The Fourth Kind a True Story?

When I watched that movie it made me think. They say it is a true story. What do you think? Personally, I think that they are demons, I don’t think they are aliens. So, let me know on what you think about it. I am very curious.

Asked by Moya

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  1. Hi Moya,

    Dig a little deeper. There are plenty of webpages that explain that this is a fake story – wikipedia being one of them.

    I agree with this review and the true story from Nome is about 20 people and not hundreds.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under Friend – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  2. There have been major studies on just what you pointed out. There are also hundreds of testimonies given by victoms of alien encounters and abductions that the name of Jesus will end the encounter immediately and the person finds themselves alone back in there beds or on their couches. I would take a little step higher and say that not just demonsbut of the fallen angel variety. The Bible has many stories where angels from God gave the prophets and others extremely realistic and detailed vision as if they were real. One in particular is when John was on the Isle of Pathmos and the angel gave him vivid and extremely detailed visions of Heaven and the last days. John thought he was actually there in Heaven. If you lean towards the Christian world view you also believe that God made two intelligent beings, angels and man, the latter which He created in His own image. We know that aliens and UFO’s are not hman beings, we have absolutely no proof that they are from other planets and man has nowhere near the power to give these types of visions and to multiple people at once. Who does, angels. When the 1/3rd of angels rebelled against God and were cast down to earth, they were not stripped of their angelic powers and now use them for evil. Most researchers believe that the alien phenomena is a decption of those left on earth after the rapture. This would also spell out how the antichrist would come to godlike power because he will say that he knows that everyne is terrified that 2.5 billion people just disappeared but that he knows where they are, who has them, and how to get them back if everyone comes together as one. New world order, huh? If they are stopped in their track s by the name of Jesus you can bet that they are demonic. Interdimensional rather than extraterrestrial. That is how they appear and disappear so quickly by slipping in and out of the spiritual dimension.

  3. Oh! By the way there are many websites that you can read and hear the testimonies of these socalled alien abducties and how the name of Jesus deliverred them from this affliction. You can start with

    • JK…thank you for carrying that very important message about what aliens actually are. I think that people often WANT to BELIEVE that extra terrestrial life exists so they tend to interpret these experiences as such. I am clairvoyant and recently accepted Christ into my life because of constant demonic attacks, specifically they would make their presence known visually. Right after I initiated my salvation, the attacks increased at least 10 fold.

  4. Hi JK,

    We have no real proof that aliens are not simply humans that developed on another planet, and so adapted to the conditions of the planet. Since they are supposed to be able to cross breed with humans, if you believe that, then they must have the same DNA as us. Cows can’t breed with chickens.

    Thanks for the link.

    Love & Peace

  5. This particular movie may be based on a hoax but if you go to you can read and listen to hundreds of testimonies that are similar to this movie and how the name of Jesus stopped the visitations and encounters immediately. There are millions of people reporting these types of incidents each year so I would hardly call that a hoax but there is a great deal of deception as to why this is happening now and if these things are real either physically or spiritually what is there agenda.

  6. I don’t think the story as a whole can really be called “real”. I do however, believe there may be grains of truth in there that have been mixed with fiction to make for a more exciting and “Hollywood-esque” type story. You never know. I think a bit of skepticism can be a healthy thing but, I also believe that we as humans would have to be pretty damn arrogant to believe that we are the only intelligent life in such a vast universe.

    • Diana,
      I absolutely agree with you!! However, I think Ama’s take on it( now that she has explained it to me!) is that they are all humans that were born on and evolved on different planets. So, I feel her statement is plausable and yes, it would be arrogant of us, and kind of fits my statement, for us to believe that we are the only planet inhabiting life. :)

      • Hi Luna

        Ooooo – I missed that post from Ama about incarnations on different planets. Bum!!

        As it goes – I agree. In the vastness of space, the complexities of the universe with its galaxies, stars and planets there must be another rock somewhere able to support life as we know it. Whether that life is more advanced than us, or whether we are more advanced that them, is another matter.


        • Absolutely, AJ!!! Anything is possible and we can not possibly phathom the vastness of God’s creations! And yes, it is another matter as to the question of who is more advanced! Check these videos out, AJ; Yes, it may be possible that some have been doctored, but some appear to be very real and could possibly pose many questions!!

          • Hi Luna

            They may say that the camera never lies … but it does. Frequently! The blue or green screen is a great tool to use to fake footage. Anything can appear to be moving, hovering or walking through walls.

            My favourite YouTube fake footage is the one where the ‘ghost” is walking down the stairs when suddenly it stubbles and falls, before getting back up and limping off screeb – hahah! Obviously a spoof for giggles, but it still cracks me up every time I watch it. Its called “Bone Chilling Ghost Video, by Butchykid624.

          • Two thoughts come to mind, having watched that video ..

            1) be careful on the stairs in stockings .. (or socks .. I”ve taken a slip or two in socks)
            2) I guess he must have died of a broken back? Hmm…. LOL

            Otherwise .. you might have thought they’d try and make him transparent, or something?

            Love & Peace
            Ama (still giggling)

          • Ha! Ha! Ha!!! Butchy Kid!!! His videos are pretty funny, but some can be crude,( see Ghastly graveyard ghost footage) and yes, I have seen the BONE CHILLING GHOST FOOTAGE!” He has ones with the ghost going up the stairs, down the stairs, trying to go through a glass door, Ghosts with back pain, etc… Butchy Kid has alot of free time on his hands!! LMAO!!! My daughter makes me play his videos over and over! Especially the Bone chilling one! There’s something about 5 year olds and watching people fall up or down the stairs that is a combination for hysterical laughter!! She just must love slapstick! :D

          • Hey Luna …. that must mean I have the mentality of a 5 year old – hahahahaha!


          • LOL!! AJ!!! I guess that means I do, too!!! I am laughing along with my daughter!

  7. I was fooled into believing it was true at first. My opinion about most aliens, especially the greys, is that they’re actually demonic. I believe this because calling upon God has always worked to fight and/or get rid of them, specifically Jesus Christ or the archangels.

    • Hi Erik,

      I have often wondered that about the greys myself, but I have ‘met’ Pleiadians, and they are definitely not demonic. But I do know of some people that say the greys have their ‘good’ people too, and so do the reptilians?

      The universe is a very curious place,
      Love & Peace

      • I’m not doubting you, but how do you know for sure they are not demonic?

        • Hi Erik,

          Yes, I am positive they were not demonic. I have met the demonic on too many occasions. It’s a whole different energy to those two loving ‘sisters’ I first met .. one in a human body and the other as her ‘spirit guide’. I have met other Pleiadians since, and they are a kind and gentle folk.

          Love & Peace

      • I am trying my best to be respectful here and it is after all just our opinions but it is my strong belief that any form of so called ET or visitor from another planet or galaxy is demonic.

        I understand and believe whole heartedly that if someone does not believe in God or the perfection and accuracy of the Bible that it would be extremely easy to be deceived by the whole alien thing. Alma, if you met a plaiedian or whatever, would you say that you met him through a trip to outer space, a visit by it to your house, or did you meet them in the very same realm as you meet your spirit guides and elementals and all the other things that you see. They can tell you they contacted you in many ways and you could not prove or disprove it but if you met them in what you may call the astral plain, that is not outer space that is the spiritual realm which make many people believe that they are no where near ET but that they are 100% etherial. Now if you do believe in God and the Bible we know that God created 2 types of intelligent beings humans and angels, 1/3 of the angels rebelled against God and were cast down to earth and live in the air as 100% spirit, they still maintain all their awesome angelic powers like manifesting as anything that they want, a spaceship, 3 or 4 greys, even blond haired plaiedians with good manners.

        Two things that they and all other entities like them share. They all will eventually hit people with some sort of anti Christian propaganda or agenda, never anti bhudist or anti muslim, just pure anti christ messages and second as eric has witness they will immediately cease and desist and disappear as fast as they can at the mere mention of Jesus name. It has happened with reptilians, greys, robots, nordics of all types.

        My vote is that these aliens are just another well planned demonic manifestation used to confuse and deceive those who might come to know Jesus. There main goal is to secure as many souls to hell as possible in order to anguish God as they cn beccause they themselves re aware that He will be returning soon to strighten it all out.

        AJ, you mentioned the Jewish faith in your list, it is my belief from what the Bible says that the Jewish people are still Gods people and He has a plan for them and a covenent with them so you will not hear me condemn them.

        • Hi JK

          I’m glad about your thoughts regards Judism, because some of the most inspirational readings (for me personally) are Joel 2: 27-32 & Joel 3:16.


      • Thanks, I’ll to keep an open mind about the Pleadians, it would be nice to think that gentle, kind entities exist out in the Universe. What is their take on Jesus and Christianity?

        • Hi Erik,

          I never asked them. It was relevant to the discussion at the time.

          Love & Peace

    • Eric, have you posted your story anywhere, sounds like you have an awesome testimony that could be extremely helpful to others who are in the same boat. The increased attack on you once you had given your life to Christ is really an awesome sign that you are truly delivered. It only takes a short time before they realize that it is a done deal and you will not have to deal with them again. They get mad when Jesus snatches one of their elect, especially if they think that they have one in the bag. You keep our eye on Him and remain in fervent prayer and Bible study and He will reward you with the peace that surpasses all understanding. Stay strong my Brother.

      • Well, I’ve never openly told a complete, unedited version of my story, simply because its pretty bizarre, to the point where it would be unbelievable to most, and also some of the content involved is perverse and sickening. Too bad you can’t post your e-mail on here, then I could send you the full story, I think you find it quite interesting. I would like to give my testimony to others, perhaps at various churches, I would warn them about the dangers of getting involved with aspects of the supernatual, especially if you’re not completely educated on the matter.

      • You’re not kidding that they get mad. With my gift of spiritual sight I can actually witness this while I’m praying against them. I have to catch myself sometimes, because I’ll start to taunt and ridicule them; this of course merely satisfies my own ego when I should be totally focused on just doing the work of God.

  8. It is disappointing to see so many people who doubt and believe the bible is the answer to another worldly being. Perhaps people just like to stick with what they know but either it is highly probable that these aliens do exist. Think about it the universe is expanding and knowing the universe is almost seemingly infinite proves that if their is life in this galaxy alone the probability of other life forms is almost undeniable. I mean their has got to be more than just humans as an intelligent form of life in the whole universe. However to all of those who believe you should feverentley study the bible and faith will guide you from danger here is a thought. What do you think an angel is. We already figured out their is no such thing as a kingdom in the sky called “Heaven” ( although I do not doubt its existence). They fit the descriptions of aliens and if these aliens are harmful or just nonexistent to a christian then what does that prove about the bible. Is it a grand holy book that will lead to your salvation. Or is it just the documenting of alien activity first recorded by mankind. Or better yet it is just an outdated piece of fiction.

    • I understand where you are coming from. Some people refuse to even consider the possibility of something that goes against their religious beliefs. I find it hard to put all my faith in a book that wasn’t written by God. It was written by man….in sort of a self serving way in my opinion. Why all the fear mongering? Because these men decided what THEY thought was morally right and morally wrong, and they wrote a book about it. Millions of people use it as the guiding force for their entire lives. I’m sorry if that offends anyone but, come on. Do you really trust a book that much that you will base your entire life around it’s words?

    • In alien abduction studies, it was found that calling on the name of Jesus Christ would actually stop the abduction in its early stages, and of course the same holds true when one calls on Christ to get rid of demons. There are many many cases and testimonies about this on youtube, if you just take the time to search for them. I have the gift of spiritual sight, or I guess you could call it clairvoyance. I’ve went through phases where I was bombarded by demons, seeing them pretty much everywhere. Probably about 1 out of every 7 appeared just like a grey alien.

    • In one particular instance, one of these grey alien entities became so enraged when I continued to pray for Jesus that he actually brandished a weapon and pointed it at me. It appeared to be some sort of pistol. I know it sounds toally bizarre but it’s true. I just laughed because I knew he was in another dimension and couldn’t harm me with it.

  9. It is extremely evident that my reason for being here is very different than most of you. I am not here to voice my opinion for your comments. I am not here to convert you to Christianity. I am not here to debate or argue with any of you. I am simply a witness to the awesome power and love of Christ Jesus to the Glory of God the Father. He does not need your approval and in Him, I don’t either. I will do my best to discourage anyone from perverting the Gospel. I am not here to entertain anyone nor I am I seeking anyone else’s opinion, approval, or comment on what I write. How many of you have given any helpful advise in this case? I am here to tell the OP’s that are having spiritual problems that that the power of Christ Jesus is sufficient to bring them everlasting peace from the spiritual problem that they are having now and forever. He does not care what your background or current belief is, if you call out to Him, He will come and help you. I am not a catholic, mormon nor a JW. I am a follower of Christ. If you are here to help people and you know that your advice works everytime and brings peace to people in need and not additional trouble then I am all for it. If you just like to come on here to read what you yourself write then don’t waste my time. If you come on here just to see how wierd you can be don’t waste the OP’s time. Do what is right.

    • jk I really dont see how that makes any sense. The OP is asking if there is any truth to a movie. They did not ask for any advice about Jesus.

      • CT .. what is an OP? I can’t seem to work it out? ;-(

        Love & Peace

        • OP is original poster – generally it means “the one who starts a forum post” but in this case it is the one who asked the question

      • I have to agree with CareTaker, JK. Everything you say you have ‘not’ come to do, you have done on other answer sites. And if you are the only one who can speak, because we are not allowed to answer … funnily enough, this group belongs to Caretaker, and if he treated us that way, I doubt any of us would be here.

        And I work under the same premise you do: “If you are here to help people and you know that your advice works everytime and brings peace to people in need and not additional trouble then I am all for it.” So am I. And “I am here to tell the OP�s that are having spiritual problems that that the power of Christ Jesus is sufficient to bring them everlasting peace from the spiritual problem that they are having now and forever.” That is beautifully written!

        Only in this case .. the movie doesn’t appear based in fact.

        Love & Peace
        p.s. personally, I love being weird.! LOL

  10. Never mind.

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