Spiritual Attachment?

I am a 21 year old female from the small town of South Arm in Tasmania, Australia.

I was brought up in a 200 year old house, and I found that from the age of about 3 or 4 I have had numerous instances where I am being watched, followed, and I guess you could call it haunted.

Back in 1867 ish there was a little girl who died in the house due to health problems, from what I have found out she was about 12 or 13, maybe a little younger. On the day of her funeral her body was transported by boat across Ralphs Bay to a town called Rokeby. Her family were to follow on another boat but on the way to the funeral of their child the boat sank and killed all on board.

I feel her presence so strongly in the house, my Mum has noticed her around me, but she has never been seen or felt by my older sister. I think she has ‘attached’ herself to me. She would turn lights on and off, make noises and move things around in the main living room.

The house has recently been sold and we will be moving out shortly. Since the house has been sold her presence seems much more stronger, its a sad feeling in the main rooms of the house, like she is mourning my leaving. I fear that when the new home owners move in that she may get angry at them. I feel that I should tell the new home owners about my experience in the house as they have 3 young daughters.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by esillle

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  1. Hi Esillle,

    Are you sure she’s not going with you? Ghosts aren’t bound to the house they were haunting anymore. The sadness might be because she’s leaving a place that is familiar.

    Also .. I am not sure, but there might be a law about telling folks about ghosts when they buy the house. I know there is in America? The real estate agents might know.

    In the meantime, as long as having her around doesn’t make you cold, tired and sad its not a problem .. but if that starts, she needs to be crossed over by someone who knows what they are doing.

    BTW, I’m in Melbourne. Nice to see another southerner.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama,

    Thanks for that information, I really appreciate it. I honestly dont think she is coming with me because I have moved out previously and she didnt seem to follow. My partner is worried that she may follow, but so far there have been no obvious signs that she is leaving the house.

    I’m not sure about the laws surrounding telling new owners about the ‘haunted’ house, as far as im aware of nothing has been mentioned.

    Is there anything that may need to be done if she does follow me?


  3. Ever try to talk to her? I think she likes you a lot. ^_^ That can be a start of a new friendship. Just because you can’t see her doesn’t mean you can’t befriends with her, right? I hope that works.

  4. Hi Esille,

    I wouldn’t worry about her following you until she does it. If she does, you can contact me via Victorian Paranormal Connection, which is listed here on the site under ‘friends’. I doubt she’ll get angry with the people who bought the house. Hopefully they’ll all settle down together. Your other choice is to help her pass over before you leave?

    Ghosts are lost souls. Spirits generally don’t need to draw attention to themselves in obvious ways, and an entity who can move things has been dead for a very long time. When we die we are supposed to move on to somewhere happier, healthier and lighter, not hang around the living. A haunting might seem fun, but what is really happening is someone who needs help is trying to get your attention, and your energy, to maintain a false existence on this plane. I know I wouldn’t want to be caught in all the pain they experience, as whatever choices trapped them are repeated for them over and over. That’ is two reasons why we Rescue lost souls .. for the living, and for the ghost itself.

    Love & Peace

  5. Hi Adhinferno,

    No offense intended, but I I think its better that people don’t talk to the beings who are trying to drain us of energy to continue their unnatural lifespan on this plane. When you give them attention you are allowing them to take energy from you, and its core energy, not the excess we all create in our daily lives.

    If this was a guide, she wouldn’t need to draw attention to herself by moving things etc. Spirits and guides talk to our hearts, and we get the messages quite clearly.

    This lassie is a lost soul. She is trapped in time and space as a child – she should have grown up and died and be back in another lifetime by now. There is a better place for her than here with us, taking energy from us just maintains her illusions.

    Love & Peace

  6. I have actually spoken to her, especially when im at home by myself.

  7. when i die i wanna haunt ppl but like joking around not to hurt anyone

  8. hi,

    well i thank you so much for all your information, I have actually done some more searching and have found a name that may be connected to the whole situattion. In my head i always has a big ‘C’ in my head, like she was trying to tell me her name. i started looking in archives and i actually found a Carmine M.B. Riley who passed away when she was 14.

    i think i may just see how things happen, she has never harmed me or made me feel scared in any way, but i honestly do feel like she is very lost and very lonely. she really needs to go home to where she belongs.

    thanks esille

  9. Hi iLoVeVaMpIrEs,

    When you die, I hope you cross over like all the smart folk do. Being trapped between the planes, neither alive nor dead, .. well .. you like vampires, so I guess you won’t mind Feeding on the living, because that is what you’d have to do as a lost soul. And its not like it is on tv .. they are not superheros with magical powers .. they are broken souls, lacking love, unable to touch another person, constantly grieving, or furious, and starving .. caught in a darkness that seems to have no end.

    Is that really what you want?

    Love & Peace

  10. Hi esillle,

    I’m glad you decided that. There’s a simple way to cross her over before you go.

    Every person on this planet, and all the lost souls, have a guardian angel behind their right shoulder, an especially trained angel from the group called Michael. It is these angels who are the gatekeepers on the planet, and who walk us into healing after we die, if we let them.

    What you can do for Carmine, is bring all your experiences of her into your mind, and then ask your guardian to FIND her and TAKE her healing. What happens is the angels then talk to the lady and help her cross over.

    It might sound a bit weird, but I’ve been using this technique for over 14 years and it works very well.

    Then you can move to your new home, knowing she’s safe in hers.

    Love & Peace

  11. @Ama: Well, by the means of talking, we can also warn it if it dare to do something to us. But, since the problems seems to be solved., that’s a good thing to hear.
    @esillle: Good luck with the technique that Ama teach to you~ May that work well. ^0^/”

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