Was this an Incubus?

I have always had contact with spirits and paranormal things. When I was a child I predicted a few very random events that no one could have known. I also used to see a little boy spirit, but I wasn’t afraid.

Now, at 21, I live in my own apartment. I have seen a little girl who sleeps in a fetal position next to my bed about six times now. I have seen another older looking grungy woman as well. Neither of these spirits seemed like they were there to hurt me. However the other night a very scary situation happened.

This spirit held me down on my back. It was an intense pressure that I have felt before, but usually it goes away. I couldn’t scream or move, even though I wanted too. I saw a slim black shadowy figure. It did not seem human, but I don’t know. On my back I felt something cold, like a knife, and it was traced from my neck down to right above my tail-bone. The spirit whispered something, but I forget what it said.

I woke myself up and turned on the light and my phone which had been plugged in on my night-stand was across the room on the floor. My back and neck were burning where I felt what I assume was a knife or someone’s nail or something.

I have had sleep-paralysis before. I have had that feeling of intense pressure on me. However, I have never felt physically harmed by what I believe to be a spirit before. What can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Asked by Mary

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  1. Hello Mary,

    No it wasn’t an incubus. An incubus would have had sex with you, it is all they are interested in.

    It sounds to me like a human ghost. Would you consider clearing your flat .. get a minister in from the local church to bless the place, or a medium in to clear the energy. That would send all the ghosts, including the nasty one, into healing/heaven ..

    Our you could use this Invocation //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ to clear your energy, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ to clear the house. The instructions are on the webpage.

    Please do something about the situation before it escalates.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. Good evening,

    I am so happy to be able to find at last some relief. I am 52 and it has been years that I know that I am a victim of witchcraft form my family , mother, father ,ex husband, half sister ,cousins etc…It s a religion for them.Since then, I cannot have a husband, a boyfriend, I am always lonely. But regularly since all these years, I am visited by a
    incubus. Also I had so many accidents, my jobs , I always have bad relations with people, hatred, worse position, no friends. My son always have nightmare and sees demons, shadows,whispering, sometimes dishes broken on the floor, no matter where I move. Last year was even worse where I lived( windows and doors locked will open, bible will fall and close). I also knows that it is generrational because my brother has also a lot of problems.
    My daughter is 24 she is defenetaly possessed.She has no friends, hates everybody.She has numerous problems.Everything is hard for her.Her father refuses to talk to her with no reasons.An incubus visits her too, I know…..Our life is a nightmare. When small my son always see a demon above my head and refuses to touch me.He always sees small demon following his dad and refuses to see him again otherwise he has nightmares for a long period of time. We are all lonely, no friends no family, nobody.My father as everything, a mason, a rosicrutian, everything. I burn church incens, sauge, holy water in the house, still something is often there. I can I get rid of incubus , all these generational curses, these demons in my house, these bad luck …..I cannot anymore. Please help, I want a normal life.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Florence,

      The Michael Invocation (link in the first message) will work for you and your family too. Do you know how many generations back this curse was started? Was it the actions of someone inside your family, or something that was done to your family?

      With the Invocation, ask each of your family members to say it for themselves, and you can do it ‘first’ for yourself, and then for your whole family, to help clear the energy.

      It won’t change bad luck .. we create that through our own behaviours, but it will help to remove any problems created by unloving entities that are not supposed to be haunting your family. The rest is up to you.

      If you have other questions you can ask them here, or write to me privately. You can find me listed here on the site under Friends on the right.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • Hello Ama,

        Thank you but I still do not find your email address. You said on the right but where? I would like to speak with you privately. Thank you very much.

        • Morning Florence, this is just to advise CT that you found me on the AllExperts.com site.

          On this page I am listed under ‘Friends’ (a category on the right hand side of each of these pages) – Victorian Paranormal Connection – Ama Nazra.

          Have a great day
          Love & Peace

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