Spirits Faces in the Mirror?

Both my best friend John and my grandmother have died over the last year, a photo I took of my baby boy in the mirror (‘named after my friend John’!) clearly shows my friends face and my grandmothers face side by side in the mirror, although not completely clear everyone who has seen the photo sees the resemblance.

Why would my gran and friend be in picture when they did not know each other? If you take photos in mirrors is it more likely to see spirits? Thanks. Steven

Asked by Steven Stewart

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  1. They would appear in the same picture because they were both close to you. They appeared there because they were telling you they are heading to the spirit realm.

  2. Hi Steven,

    I agree with Joel about them both taking the photo opportunity to let you know they are around and keeping an eye on you and your family. Our loved ones do that. :-)

    But no, its not easier to see spirits in the mirror. Though mirrors do act as doors between our world and the spirit realm.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • hello Amy
      could we be able,in the future, to go through the mirror portals th the ghost world?
      please reply

  3. Steven,
    Joel and Ama are deffinately right. The reason they appeared together is simple; it is both, as Ama and Joel have stated and the fact that it is possible you all knew each other when you were Home. Home is Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana or whatever you want to call it. Ama has a better explanation for this. They are part of your spiritual family, I guess I am trying to say. They are probably watching over you and letting you know that they are still with you.

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