Stalker Shadow Being?

A week ago, exactly on Monday, I had started noticing a “darker than dark” being in corners, places people wouldn’t see without actually looking, which most didn’t do, and I even just saw a shadow by itself without any object to block the light. After two days I became annoyed with the stalker and I promptly tried repelling it. I then put up a shield to repel any shadow being but one day after, my shield broke and the shadow came back. Now i can’t get rid of it and it’s really annoying me and making me paranoid. What should I do?

Sent in by Azrael, Copyright 2011

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  1. Pray to the Deity. Also, If you can, try to commune with that shadow. Find out what “it” wants from you. But, since “it” broke your shield, I think “it” is dangerous, beware.

  2. i have a shadow stalker too. follows me everywhere i got except at noon and i dont see it. then at 1PM when i move i see this midget shadow following me…by 5 the dang shadow looks thin and taller…follow me everywhere and mimics what i do…ooops it is my shadow! thats the lighter note….but seriously now i do believe in shadow people. i was a kid when i saw my first shadow creature. was in the side of my grandma’s house..when i moved it freezes , when i stand still for a few minutes it moves and melds itself into the wall of the house.

  3. Are you afraid of the shadow?
    What do you feel when you see it, how often?
    Cause any issues within the home family? Like arguments or people leaving. Any pets pass on recently?
    Other than a there a it a shadow of a plant or a person?

    There are a lot of things it could be very simply figure out what it is not. If you answer those questions it helps to narrow things down. Do you have any Amethyst?

  4. Hello Azrael,

    Can you please explain to me how your shield ‘broke’? Did you hear a sound when it did, or was it just ‘not there’ when you checked? You also wrote you wanted to ‘repel’ it – which to me means ‘push it away’. Using force against something you are not sure of the nature of, is a great way of having them come back at you with equal force .. which some of the other folks on these webpages have questioned me about just recently. :-)

    You don’t sound particularly scared by the ‘visitor’. Annoyance is my sort of reaction to etheric beings when they are around – my energy is stirred up, might even feel like anxiety, but its happening so that I have energy to draw on to communicate with them, if the need arises. Where do you think the feeling of paranoia comes from? Is it your own, or do you think you are experiencing the feelings of the other being?

    What does it do to you on a physical level, and how are you sleeping at night?

    I know .. we have answered mostly with questions, but your descriptions were brief, and the more we know the better.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  5. Umm.. i have this thing since childhood.. whenever i sleep or lie down.. i can’t straighten my neck because i think a shadow is creeping of me and it will slice my throat.. especially when i am alone this feeling is a lot more stronger.. and second i have a whole lot of soft toys.. but if i wake up at night and i see my toys.. i suddenly get the vision that one particular doll that i have is going to strangle me or slice my throat with a butchers knife.. i am really frightened because of this..what should i do..
    P.S: i can’t throw away that doll cause it is a special gift from my childhood..

  6. Hi Ann,

    If you are frightened of something I wouldn’t continue to have it in the house, even if it WAS present from someone from the past. All you do is add to your own fears by keeping it around. Can you put the doll in another room, or the back of a cupboard in the kitchen .. the linen cupboard works, then you still ‘have’ it but you don’t have to look at it?

    Otherwise, it sounds to me as if you are suffering from a past life memory of being murdered. Have you sought counselling for y our fears? Or perhaps regression therapy? The therapist will take you back to that memory and help you release the fear from it, and that can be a life-changing experience, on many different levels. I know this because I have worked as a therapist, and had the treatments as well.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  7. I’m guessing that you are a witch because you used the sentence, “I put up a shield and the shadow broke through it.” So, you might not like what I have to say:

    The shadow is your demon. As long as you remain in witchcraft, that shadow will remain and will grow and manifest in ways you do not like. The ONLY WAY to get rid of a demon is Jesus Christ. He is what they are afraid of, nothing and no one else. You can spit in a demon’s eye and yell the word, “God” all you want, but the name of Jesus is what gets them.
    Your spells and wards won’t work. They will only cause more demons and demonic spirits to come to you. If you don’t want shadow spirits, tormenting monsters and all-around Hell, drop to your face and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and MASTER of your life… and don’t ever go back to witchcraft. Then, start taking command and rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus Christ, resist them and they will flee.

    One day, I hope you find the Answer.

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