Talking Cat Was I Hallucinating?

I attempted suicide a day or so ago…. I was unconscious when my dad found me. But waking up in the car on the way to the ER I saw this talking grey tabby cat. It kept saying “okay, its okay”. And I saw these amazing colorful lights.

In the ER I felt the presence of so many souls who passed in confusion and I saw children.

And there was a nurse in really OLD nurses uniform standing next to my father.

Was I hallucinating due to blood-loss.

I must admit, I still see the cat out of the corner of my eye now and then.

Asked by Stephii

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  1. Hello Stephii,

    It’s lovely to know you are so well loved! Yes, the talking cat might have an an hallucination, but in my own personal experience, I would think it might also be one of your spirit guides – as you say, you have seen it before. It was telling you you were going to be ok. Here is the meaning of ‘cat’ under totem animals

    Magic, independence, clever, unpredictable, balance of energies and actions in life, mysteries will unfold in life if a cat has come around. Cat shows how to clarify perceptions which allows new ideas to manifest, encourages mental and emotional agility, aids in being resourceful and stealthy tactics, teaches courage and confidence. Do you need to be more independent? Are you using your resources the best of your ability? Is it time to start a new project? Cat will show how to continue the process of opening your intuition for soul growth.

    Because you had shocked your body you were more connected to heaven than earth, for a little while, and so you had a sense of the number of ghosts and spirits around places like hospitals. They are there for so many reasons, often, like the nurse, they might be there to keep helping people find the healing they need.

    Usually the connection will gently disappear again, although some people keep it forever.

    I hope you find the help you need, so you don’t feel you want to repeat your actions.

    Wishing you a great deal of love,
    and Peace of Mind,
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

  2. Hi Stephii

    I am so sorry that you felt so desperate, that you considered the only option left to you was to take your own life. That is an awful situation to be in – no matter what the reasons in the first place .My heart goes out to you and I send you some healing in the hope it might help.

    The grey cat might have been a guide, or power animal, watching over you. Cats are very intuitive creatures and always seem to know what we are thinking and how we are feeling. They are also extremely wise animals, albeit rather selfish at times, because they usually do things for themselves and no one else.

    This cat came to you to let you know it is not your time to leave. There are things you still need to do in this lifetime and the cat will help you to realise them over time.

    Regards the people you saw in ER, unfortunately many people do not make it, and die. Some of them seem to get ‘stuck’ rather than moving on to where they should be going. I suppose it is the shock of dying as much as anything else – it’s as if they do not realise they are dead? It is possible you were seeing these people, as they wandered around in their ‘confusion’.

    The aparition of nurses in old-syles clothing is very common in hospitals. I think a lot of ‘healers’ such as these hang around hospitals to help out. The living nurses do the physical work, whilst the spirit nurses do the spiritual work. They are there to comfort.

    I do not think you were hallucinating rather you were experiencing exactly the same things as most people on the brink of death experience. You were between ‘worlds’ or ‘dimentions’ and therefore was aware of both. Thankfully you pulled through.

    Please look after yourself, as you are a special person in your own right.


  3. Hey Stephii,

    I don’t claim to know an awful lot about the paranormal and the great unknown. But what I do know is that there are people who care about you. This place has many great and lovely people like Ama, AJ and many others who will ALWAYS listen if you want to talk, and talk if you want to listen. We are all here for you, if you ever need us. I’m not just rambling like some weird internet stranger just saying this stuff because its easy to, I’m trying to reach out and reassure you that you aren’t alone and you have friends you can always rely on. We may live thousands of miles from you, but we are never truly far away. We’re with you whenever you need us.

    As for your visions, my belief is that what you were seeing were not illusions. Did you ever have a cat when you were younger? Did your friends or neighbours have a cat that you used to treat with kindness? If so, that cat was looking after you. The nurse may have been the spirit of a nurse who had once worked at the hospital, and cared for patients who were in the situation you were. Sounds like she was letting you know that people do care. However, saying that, Ama & AJ have never failed to provide great advice, which has ALWAYS made sense to me.

    But remember, we are always here for you if you need to talk. And, my name is Steph too!

    Lots of hugs and love,
    Steph xxx

    • Why, thank you so much for your kind words, Steph (AJ’s now blushing).

      I try my level best to help if I can, as are so many other lovely peeps who post on here.

      This is why I like this site so much, because people do understand. New posters might feel embarrassed about sharing their experiences on the outset, but they soon learn they are not alone – nor are they crazy.


  4. Well, let’s put this in perspective. There are two ways you can interpret the events that you experienced.

    1. It was a hallucination brought on my severe blood loss or some other medical malady, or possibly psychological trauma. I say psychological trauma because obviously, you were going through an extremely emotionally charged situation or you wouldn’t have acted in such desperation.

    2. What you saw was real. I can’t really further elaborate on that as this is something I don’t think anyone fully understands and therefore can’t attempt to explain in terms that humans are capable of understanding.

    Now let me ask you this. What do you think? Do you believe it was real, or a hallucination brought on by the events that unfolded. Really dig deep and discover what you feel in the deepest reaches of your soul. There lies the answer.

    I wish that I could tell you one way or the other…but, unfortunately I can’t. I do hope that you find the answers you are looking for and that those answers enable you to find a place of hope and healing.

  5. So sorry to hear what happened to you. I hope you know now there is something on the other side.You should not take your life. But, you had a near death experience. You broke through to the spirit realm that only a few of us can see or hear. The spirits and ghost , and other paranormal experiences are in another dimension. You broke through to this. The nurse possibly worked in the ER at sometime and has died. She is still trying to save lives in the spirit world. The cat I am not sure what it was. The colorful lights a lot of near death experiences talk about lights.

  6. I’m so sorry you felt so desperate that you wanted to take your own life. I know how you feel since I have severe depression and have felt that way you have. I have, however, been on the family end of a suicidal parent, and it is unimaginably agonizing. You have experienced a bit of the other side and I have been there also, after having been confirmed death by asthma. It only adds to your spiritual experience.
    You are going to fine. Just tough it out, with a bit of help from God. God bless you, darling.

  7. I know what that is! That’s your spirit animal. You might have seen it because you were so near death. Don’t be scared of the little thing. It’s almost exactly like you. They protect you. My spirit animal is a hyena.

  8. hi guys.
    thank you all for caring.
    it means a lot to me.
    growing up i was surrounded by cats.
    i consider myself a cat.
    i come from a family of spiritual people who do see spirits, visions and other things.
    the grey cat appears many many times nowadays.
    i feel calm when i see sebastian… i named him that.
    life is going much better now.
    i have my own business now. going back to college and have many other jobs and projects lined up.
    if any of you want to you can add me on facebook… especially ama, aj and steph.
    Steph Richards Neko.
    thanx again for the info and caring messages.

  9. You are welcome, Stephii,

    Love & Peace

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