Watching Myself From Above?

So, not quite sure how to explain this as I will do my best. This afternoon I had been sleeping since early hours of the morning as I work night shift. In my sleep I heard a loud noise and suddenly woke up, but weird this was is that I was floating above my body looking down at it, selflessly laying still in the bed.

I began to panic, I thought I had died or something, but as I started to panic, I then woke up again, but my body had then felt like it jumped up off the bed as I opened my eyes, this time I was awake for real.

I cant explain what happened and why, but was an experience I’d never had before. I am interested in exploring into this event, even though I was scared.

My wife says maybe I astral travelled, but I don’t remember going anywhere but if so, then why was my body looking over my real body?

Asked by Jason Dejong

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  1. Hello Jason,

    It’s nothing too serious. As your wife said, you were just astral travelling. We all do it when we are sleeping, its normal and healthy, and some people can do it consciously, and others, like yourself, are not aware of doing it – until something snaps you ‘aware’ (rather than ‘awake’) and you got to see yourself lying in bed.

    Why were you overlooking yourself .. one of two possibilities, you were about to arrive ‘home’ (back into your body), or you were just venturing ‘out’.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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