What Am I?

First of all I’m 23 and this has been pondering me for years now. I don’t know if its just a paranoid feeling or if I’m actually onto something here.

I guess I should start with the fact that I was adopted, I met my biological mom when I was 13 but I did not look nothing like her, she is an African American, but I am white. She said my dad had died not too long before but he was African as well, and from the looks of all the photos he didn’t look anything like me as well. But this is not all of what has got me looking around for answers.

Since I was about 10 I’ve had the uncanny ability to see spirits and auras as well as being in tune to peoples emotions. Since around that time I haven’t been able to feel any pain. Not just the little cuts, I mean picking up a hot pan out of the oven and not feeling the heat or the burns. These are just minor details as well.

Doctors have told me that there is 1 out of 10,000 that are not able to grow nerve endings and the result is not feeling any pain. But around the same time I noticed that I heal a lot faster then everyone I know. For example when I was 11 I accidentally got my hand shut in a car door. We got to the hospital and had it x-rayed and found out I shattered my knuckles in my left hand. They wrapped it up and scheduled me to go to a specialist to see if I needed surgery. The appointment was 1 week latter after the hospital. When they re did the x-ray they noticed that their results did not match the ones at the hospital for the new ones only had hairline fractures. They checked and rechecked the files at the hospital and were 100% sure the shattered hand was mine. They just blamed it on a medical phenomenon and let it go with that. But doesn’t explain why throughout my life that no mater how injured I get I heal up quickly. I’ve been stabbed in multiple occasions, was in the military and been shot. And all these times I healed up quickly.

Then there are the minor details about me that can be easily explained with science but I’m a big mystery with all the others that these may tie together with something bigger. I can’t stand bright lights of any kind and have to wear sunglasses at all times, sometimes in doors depending on the type of lights they use, but my skin never gets sunburned and tans easily. My eyes have a red ring around the outsides of them. Also, this may sound silly and clique but I cant be within a church for very long. I begin to have seizures but not having any problems with it before or anywhere else, and this is actually the only time I feel pain anymore. Its not a pretty situation to be in when there is die hard Christians or Catholics around.

This about covers all the small stuff now. The only reason I am looking into it more is because my current girlfriend mentioned something bout the possibility that an incubus or some other demon may have impregnated my mother. I’m not completely sure with this idea but it got me thinking that there may be some paranormal explanation that would explain it even better then medical science has, and I am basically looking for other inputs or advice on the matter.

So please provide any advice you can.

Asked by David

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  1. Hello David,

    I think you and I have had a conversation before, either here on this site, or on the allexperts.com one? I answered most of your comments, and more, during that conversation.

    I think I explained at the time that demons and humans are two different forms of beings and cannot crossbreed, so you are not half demon. And your reaction in churches can simply be psychological. Demons go in churches all the time, and never seem to suffer in them – only the Christians do.

    I think you have inherited a number of genetic abnormalities from one side, or both sides, of your family. Have you had your DNA tested to see if they can pin down what the adaptions might be? That would explain the damage to your nerves and eyes, etc. I am sure you will fascinate the medical profession.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Hi David

    This is a very interesting post.

    First off, I have a friend who has white parentage and (to family knowledge) all the family line have always been white, without any mixed race whatsoever. However, my friend looks black, of African decent. He is so ‘coloured’ that his parentage is always questioned (on official forms) when he calls himself white. But he is white, just looks black.

    Black parents can produce albino children, just as white parents can. So, there is a possibility that the reason you appear white could be because of some sort of colour pigmentation ‘error’ in your genes?? You’re not a full albino, but full albino’s do have pink eyes, so the ring of pink (or red) around your eyes may suggest some connection. Also, albino’s are sensitive to light – again, this is something you suffer from. However, you must still have inherited your parents skin pigmentation to a degree in order to tan so easily, without burning. May I suggest you do some research to see if part-albino’s are possible, or ask your doctor about it?? If they do, you may be able to get tested and, if it transpires you suffer from colour pignation ‘errors’ then at least that will rule out some, if not all, of your symptoms.

    I personally am sceptical of any form of supernatural devine conception – either by God or by Satanic spirits. However, I’m not adverse to the concept of some form of alien impregnation – a physical Being abducting and experimenting on humans. Or even, humans abducting and experimenting on other humans for that matter. Hitler did that, after all. That said, I do think all logical scientific explanations need to be explored first, before resorting to extratorestrial phenomena.

    And finally, the Church / religious gatherings. I need to ask you this, have you ever had any ‘nasty’ experiences with people who proclaim to be Christian but who have ridiculed you or in any other way being nasty towards you? I know of a few women who were educated in convents but, to this day, they are so frightened of the nuns because of their childhood experiences, they would rather go 3 miles out of their way rather than drive past that convent – such is the power of fear instilled into them. Your reaction to being inside a Church or close to religious folk might be due to a memory of a former experience which terrified you?? If you have no memory, or indeed no experience to explain your seizures then, yes, the explanation might well be a supernatural one which we can explore further.

    I hope this has been of help?


    • Hi AJ,

      I thought of Albinism too, as one of the possibilities. Thank you for mentioning it.

      Love & Peace

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