What are These Lights?

Ok so like I take a picture outside in the evening and there are a lot of what they call orbs, then every once in a while when I take some more pictures I catch a bright light. These lights have a real dark shadow.

I have all sizes of these lights. I have posted my biggest one on Facebook (http://www.Facebook.com/TrueGhostTales) I will post more so you can see them.

Please if anyone knows what and why these lights appear. Thanks.

Asked by moya

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  1. Hi CT,

    That link, took me to my homepage on facebook and when I searched for TGT by name there were no photos? Do you have the link to Moya’s photo?

    Love & Peace

    • I clicked it and it took me to the TrueGhostTales fan page. I saw her picture when I scrolled down just a bit on the page

      • The exact url is http://www.facebook.com/TrueGhostTales when I click that it goes right to the fan page.

          • Bless you, CT .. that link didn’t work for me all day, and still doesn’t.

            Good morning from Australia, Moya,

            What you have there is a moving something that reflects light. In my opinion, its a moving orb with an internal light sources .. which makes it a spirit orb, rather than one created by your flash hitting water droplets in the air, or having dust on the lense of your camera, which is what some people explain all orbs away as. If you check out other photos you’ll see the difference .. the orbs with internal lights have a brighter edge to them, and sometimes come in colours.

            A few of us had a brief discussion on the subject here: //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/are-orbs-paranormal/ . CT do you have a webpage on the subject on the larger site?

            Love & Peace

          • Also, I’m wondering what shutter speed you are using? When the shutter to a camera is open for an extended period, it not only picks up light, it picks up its movement as well, which shows itself as light trails. Are you using a tripod? What is the aperture? White balance? It can be so many different things. I might be able to tell you definitively one way or another if you could post your exif data for me.

  2. It looks to me like you may some dust on your lens. May I ask if you are using a point and shoot or a DSLR? I’m a professional photographer, and I use a DSLR. I’ve gotten spots like that in photos when I’ve used my flash. It’s dust that has collected inside when the lens is removed. If you’re using a point and shoot, you could possibly have blown pixels.

    I’m not definitively saying that you’re not capturing something otherworldly, I’m just saying that I’ve seen this before in my own photography. That would be my first assumption but, its always possible that its something else.

  3. The orbs here look like dust. The bright squiggle I’m not sure of, but I’ll throw this out for consideration. One night my hubby was snapping pictures, and caught something bright, white, and fairly solid looking. After looking closely at the area he took the picture, we found a spiderweb. Nearly overlooked it. Took a picture of the spiderweb for comparison, the spiderweb turned out to be the culprit. Some things like spiderwebs, lint, dust, etc are all but invisible until the camera flash hits it.

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