Vivid Dreams and Empathic Feelings?

For a while now, my dreams have been very real and make me feel like I’m really there. Every dream that I have have, I can feel the wind in my hair, I can feel the touch of something, but now lately the dreams I have have been occurring in my real life just different.

I can feel what other people are feeling and its surprising as I’m not an emotional person? I’m not sure whether to call this a gift as so but not sure what it is, I’m of aboriginal background and my son has been seeing people also.

Not sure what to make of this and am able to answer any questions to help me if needed?

Asked by Bianca O’Hanlon

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  1. Hello Bianca,

    The vivid dreams are called Lucid Dreaming. There’s information about that all over this site, and on the internet. They are not harmful, just feel very, very real.

    The ability to feel what others are feeling is known as empathy. You can research that easily too. The problem with empathy is that a person can be swept away, or overwhelmed, by another person’s emotions. If that is happening to you, then learning White Light Shields will help (a link to instructions is up on the right over ‘Newest Questions’. If you have clairsentience (clear sensing) you can ‘sense’ another person’s emotions without being swamped by them. Much better way of doing things. Most people have empathy to varying degrees.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)
    Melbourne OZ

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