Were Hitler and the Nazis Satanic?

Hitler was predicted as rising and nearly ending the world by Nostradamus, as was the French emperor Napoleon. I know the Nazi’s tried to create their own religion with the master race etc. And Hitler is seen to be a very satanic character. Is this because he was an evil man who killed a lot of people, or is their any evidence to suggest he was actually in league in some way with demonic forces? Or was he maybe oblivious and was being controlled?

Has anyone here spoken with some sort of demon or spirit that claims to have been involved with Hitler and the atrocities of WW2?

Asked by BigJim13

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  1. No 13 now Jim? LOL

    I spoke to Hitler, when I group of us ‘rescued’ him, a whole bunch of his followers, and the Jewish people who were holding them on this plane one spooky, hard-work, evening. He sounded just like any lost soul .. totally confused, frightened and tired.

    According to what I have read over the years, and it has not been much, Hitler and Himmler and a few of their cronies, were practising any sort of black magic that would give them world domination – so anything was possible.

    Specifically, I have not, however, read enough to know for sure.

    Love & Peace,

  2. There is a show on the History channel about Hitler and the Occult. I remember them consulting pyschics, and things like that. I don’t remember much about the show, it was on tv awhile ago. I am sure that you can get a copy of it from the History Channel, if you are really interested.
    I have heard a theory, that Hitler was one of the Anti-Christs. This theory says that, since Satan does not know when Jesus will return to Earth he has to have his plans and the Anit-Christ ready at all times. So, there have been many anti-Christs through-out history. There is one somewhere right now, maybe even more than one living at a time.

    • 1 John 2:18 (King James Version)

      18Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

  3. Hi guys, got to comment .. love theology .. love dissecting it!

    Slightly better translation: “Children, it is the last hour! As you have heard that anichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. From this we know that it is the last hour.” Only it wasn’t, because we are still all here nearly 2000 years later.

    This translation puts the statement it in the ‘present tense’ (happening now), part of a letter from ‘a single writer’ copying the John style (4th gospel), written about 100 AD by one of his followers.

    People have been expecting the ‘antichrist’ for a very long time. Perhaps they would do well to examine their own natures, for their shadow side, rather than looking for an outside source to blame for their bad behaviour?

    I wouldn’t spend a lot of time ‘fearing’ what ‘might’ happen. Do good instead, expect good instead, live the truth of Love, and stop looking for monsters under the bed. Sadly, the bible is a great book for creating monsters. Fear God, fear the devil, fear each other .. feed the enemy the energy they really love.

    Love & Peace, lots of it,

  4. When Hitler was a young man, he went to stay with his brother Alois, and his brothers wife in Liverpool, UK. It was there that he visited St Patricks Church in the Toxteth district one Sunday. Since that day, he had developed an obsession with artefacts of a religious nature. For example he was obsessed with the Egyptian Staff of Ra. He wanted the Shroud of Turin, Holy Grail, etc.

    He never explained to anybody WHY he wanted these things. Were they to use in some bizarre ritual to allow him “the power of God”? Did he want to do what he did to books and burn them but only in front of the world so that he could “replace” God and become the new god?

    Adolf definitely had his reasons for this obsession with religion. Who knows why? Will we ever know?

    • Well perhaps, Hitler thought the ancient staff of Egyptians had magical powers which he craved – remember the Egyptian wise men and sorcerers were in competition with Moses when they used their staff to do magic ie. staff changing to a serpent, changing water into blood and many other magical or witchcraft practices.

      Once again it’s all in the bible – read Exodus.

  5. Mattias Gardell, a historian who studies contemporary separatist groups, writes:

    “In documentaries portraying the Third Reich, Hitler is cast as a master magician; these documentaries typically include scenes in which Hitler is speaking at huge mass meetings. Cuts mix Hitler screaming with regiments marching under the sign of the swastika. Instead of providing a translation of his verbal crescendos, the sequence is overlaid with a speaker talking about something different. All this combines to demonize Hitler as an evil wizard spellbinding an unwitting German people to become his zombified servants until they are liberated from the spell by the Allied victory after which, suddenly, there were no German Nazis left among the populace. How convenient it would be if this image were correct. National socialism could be defeated with garlic. Watchdog groups could be replaced with a few vampire killers, and resources being directed into anti-racist community programs could be directed at something else.

    The truth, however, is that millions of ordinary German workers, farmers and businessmen supported the national socialist program. They were people who probably considered themselves good citizens, which is far more frightening than had they merely been demons.”

  6. .. and scared citizens, occult only means hidden, doing what they had to do to survive.

    Wonderful how we let one or two people run our lives. If it isn’t the government, its the bosses at work, or your father or mother, or someone else – when you hand your power away.

    Hitler was not the worst of that group, he was just one of many. Mengele was a real charrmer .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Mengele If you don’t know about this stuff, read about the ‘human experimentation’, that description is tame in comparison to some of the stuff he got up to. And then there are the folk that say that the Jewish extermination never happened …

    Another rant subject ..
    Love & Peace,

  7. The swastika it’s self is a form of inverted crucifix. Hitler was very interested in Religion.

    Thanks for all you’re comments and answers.

    I remember hearing one really interesting thing, it’s bugging the hell out of me that i can’t remember what i saw it on, or read it in.

    Basically theres a Castle somewhere in Eastern Europe thats said to be built upon a hole into hell. Theres stories of prisoners being lowered down into the whole and dying, one guy survived long enough to come back up but supposedly had aged decades, had gone completely insane and had a heart attack shortly afterwards. This is from 5 minutes in the hole.
    Anyway, Hitler’s lads took it over and did all kinds of research and spell works in there, trying to find something that could be used against the allies i suppose? In the end there where a few rooms they completely bricked up because they where so haunted. And the Nazi’s left. What strikes me as odd about this story is that Hitlers (supposedly one of possibly many anti-Christs, and almost certainly the most successful) guys where repelled out of a castle supposedly built on top of a hell hole to keep things IN it. If he really was into some bad Hoodoo surely they would have tried to help him… Or maybe they don’t care about the devils plans and just like to scare people. Even people as scary as the Nazi’s!

  8. Hi BigJim,

    The swastika is said to have been around since neolithic times ..

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika the internet search engines have become my favourite place to play. LOL

    And the castle – Houska Castle



    Interesting. Might be true .. I certainly hope not.

    Love & Peace,

  9. Wow.

    Thanks Ama!! You have no idea how long i’ve been trying to find out what the castle was, i was starting to think i’d dream’t it!

    Thank you very much.

  10. You are welcome BJ,

    If you ever go there, take lots of photos. I would be interested in the results.

    Do we have anyone on the site around that location?

    Love & Peace,

  11. This is a subject that I think about here and there, especially when correlated with hearing about white supremacist groups in the news, etc. Here are some videos that may provide some information on the matter:

    1.) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3688278981555458918


    Here is what I believe about Nazism and the occult/Satanic inspiration, and what I really think was going on behind the scenes, and in Hitler’s heart and mind (as well as many, many others who sympathized with him):

    1.) The devil himself is extremely aware of all human variations (races), and all the qualities that we so feebly try to identify and notice, that inherently make each “race” different, and not only in a physical sense. Those who advocate that races are different in more than a physical sense in modern times (eugenics) are often/generally lumped into the same category as racists, which is simply not fair and often not even true at all. There are many, many highly principled individuals and scholars that have advocated ideas that there are certain spiritual, intellectual etc. qualities inherent in every race, and not only in older times.

    2.) As the devil is so keenly aware of this subject, he uses this knowledge to entice one group of people to hate and abhor another group of people, and vise versa. He is extremely successful. Satan is better at this than any being I know of. He’s been doing this for thousands of years. He’s a pro. He knew exactly what to tempt Hitler to say and do, to think about, to devote his entire life to. The devil knew Hitler’s heart, his many eccentricities, pent-up desires and fears/anxieties, the thoughts he kept hidden from the world, all the secrets that he kept to himself. It’s the same deal for any of us-the devil knows exactly how to make us do what he wants us to do/think/say, unless we stubbornly hold onto the values, thoughts and standards that we know are right.

    3.) Hitler turned to black magic, because the way of Christianity and the ways of God were prayer, mercy, repentance, forgiveness, long suffering, gentleness, kindness toward all, etc. In other words, the road less traveled. Divine revelation from God could only really come (for the most part) from living a blameless, penitent, humble life, or a life in which one gave up all of his/her sins, not just some. None of the values that Hitler came to advocate, the more that Hitler bitterly hated Jews, and all non-Nordic types. Oh, Hitler had his humanity, sure, and was not without a sense of genuine love of life and those that he loved, but his many grevious sins considerably darkened even his greatest joys in life, to the extent that he was never truly a good man, not after his teen years or so. Further, true prophets of God, or anyone that really knew the mind and will of God were of no use to Hitler, because Hitler himself was satisfied that he was doing the will of God already (pride). The idea of mercy and love toward all of humanity was definitely not an idea Hitler agreed with in the slightest. Black magic was easy, intriguing, pleasing to the “carnal” mind, and thought-provoking, and offered an immediate source of “wisdom” and foresight, etc. for Hitler.

    3.) (This is the kicker): Any student of Nazism, history, and all related subjects should seek to understand the much deeper questions and issues at work here. It is my firm belief that Satan (and all those who follow him) value those who are white (particularly Germanic folks, Celtic folks as well, other similar folks (Slavs, Mediterraneans, some Jews, etc. to a lesser extent) very, very highly, and other races are not as much of an interest to the devil. Why is this? It has to do with the race that was the original race of man, and the qualities of that race, and the qualities of each race that came from that original race. Some believe that race was black, as some believe that we all came from Africa originally. There are many theories. But (without fear or equivocation) I firmly believe that the original race of man was white, and the other races were created by God, as certain groups isolated themesleves from other groups, for various reasons only fully known and caused by God. The reason that this subject is so very important (and sensitive), is that it correlates with the (often misinterpreted) field of eugenics, that there are inherent desires in every person, unique to each person, that have a great deal of connection with that idea we call race. It is a central, silent struggle for millions upon millions of people in the world, to come to a full understanding of where they “fit in”, and if they are just as good as everyone else. (Which of course, because all men are equally capable of spiritual and intellectual perfection, then all men are created equal). The devil filled the Nazis with that all-too familiar ongoing feeling of racial supremacy that, in all honesty, has been going on ever since Cain killed Abel, and for all we know, for infinite times past, in infinite other worlds. It is the same feeling that is felt by Arabs, Indians, Germans, English, American Indians, Asians, Turks, anyone that despises or loathes those with darker skin than they themselves have, and anyone that adores and cherishes those with lighter skin than they themselves have. The Nazis simply just took those very familiar feelings to a level unprecedented in modern times.

    In closing, there is nothing new or modern about white supremacy, and/or all the magic, etc. that may be associated with it. Like I’ve said, its been going on for a long, long, long time. The Nazis just made it more public, and let the “Id” out of the subconscious, and into the real world. And Satan was clearly behind it, pushing all the right buttons, leading the Nazis on to discover all the sins, pride, and misdeeds of civilizations long since gone. After all, the devil himself is said to be blonde haired and blue eyed in his true form, even as a spirit. Of course, he can take on any appearance he wants to, but Satan knows exactly how to tempt white supremacists to commit unspeakable acts of evil. There is a great deal more on this subject, but I think you get the idea. For immediate, instant knowledge that is of a spiritual or… mystical matter, most people will find it far easier to go to a source other than God.

  12. One more thought: take a good, long, long, probing look into Hitler’s eyes (look at the photos of Hitler, especially the photos of more direct gazes), and tell me how you feel. If you don’t feel good, like, not good at all, that should be as clear of an indication as possible that Hitler was indeed Satanic.

  13. Wow.

    Thanks Ben, amazing response!

    Leads us on to the question as to whether the devil really is influencing our lives. It’s only a recent thought that Satan is among us. For example Dante’s Inferno, the divine comedy. Satan is clearly trapped in ice in the deepest part of hell, at the furtherest point in existence from God. (obviously thats the work of a poet, not the word of God)
    And in the bible in the story of Job, Satan has to get Gods permission to do anything on earth to Job and his family.
    However if he was using black magic its possible he attracted entity’s that do the devils work to him.
    It never fails amaze me what the human race will do to each other in the name of land, money, God, or just because we don’t like those particular people.

    It certainly makes me feel better about our predicament if the devils behind it!

    Thanks again Ben.

  14. Hi Ben,

    I want to write an answer to your longer email, but right now I have a guest in the house and might not get to it until she goes home on Wednesday. You touched on some very interesting points ..

    In the meantime .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler when I look into the eyes of this man in the picture, and others, without thinking about all the things I know about him, I see/feel a sad and lonely character with a huge weight on his shoulders (great responsibilities) and an equally heavy one on his heart.

    I wonder what you would see if you gazed into my eyes ….

    Love & Peace,

  15. It is true, Hitler, I am sure, carried a great deal of sadness and loneliness with him-frustration as well. I know that he was an extremely emotional, moody man, even very emotionally deep, serious, intense, and introspective, possessing rather sensitive feelings, all of these things… It is a tragedy really… Most people only know him to be a monster. I believe (and you can see certain good attributes in Hitler, more in his childhood and early youth), that Hitler was certainly a very complex person, certainly not completely evil.

    Well, hmmmm… :) Yeah, its obvious that you’re a very good person Ama. One can certainly see the compassion, sensitivity, empathy, love for everyone, etc. that you do have. Sure, there are other attributes that come to mind-concern for others, wisdom, etc. Course, I’ve just seen your photo. But yeah, good vibes. :)

  16. In my opinion, evil and the devil do not exist.

    What some people consider evil, is really ignorance. Hitler was not an evil man. He was just so incredibly ignorant that he was practically retarded at a spiritual level. Such people are to be pitied and our unconditional love should be extended even to him.

  17. Hi BigJim and Ben,

    It’s very easy to blame others for our choices. Yes, let’s invent the devil and make it the reason why I am simply acting out, or murdering someone. Truth is, humans have free will. Yes, a very weak minded person can be influenced to behaviour diabolically, but there are not as many of them as there are of the rest of us .. those capable of making their own choices.

    So no, the devil is not a good excuse for bad behaviour. We were created to live where Love Rules, we have to choose to fall short of the mark that says ‘do not cross here’. But then, humans are curious creates .. and we love to break the rules.

    Love & Peace
    p.s Ben I am still looking forward to writing an answer for you when things settle in my household this week. LOL

  18. Not only did Hitler worship Satan and he was plugged directly into him. The Nazi Party was an Occultic organization that practiced hardcore black magic. The Nazi symbols and doctrine were all based on magical and esoteric practices. The very symbols of the Nazis from the Swastika to the Order of the SS, were rooted in black magic and esoteric doctrine.

    What made Hitler an excellent canidate for demon possession was his blood line. It is said that Hitler was descended from one of the most powerful Satanic families in existence, The Rothschilds. People with such blood lines are chosen because their families involvement in hardcore black magic.

    Hitler belonged to a Satanic secret society in Germany called the Thule Society which is equivalent to the American Brotherhood of Death Society or the Skulls and Bones Fraternity which both presidents Bush Sr. and Jr. belong to.

    Adolf Hitler joined the Thule Society in 1919, and this Occultic organization helped prepare Hitler for his role as Satan�s right hand man. Lanz von Liebenfels wrote a letter to one of the members and said the following about Adolf Hitler in 1932:-

    “Hitler is one of our pupils …You will one day experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious and develop a movement that will make the world tremble.”(Quoted by J.H. Brennan in Occult Reich (Futura, London, 1974) and Francis King in Satan And Swastika (Mayflower Books. London, 1976)

    Hitler�s mentor and tutor�s name was Dietrich Eckhart, a very skilled occultist. This man instructed and trained Hitler in the black arts. Before Eckhart died he made the following statement on his deathbed, saying,

    “Follow Hitler; he will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his centers in vision, and given him the means to communicate with the powers.” (The Spear Of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, page 91)

    No one enters into Satan�s world of debauchery and remains the same and that included Hitler who was said to have went through so many dark and morbid magical, sexual and satanic rites that left him a tormented and mentally unbalanced person.
    “A person close to Hitler told me that he wakes up in the night screaming and in convulsions. He calls for help, and appears to be half paralyzed. He is seized with a panic that makes him tremble until the bed shakes. He utters confused and unintelligible sounds, gasping, as if on the point of suffocation. The same person described to me one of these fits, with details that I would refuse to believe had I not complete confidence in my informant.

    “Hitler was standing up in his room, swaying and looking all round him as if he were lost. ‘It’s he, it’s he,’ he groaned, ‘he’s come for me!’ His lips were white; he was sweating profusely. Suddenly he uttered a string of meaningless figures, then words and scraps of sentences. It was terrifying. He used strange expressions strung together in bizarre disorder. Then he relapsed again into silence, but his lips still continued to move. He was then given a friction and something to drink. Then suddenly he screamed: ‘There! there! Over in the corner! He is there!’ — all the time stamping with his feet and shouting. To quiet him he was assured that nothing extraordinary had happened, and finally he gradually calmed down. After that he slept for a long time and became normal again…”(Hermann Rauschning: Hitler m’a dit. Ed. Co-operation, Paris, 1939. Dr. Achille Delmas: Hitler, essai de biographie psycho- pathologique. Lib. Marcel Rivimere, Paris, 1946.)

    Anyone that serves Satan knows that the more power you want, then the more human sacrifices and blood needs to be shed in order for powerful demons to manifest. Hitler was no different after the body toll began to pile up during World War 2, Hitler was heard saying, �Our losses never seem to be high enough.�

    �The lives lost in the war were absolutely of no importance to [Hitler]. Robert Cecil said, ‘The Blood of Christ was replaced by the blood of the German war dead.’ Their true value to Hitler was as a sacrifice to the blood-thirsty god he served. ‘From the Mayas to the Nazis, the shedding of blood to attract the attention of indifferent powers was the magic significance of human sacrifice.’ ‘He would have sacrificed the happiness of the whole human race if ordered to do so by the mysterious Force whose commands he obeyed.’ This mentality caused Hitler to say, ‘Our losses never seem to be high enough.’ He had realized that Satan’s thirst for sacrificial death was unquenchable. It also explains why Hitler’s own bloodlust increased to a frenzy as the end was in sight.” – Bob Rosio, HITLER AND THE NEW AGE, Huntington House, 1993.

  19. K.Smith

    I just read about Hitler having those problems and it’s interesting to note that it sounds very much like the sleep paralysis and shadow person phenomena that’s widespread today, I have suffered from it as well for many years and it is a terrifying experience. What typically happens is one wakes up paralyzed unable to move, trouble breathing, unable to speak and a shadow figure(darker than dark itself) of black smoke appears from the corner or doorway of a room and creates an overwhelming feeling of dread and fear for which I an many others believe they feed off of.

    My first experience wasn’t of sleep paralysis though but I was in fact wide awake an standing when all a sudden out of no wheres I was absolutely paralyzed standing up an out of an adjacent dark room emerged this entity, it stopped dead ahead of me and starred & while doing so created a feeling I can only describe as fear,dread and doom all in one, I couldn’t speak or move for about a minute or so until all of a sudden something pulled my right index finger toward a picture on a wall behind it that my father had hanging up an that is of Jesus knocking on the door to the heart after this entity witnessed what was happening it turned to look at what I was pointing toward an once it saw the picture it looked as if it was being tormented by the sight of it, turned into a ball of smoke an vanished through the wall and my paralysis completely broke.

    The latest incident I had was laying on my back going to sleep when I witnessed a ball of black smoke ‘curdling’ in the corner of my room and I tried dismissing it as imagination an went onto sleep to only minutes later awaken in terrible dread to the feeling of paralysis moving up my leg and consuming my entire body at which point I looked toward the corner of my room where the smoke was and it dropped an formed into a shadow being an started to approach me, I attempted to yell for help but could not speak and subconsciously started praying to Jesus for help an within second I was able to yell for help an my mom heard me at which point the paralysis broke an the entity disappeared.

    I believe they try to posses people or feed off the fear they create and this lends incredible credence that Hitler was influenced by dark forces of another realm, they definitely succeeded through him in doing so, i’m vindicated in my sighting an experiences because my mother witnessed the entity outside my bedroom one night but I have the crucifix hanging on my wall and on the door an she said it seemed as if it couldn’t enter because it was peering through the top of the door trying to watch me an at the time I was wide awake.

    I have started asking questions with people who have experienced this phenomena and it seems to come down to people who do wicked deeds and those who are very spiritual an strangely enough are anti government, I believe they possess an influence the wicked an work to destroy the righteous though fear. I know about the Skull and Bones society an have witnessed the links to such events like 9/11 and Occult sacrifices. I think once you take into account what the US is doing now and the fact a big majority of the Nazi’s who were brought over in operation paperclip are behind some of the biggest institutions in the government that there is something truly sinister going on and people are being manipulated on a mass scale.

  20. Hi K. Smith

    Hitler was profoundly addicted to amphetamines. Had multiple injections a day from his dr. They cause extreme paranoia and hallucinations, as well as brain damage for the addict who is a long-time user. Maybe that could explain ‘some’ of his hallucinations, delusions? Don’t know, but a possibility…

    love and Peace,

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