What am I Being Followed By?

Well I posted a story on here called Haunted Family and it was basically saying things that happened to my mom when she was little and things that happened to me in my old house when I was little. After that my family moved away and lived in my new house for about a year and a half without anything happening but that’s changing. I never really feel safe anymore and I get that feeling like I’m not alone, cliché I know, but I only got that feeling at my old house. Very settle things are starting to happen now, things like plants getting knocked over inside my house when everyone is sleeping. Or hearing footsteps outside my door when I’m home alone. Also very recently I was listening to a podcast on my iPad and I was in another room and I hear the podcast skip backwards, I go to where the iPad to see that it went backwards far into the middle.

I was home alone that night to which was scary because someone needed to touch the iPad in order for it to rewind. If the iPad malfunctioned it never did anything like that before. Again these are just minor occurrences but I’m afraid it will escalate into worse things like what happened at my old house.

So my question is, is my family being followed by something if so what’s the best bet to what it could be? Or does my family just have really bad luck when picking out a house that isn’t haunted? I feel better about the situation when I have other peoples insight of what’s going on so if you have an idea of what’s going on please tell me thanks!

Asked by jpark00

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  1. Hi Jpark00,

    After a year and a half of peace and quiet, I doubt its the same ghost. A new house doesn’t mean it won’t be haunted, the land might be, or a ghost might have been travelling across the world looking for people that feel comforting, or interesting, to it, and so it stopped off at your house for a visit.

    I do not call knocking down a plant ‘subtle’, nor the footsteps. Whomever it is definitely wants your attention. Right now I’d ignore it, and not feel frightened about what MIGHT happen, because our fears feed negative entities and so ignoring it is a much better way of keeping things in check.

    So is having your housed blessed by a member of your local church, or having a medium come in and clear the ghost into heaven. Otherwise this Invocation helps too .. we clear houses with it by changing the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ (not house).

    http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html Read it through a few times and then say it like you mean it. That should settle things down.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. Interesting tale, I’d like to read your account though, or I may have already… I read a lot of the stories here and I’m not sure anymore.

    About your question, after moving to a new house and not feel any strange occurrence for half a year, I believe it’s not the same entity plaguing your old home. If it was, you would have felt the presence a few weeks just after moving. The knocking of plants and footsteps are NOT subtle, those are already poltergeist activities. You may be dealing with a stray ghost here, and a strong one at that. One thing you can do is try sprinkling salt around your room, or burn some incense and let the incense fill your room to ward it off. Arabs use incense to shoo away unwanted entities lurking in the desert for thousands of years and it seem to work well for them. Is there enough light entering the house during the day? Let in a lot of sunlight during the day, this also helps deter the unwanted entity, dark spots inside the house stores a lot of negative energy like a capacitor, if you feel that a certain area of your house feels gloomy, put something to liven it up like flowers and colorful stuff and ample source of light. Also don’t be too scared, treat it as something like there’s a HUGE rat living in your house, or envision it as something that is ordinary to keep your fear levels in check. Poltergeists, like other negative entities feed off from negative energy, such as FEAR, DESPAIR, ANXIETY, ANGER and such, so steer clear from emotions like these for this makes it a lot stronger and it would make it want to stay longer (you wouldn’t want that now, would you?) It’s like a stray animal that you keep feeding in your back door, and once it gets too familiar with you, it won’t go away. So, “don’t give it food,” it means none of the negative emotions and negative energy sources. This should quiet down the extra activities.

  3. all of the above information is great!! i use to have poltergeist in a house i use to live in. i move out a few years after i got the poltergeist to leave. it was so horrible at nights. i would be relating in my room sleeping re going to the restroom at night and i would hear kids playing in the hallway are cabinets opening and closing and heave food steps. i could not stand to dreadfully annoying sounds. i was afraid i would be woken up and not able to go to sleep because how annoyed i would be.

    So i did what was need to be dun. i neutrally asked them to stop making laud sounds at night. they stopped, but them they started being more active in the day. it was not a problem for me because i was not sleeping and i did not care of they moved things around. as long as they put it back wen i wanted to use the object. also as long as they did not break things. so they did not do many noticeable things.

    my dad tried getting them to leave because he loves common normal things because he understands it. he doubted hes authority so the poltergeist did not listen to hem and started to bother hem so they can feed from hes fear. the stayed in the house and did not bother me my sis or mom. my dad finally decided to get me to make them go away. so i asked them with authority over my moms and dads house that they shared with me because i was a kid. and they saw that i was not food and have authority . then they just stayed goodbye and they left for ever. i never saw felt are herd them again. they were nice wen they lived with us.

    Buddy covered the main important parts that matter. he was also very understandable and correct. so i can only add the following. be an authority figure and command as if they were your kids are dog are something and remain neutral, you might want to ask AMA about talking with poltergeist to com to an understanding of what you and your family wants.

  4. hey, ok. it might be a ghost or spirit following you around. how old are you? i’m asking this because it could be a poltergeist. poltergeists are usually caused by teen hormones. dont ask me how that’s possible, i have no idea. but when i was around fifteen, those same experiences hapened to me. it was a poltergeist. people can cause ‘poltergeists’ when the are teens through young adults. that might be your problem, you.

    and Ama, in the first comment you said “a year and a half of peace and quiet, i doubt it’s the same ghost.” remember, ghosts are unpredictable. they can do and act however they want, whenever they want, because, well, they’re dead. so it could very well be the same ghost. or it may not even be a ghost, like i said above. but, you never know, now, do you?

    Lil’ Paws

    • Hello Lil’ Paws,

      In my experience ghosts, being people without bodies, but still with the attitudes that trapped them between the planes, won’t wait a year and a half to be noticed ‘again’. The connection to the people they are haunting is already established, and if they move house with them, which occasionally does happen, they tend to reassert old patterns quite quickly. The people’s fear is a source of their food.

      These days, with the amount of ghosts ‘free to roam’, if people who have been haunted aren’t haunted for a year and a half, it is less likely to be the ‘old ghost’ as it is to be a different one. In either case it doesn’t matter, the ghost needs to be cleared into heaven, whichever form it believes in, because its presence is not healthy for the living.

      Love & Peace

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