Spirit Girl and Confederate Soldier

I was wondering if anyone can give me insight in to why I am being followed from house to house by a spirit of a little girl and also a Confederate Soldier.

I have seen the girl many times and also have been touched by her. She never has harmed or hurt me or anyone else.

I have seen the the Confederate soldier twice now. Once at my old house about two months ago and then again two days ago. All he ever does is just look at me and then disappears.

My mom told me that the chest that she used to have in my closet as a little boy was owned by a man that was in the Confederate Army and this chest had a lot of paranormal activity attached to it since she lived in southern Indiana. The day that she decided to burn it I got the bright idea to get inside of it and close the lid. My mother panicked and said to get out before I get possessed. When we burned it that same day it burned very weird colors and also at the same time within a few hours the house which it came from had burnt to the ground.

Does anyone think that this person is the same guy that I have seen. He doesn’t ever want to harm me or anyone else and I have always had a strong feeling that I was once a Confederate soldier. Any insight into these two would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Scout0509

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  1. Hello Scout,

    It is possible that it is the same ghosts following you around. You might have shared a past life with the soldier, and the little girl might think you are a member of her family whom she is looking for? Ghosts haunt people for many reasons, usually really only known to them.

    I really don’t believe you would have been possessed by getting inside the trunk, paranormal activity or not .. it might simply be that you, on some level, didn’t want the trunk destroyed .. or you might have died that way through some foolish action in the far past. The weird colours the trunk burned could have from the wood itself, or the lacquer it was stained with, or the paint used on it, which, in the old days, might have had a lead base to it. The house burning hours after the trunk might also simply have been a coincidence .. was the trunk created at the house, from trees that grew there? Otherwise its unlikely they were connected.

    What do you want to do about your ghostly visitors? I recommend helping them cross over into heaven, so that they can find the peace and healing they need. I can help with that?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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