Wanting to Understand How and Why People Believe Ghosts Work the Way They Do

I’m curious. I’ve been in this new place since September 1st. In the last few months there has been some very strange happenings in my home, which from your comments explains is probably due to the extreme negative energy that has been here since.

Now, I’m doing some research because I am wanting to understand how and why people believe “ghosts” work the way they do. My parents have told me that when I was much younger it appeared a lot of supernatural activity happened around me (not the good kind).

How is it at such a small age that I had any sort of harsh negative energy around me? Is it really possible that somehow (subconsciously) I am creating everything around me? All too often I am almost running from room to room because it feels as though there is something with me/behind me. I’m almost willing to believe that it could be me. Is it potentially something else?

For perhaps better advice, I can give a few examples of the things occurrences

-My bedroom is always cold (only cold room in the house).

-My bedroom door always opens on its own.

-It is moving things on my window, sun catchers

-Knocks at the front door. My entire household answers the door to no one being there.

-The cat goes crazy at random times.

-Electronics are constantly turning on. The Wii, stereo (no longer because the volume scared everyone so terribly) and our vcr/dvd player.

Just a little advice would be awesome, piece of mind.

Asked by Ash

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  1. Hi Ash,

    A child is generally not responsible for negativity .. don’t forget you have parents, siblings, and other relatives coming and going in the house, not to mention the history of the house itself, or the land it stands on .. and then there are leylines, which ghosts use as railways to travel about the world.

    Since I have no idea what you are really sensing, or feeling, I can only answer yes, you might be creating the feelings yourself. Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia?

    The points you them, though, tend to argue there is an unearthly presence in the house. If your room is always cold, no matter how much you heat, it is possible either a ghost inhabits or or the gate they come through does.

    A door that opens on its own could be a warped frame and an ill-fitting latch. Both of those causes should be eliminated before looking for a paranormal explanation.

    Moving what? How far? And is it possible that someone else, living, or a pet, could be moving them?

    Knocking at the door is one of many signs of possible hauntings, do knockings happen anywhere else?

    My cat used to get irritated by fairies when we lived in Armidale NSW. It doesn’t happen here, which is lovely. Might sound odd, but its true. I once watched the catflat open itself outwards 12 inches in front of the cat’s nose as he was chasing ‘something’ out of the house .. having watched the ‘something’ play with the cat’s ears (flip them flat against his skull, flip them up, do it again and again) for at least 5 minutes before he lost his temper. :-)

    Electronics turning themselves on. I would demand, in a loud voice, that the ‘person’ turn them off again. Same with lights.

    Added together, I think you have a ghost. What do you want to do about it?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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