Strange Happenings in the Woods

Hi all, I have posted a few months ago about a weird occurence in a wood where I sometimes work. Well today something that made no sense what so ever happened so thought id share it and see if you guys had any ideas!

I was busy fwlling trees, about 500m from the other person with me when I dropped my timber tongs (for carrying timber)
in a deep clump of brambles. After much searching, swearing aand scratched arms, and I have to say it a feeling of being laughed at. I admitted defeat and went to get my chainsaw to cut the brambles down.

When I got to the area where I’d left my saw, about 20m away at the base of the tree I’d just felled, my timber tongs where neatly on top of the stump along with my billhook (which I thought was still on my belt).

Sounds stupid but how did they get there? bearing in mind I lost the tongs 20m away and the stump had a large tree on it 10 minutes before. there was no one else near by as this is a big no no due to safety.

love to hear ideas…

Asked by Rider

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  1. Hello Rider,

    First thougtht .. someone was having a good time with you. :-) At least they got the tongs out from under the bush. I hope you said thank you. LOL The elementals are making their presences felt all over the world now. It’s fascinating to read all the stories .. but also a worry. What happens if humans decide they need to be exterminated? I hope they never do.

    Love & Peace

    • Hi again Ama
      why where they having fun with me??? its funny but get feeling it was one, not a few…not sure why i feel this, but it feels right!! Why do you think they are showing themselves more?
      love to hear your thoughts

      • Hi Rider,

        The elementals are showing themselves more to lots of people! Why? Actually, I think its because humans are becoming ‘more aware’ rather than the elementals being around more. They have always been there, watching and meaning no harm. Now that we are ‘waking’ up, perhaps they allow us to join them in their happiness in nature. Be nice to your trees! Remember they belong to nature, just as we do. :-)

        Love & Peace

  2. spirits love to hang on trees ,in the woods but on top of the trees from a person that can see spirits some of these spirits are just having fun with you but i wouldnt be too worry .

    • It actually in hind sight feels more like they where helping.. My billhook and tongs where placed so neatly on stump!!! All very odd..

  3. Hi yu Rider

    What a lovely story and I think they were helping, not taking the rise out of you. You work closely with the woodland and keep it safe and well love for them as much as anything else. They appreciate your efforts.

    Just make sure you say “thank you” next time – LOL!


    • AJ
      you know me well enough by now.. im always polite and always say thank you.. except i wasnt sure who i was saying thank you to that day!! Was busier questioning my sanity!!
      Maybe who ever it was is pleased i cut all those trees down!!!

      Take care

      Rider x

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