Unexplained Experiences Someone Else Here With Us?

I have a feeling that there may be a presence of some sort occupying the new house my children and myself have just recently moved into.

My daughter has heard plastic sheeting on her bedroom floor making rustling noises. I experienced a type of sparkling light floating around my body in the same room, my children could not see it only I.

A cell phone disappeared from a spot I placed it and reappeared in the kitchen inside an oven mitt which is sitting on top of my microwave oven the next morning.

Hanging my first picture upon a wall was also short lived, it fell and smashed all the glass covering the print. My children and I have occupied this property for a week and have already experience all of this.

Could there be someone else here with us? We feel no fear and the sparkling light made me feel at ease. Is there anything I can do to confirm what is happening?

Asked by Sammy Sparks

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  1. Hello Sammy,
    It sounds like there is someone else there with you but it doesn’t sound threatening. The “poltergeist activity” as I am going to call it, could be caused by an earthbound/ lost soul. It is doing those things to get your attention, for whatever reason. The sparkling light, my guess, would be angelic in nature, as the sight if it actually sets you at ease. You see, Earthbound souls like to feed on our energy, negative energy and you would not feel “at ease” with them. At times, what ever negative emotions you were feeling would be intensified. May I ask, other that the sparkling light, do you feel anything else, when the light is not around? Have you witnessed the “poltergeist activity” as it has happened? How do you feel when it does? My advice is to go on the site(that is listed here under friends) called Victorian Paranormal and read about the protective light shields. Ama, the owner of that site, is a regular on here and I am sure she will lend you some valuable advice, as well. The light shield works’ I’ve tried it myself. You, obviously do not need to protect yourself from the light, for I believe this to be of God. (only the Heavenly beings, such as Angels can make you feel at ease.)
    If there is an earthbound spirit with you, it needs to return to God for healing, in which case you would need the Micheal Invocation, which is also on the Victorian Paranormal connection. (my guess is that there might be a lost soul, because Angels have no need to move your things around.) Best of luck! You don’t seem to be in danger, but lost souls do need to be returned to heaven for healing. Some may think it’s “fun” to have a ghost in the house, but that souls really doesn’t belong in this realm any longer.

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