Visions Since Break up with Boyfriend

Hi I’ve been having strange visions of this ex boyfriend of mine since we broke up 2 years ago. I’m well over him not to mention discovered after the break up his was involved in Santeria. Not to mention 1 year after the breakup my daughter found this amulet that he placed in a pair of shoes in my closet. In which I had to get rid of without touching.

I have cleansed my home myself my daughter and everything involving him is long gone. Now still occasionally I have visions again but they more or less are directed towards seeing him suffer. I don’t wish anything bad on him never did I really don’t understand why he did what ever he is doing to me and really prefer to be left alone I find it quite annoying.

Also have woken up after some visions with strange symbols on my foot. I come from a family who has visions so yes I am aware of things but what he is doing I don’t understand. Someone give me some in sight please!

Asked by Tia

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  1. Hi Tia,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I work with Spirit to help people solve problems. The link to my website is here under Friends.

    What sort of symbols on your foot, how long did they last and did you recognise any of them? Can you draw them and send them to to the group where Caretaker can post them for us to see?

    In the meantime, a simple explantion would be that you are still holding onto the emotions you felt during your relationship with your ex. Since God/Spirit does not want to us remain in any pain, our guides remind us of those feelings, or wishes, and ask us to ‘let them go’… so .. does “seeing him suffer” come from something you do to him, or from something that might have happened to him? Or you wished would happen to him?

    If the ex is sending you visions, it might be to draw you back, or it could be because he actually IS hurt .. but in either case, say no. Start by cutting the emotional tie between you. You might think they are all gone, but none of this would be happening if it didn’t exist. Use your imagination. Close your eyes and see a cord going from your heart to his heart, and get something sharp and cut it .. I am a sword person myself, but scissors work, or you could use a flaming torch if you think its more appropriate. The cord wil then dissolve, and the visions should stop.

    If its something you are creating for yourself, stop and ask why you are either still angry, or hurt, or wishing for something that isn’t there anymore .. these are all ego based reactions we use to undermine ourselves .. and again say NO. Only you can change your mind, so each time a vision pops up, say no and wash it away from your mind, in whatever way you think is appropriate. If its ego based, they will stop coming .. as soon as you let them go.

    Love & Peace

    • Hi, Thanks for your in put i appreciate all that i get. First off i didn’t really elaborate on things as i would have like too. My family has a history of practicing that religion as well. Me personally i am a christian.I did not mention that these visions i have came to pass always. They wind up comming true. I was told by another indidvidual that he connected his self to me some how. No i do not have feelings for him any more and never do i wish harm on anyone yeah there were hurtfull moments in the relationship but that’s what you learn from. I want him to be happy in all he does because i love to see people succeed and not suffer. Life is hard enough. So all the extra added negativity is not needed.I do feel violated in what he tried to impose on me but you know what i leave that in God’s hands. I’ve cut burned even mutilated the cord and all is well for a while but it still comes back. His mission for leaving his mojo in my shoe was for me to not be with anyother man and for me to be myself. Someone from that culture let me know what he did and told me to leave it in God’s hands and that’s wht i did. Could it be that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and that God is warning me to stay away and pray for these indidvidual’s. It’s not just him i see. I see his family as well who thought very highly of me i also see anyone around him as well. And like i mentioned before it all comes out to be true in reality. Can you explain that ?

      • Also not to mention the paronormal activity I’ve captured in my apartment on my camera after the break-up!

        • Hi Tia,

          I think God is telling you to stay away from the man and his family. Emotional cords will reattach themselves if we allow them to, they are normal and healthy, in healthy relationships, but sometimes they remain, or return, because we have not quite finished dealing with the consequences of the relationship, and our own feelings on the matter, even though we think we have.

          The gift of seeing the future is called ‘clairvoyance’ among the new age folk. If your gift is as accurate as you say, then trust it. And use it to help youreself. Use your gift to create a vision in which you truly release, by cutting or some other method that might come to your mind, your connection to the man and his family. Thank him for what he has taught you .. for he helped you learn your own strength from the challenges he presented to you.

          And the let it all go .. or “give it to God”, which is a lovely idea.

          Love & Peace

  2. I think in situations like these, specifically when you speak of his desire to see you alone, and the ritual he performed to do so, only carries as much weight as you allow it to. In believing you’re allowing it to maintain a hold on you. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to let it. Believe in your heart that your ties are severed. I mean really feel it deep down inside of you, even go as far as giving it an affirmation before you go to sleep. Do whatever it takes in your heart to leave him behind…leave everything behind, any anger you feel towards him, an remnants of love, cut all ties. I realize that what I’m telling you to do is purely symbolic in nature but, our minds are incredibly powerful and we can achieve things we never believed possible if we just expend enough willpower.

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