Was I Visited by an Angel and Others?

Since I was young, around 3 years old I used to see this woman dressed in black standing at the end of my bed. I never remembered seeing anything as your child-hood memories disappear but I was reminded my my mum when I was reading a fiction book about this girl at angel school. I believe in the other side and after life and I believe this may have been my Guardian Angel but can angels be dressed in black? Or maybe I was seeing a shadow? (But there was definitely not any of my family in there in the room when I saw this apparition).

I am in my teenage years and I think other than a supposed angel, I also hear unexplained noises in my house. I’m normally downstairs on my computer and my mum’s in another room, and my brother is still in bed. I hear footsteps upstairs and I can’t always get up and look because when I do, there’s nothing to be found. Recently, I heard a alarm sound up there, like an old telephone ringing. It rang for at least a minute. Finally my mum came to me, I asked if the phone rang, but we have a much different ringtone, then I suggested if it was my brother’s alarm – not that. It never happened again and I’ve never heard it in my life.
Just a minor point: I keep looking over at the stairs when I’m at the computer, everyday I do it.

On the other hand, I also think of my granddad. He died when I was 4 years old and I never said goodbye. Once I was awake around 2 am and I saw an orb like light quickly rise from my chest into thin air. There wasn’t any other light source and I was awake.
Do you think you could solve these sightings? They’re all positive and I think they may all be linked to one another. I’ll appreciate your comments if you have any ideas.

Asked by Eve

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  1. Hello Eve,

    I have an angel that dresses in black leather sometimes. She looks like Zena Warrior Woman, and I know we are going to be having a busy night. I have no doubts about her goodness, and am mostly amused by her clothing .. but she’s a warrior .. a Michael, and she a great help when I am dealing with nasty energy. Black is just a colour, it doesn’t mean an entity is evil, it usually just signifies an absense of light, or doesn’t show dirt easily? Otherwise it helps us to be invisible when we need to, it hides our energy from other people.

    Orbs are fun. I have friends who take great photos of them, and their dust/water cousins. We only count those with their own internal light as being real orbs. The rest are reflections of either the flash from the camera, or some other light source.

    I am clairaudient, which means I hear all sorts of odd things, including buzzing, phones ringing, and radios being tuned in .. or so it sounds. I just grumble to my guides and tell them to get it right. :-) Yes, I have had my hearing checked, and no, I don’t have any problems. I also hear voices, guides, angels and ghosts .. among many other beings.

    Footsteps upstairs could be really clear footsteps, or boards creaking .. is it an old house that moves with the amount of moisture in the soil? It’s good to remove every other possibility before considering the paranormal, as I notice you are already doing.

    The looking at the stairs – you might have begun doing that when a ghost or spirit was there, and now it might simply be a habit .. or .. the ghost or spirit is back. What you could do is ask your guardian angel, the next time you notice yourself looking, to ‘find’ the person you are looking at and ‘take’ them into healing. If you then stop looking, forget to look, and get on with your computer work, you’ll know she’s done her job, or got another Michael to do it for her.

    Do I think your grandad is haunting your house? No I don’t. For one thing, I don’t think he would dress as a lady in black. She might also be a ghost, the one in the doorway of the computer room, and so she’ll find peace with your help, and your grandad .. hopefully he’s in heaven/healing too. Bring him to mind, tell him you love him and ask him to come to you in dreams .. and then you can have a great chat .. which you might already be doing without realising it, when you sleep.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. I’m not saying that my grandad is a woman dressed in black.
    However, how can I talk to my Angel? I can’t see her, or talk to a wall thinking she’s there, how can I find her?

  3. Hi Eve,

    I didn’t think you were saying your granddad was a lady dressed in black. She’s one of the angels that helps me with my work for Spirit/God. Her name is Mica.

    Everyone would love to see their angels, and then they wouldn’t have to BELIEVE in them anymore, they would know for certain .. but there is more power in belief/hope than there is in knowing, so it doesn’t happen very often.

    Your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder, one of the group controlled by Archangel Michael and especially trained to be a guardian. It stays with you forever, and will walk you into heaven when you die, whatever you believe heaven to be. She is not missing, or hiding, she’s right at your shoulder.

    How do you talk to someone you can’t see? It must be impossible, right? Do you own a mobile phone? Have you got relatives in another state, perhaps you have never met them, friends overseas you’ve never met, or what about your friend in the house down the street .. you talk to them all the time, but then, you know they exist .. but how about me .. I am a person you have never met, never seen and only know what I look like from a tiny photo on the site .. so talking to me, asking questions, is in a way, an act of faith. So is talking to your angels.

    Talk anyway, and ask to hear, or feel, an answer. If you have chosen to be able to do this in your life, you will. And keep talking. The angels reach to us, but we have to allow them to be heard and sensed. We have free will and they cannot force their presence on us .. so the guardians are just there, protecting our spirits, and sometimes our bodies, if that was chosen before we come into the world .. you can read about rescues by ‘unknown people who are suddenly not there’ etc .. but they are not going to appear in front of you just to prove to you that you have one .. so that your ego is satisfied. They are given to us by God, and you either being in ‘him’ or you don’t as well .. so treat the angels the same way – ‘believe’ and talk to them, or don’t and don’t. They won’t be going anywhere, whichever you choose.

    Why did the angels appear to me .. particularly as I didn’t actually know whether I believed in them or not when they did it .. hmm… because, as they so gently reminded me at the time, I had agreed to work with them in this lifetime, and we do. LOL

    Love & Peace

    • Thank you for the information. Since I got on my computer virtually everyday, I am no longer turning to look at the stairs much anymore. And may I just ask, if I did choose to talk to my angel, would it ever turn against me and start physical behaviour like a poltergeist?

      • Hi Eve,

        An angel is a gift from God/Spirit, a teacher, protector, a being who loves us unconditionally and would never do us any harm .. so no, they would never turn around and do something nasty, nor throw things nor push a person aroud.

        They are the ‘personification’ of God/Spirit, given a generally human form so that we can relate to them. They never ask us to do anything that will harm us, nor do they demand we do anything, nor do they force us to. They are there for our greater good.

        There are entities (ghosts and others) out there that can pretend to look like angels, when living people don’t know any better .. but they are not our angels. You can trust the angels, and you can test them. Ask them – “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ” .. and they will answer “yes, we come in the name of Jesus Christ” .. the whole sentence, not just answering Yes .. and not answering ‘yes “I” come ..”. The angels have a group mind, what one angel knows they all know, within their group, and they always say “we” instead of “I”.

        Love & Peace

  4. hi i have someone in the family who is very sick, my mum has passed over and a few others in the family , i was with my sister the oyher day and i thought i saw three flashes like people waving i was on my computer an talking to her at the time ,its mums brother who is sick even my sister saw what i saw , have you any idea whats next i love this stuff

    • Hello Anonymous,

      I’m sorry but that’s not anywhere near enough information to begin to comment, much less make an assessment of the situation. Answer some questions for me:

      What time of day? Where did you see the flashes? How big were they? Why do you think they looked like people waving .. could you see outlines? How did you feel at the time – phsycially and emotionally (happy, sad, scared)?

      As to what ‘next’? I don’t think anyone could answer that. We don’t even know your name.

      Love & Peace

  5. HI,
    I have a daughter who has a spirit or entity following her. she is 22yrs now with a small child. ever since she was young she has complained of a person or something sitting on her bed at night.making her feel uncomfortable. We have moved quite a lot through work etc and this still happened. now she has moved to her own place with her 14month old child and it seems to have got worce, now this spirit makes noises in the kitchen on the wall switches the tv on and off, lights go out and he or she touches her hair and has pulled her down the bed. she has left the property for a while to stay with a friend because she is so frightened but it has followed her there. can you help or give advice because it seems to be affecting her life alot,
    Thanks Julie

    • Hi Julie,

      For yourself and your daugther .. I have this Invocation/prayer.

      http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html The instructions are on the page. What is does is change the energy of the person who needs it, to remove anything that might be haunting them. It’s very effective. We’ve tested it all over the world for the last 15+ years. Get your daughter to say it, say it for her, and say it for yourself, and if the problem persists .. though I doubt it will .. you can email me directly from links on that site, or from here. I am listed under Friends up on the right .. so check me out .. and we can do ‘other things’ to help.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  6. Eve, I think that you will find this website interesting. It is a first hand account of someone who has gone through something very similar to what you are experiencing.

    • Thank you for the web address, I shall be looking at that over the next few weeks.

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