, please come back to play when she is up. When I don’t they keep her up wanting to play.
    I recently heard them again, so I did some research, and they seem to be of the fae. Needless to say, I too keep my closet door open all the time and try to not mess with them.
    I think I have my migraines understood for now. When I feel one coming on, I drink hot water with a bit of freshly crushed garlic. Tastes horrid, but it works for me.
    As to my sleep walking, I started to meditate at night and keep note of what I see, hear, and learn. I keep seeing this man around 20-25 standing in a full length mirror staring at me asking for his turn. I keep telling him this is my body, he is not welcome to use me in any fashion and he is to leave me alone. If he is a past life, then both of us are stubborn as rams.
    I’ve started to “clean house” with my life and rid myself of any toxic relationships. I understand where most of it comes from, and I’m going to be dealing with those issues till I die thanks to my dad. But, since I’ve started meditating at night, and letting all the harmless visitors do as they wish and not as I bend, I’m starting to feel calm to a point. The seeing “red” doesn’t affect my blood pressure oddly enough, mine is perfect.

  9. Hi Ash,

    I apologise for all the sidecomments here on your question. I”m afraid the sites do do that.

    Could you be attuned to the fairy levels and be hearing their music on the wind? Since they like to visit you, perhaps you or your daughter are part of their family.

    Have you used the Michael Invocation I listed near the top of the page. If the young man in the mirror is a ghost, that will send him into healing. Then he can come back into the world with his own body, and not have to borrow yours.

    Love & Peace

    • yes, I do that before I meditate, that way I am ready for what may come. I have an idea, and I talked about it with my mom, we think he may have been a twin I didn’t get. That could explain his animosity towards me. Still can’t explain the dates, but things will work themselves out eventually.

      as to me being part of a different family, it could be possible. I’ve yet to get lost in any woods, I just know how to get around. I’ve found all sorts of wonders that some people miss or never find. My family used to pick on me because I used to leave food on my plate for my “friends” when I was little, so who knows?

      Thank you for your help!

      • Hi Ash,

        A twin you didn’t get? Do you mean you didn’t give birth to? He has no reason to be angry for his decision not to come into the world .. and if the dates are wrong .. that is not the reason for his emotions. You could consider asking him to come to you in dreams and tell you what the problem is, if he’s still around?

        Love & Peace

        • My mom said I could have been a twin, but it didn’t happen. It’s funny you should mention I should try talking to him in a dream though…..

          I tried a few days ago, and ended up in a dark looking church made of human bones with an alter in the center to put thing on to be blessed. I was carrying a dead baby in my arms that once I placed him on the alter, a priest in white blessed. When I went to look at the baby, He started to move, at first no one believed me, until they heard him screaming. I was over joyed and when I picked him up, I named him Lazarus and John came up and said something I couldn’t hear over the crowd. I gave the baby to a couple there that wanted him really bad. When I was walking out of the church, the priest came to me and started chanting in what sounds like a very complicated language. John showed up and said that I had made the priest happy, so he said a prayer over me.

          After that dream, John left , and I’m feeling oddly calm. One thing though, the way that priest “glowed” in contrast to the darkness was outstanding. I’m still having trouble understanding it.

          Thank you.

          • Hi Ash,

            The priest glowed .. that might have been his aura, or his ‘halo’ (as people used to believe it was), and showed he was a very good man. A blessing is a lovely way to start a new life (the baby), going from ‘dead’ back to ‘living’ as a spiritual being. Perhaps this was John’s way of showing you that he was moving on. And you also received a blessing because you asked God to help the baby .. The symbolism of your dream is truly lovely.

            Love & Peace

  10. I have an account with TalkParanormal. I attached a signature of my own. That signature is simply, “Forgiveness is next to deity.”

    Maybe there are just a few friends/acquaintences that are stuck in a rut, following after each other, while engaging in the same, repetitive behavior.

    I don’t imagine that everyone is going to approve comments that I post. A brief time should be left between comments. Sooner or later someone is going to “break” a good thing at this web site.

    My mission is to discover what other’s beliefs are.

    In the work place, this bad behavior could become an issue in Human Resources to all who have participated. None of us would want to be part of such an issue.

    The book I mentioned, “Make Your Words Work” by Gary Provost will help each of us to skim all the confrontational and undesirable thoughts off the top, We can all think and act without provocation. Sure, we are individuals, and we may even have others here who were not born in this sort of civil behavior.

    If I was on an ocean cruiser and I heard someone go overboard, I would be scrambled getting others to help rescue the victim. I don’t feel any compulsion to tell the victim what he/she did wrong, and it was all her fault. (Some people have gone missing on such ocean cruisers.)

    That particular issue could wait for a more opportun time to discuss the cause and effect of the event. No need to be confrontational. No need to force our perspective on each other.

    Put the issue on the back burner, turn down the heat, and start focusing on what’s next. I might have a huge roast in the oven that could burn if I’m too focused on some other activity. I worked as the head cook in a cafeteria many years ago. And I would frequently be preparing several different sorts of food at any particular moment.

    In stead of laying blame on others, look for something good that can also be brought to our attention. It breaks up the monotony of getting stuck in a rut.

    All of us have plenty of room for improvement. Look for the truly good things that are pleasant to read. Yes, we can! (I didn’t vote for President Obama.) I believe in US, here and now.

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