Sleep Paralysis or Something More?

Ok so this has happened twice and this second time (it just happened 10 minutes ago) was the worst, I just fell asleep and woke up thinking to myself I want to sleep so bad and my whole body was numb from head to toe and I couldn’t talk I couldn’t move or anything.

I was so scared I was finally able to yell and just started crying my roommate woke up and immediately came to my side. The first time it happened something was over top of me saying something I couldn’t understand and I wasn’t able to move or talk than either but this time was so much worse.

When this was happening I was staring at my wall and saw nothing but red and I was thinking in my head please god make it stop. What does this mean?

Asked by hilary

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  1. old hag happens to alot of people. google search ‘old hag syndrome’

  2. Hi Hilary,

    First up .. take a really deep breath and slow down. Everything is odd, but normal. :-)

    Ok, who is this strange woman (me) .. check me out listed here under the category Friends, my name is Ama Nazra and I am demonologist and a spiritual healer and you, my dear, just had two experiences with sleep paralysis .. so let me explain.

    Sleep paralysis .. we all do it. There is a chemical in our bodies that activates when we sleep to stop us acting out our dreams, and kicking our lovers out of bed. That paralyses in our bodies until our spirit regains control, but sometimes the mind wakes up before body does .. and so we find we cannot move .. even a muscle .. and worse, we can ‘hear things’ .. things that are really there for the most part, but things we don’t usually hear during the day, or when awake, because we are hearing them with our spirit’s senses, not our ears.

    What happens when we sleep is that our spirit slips from our resting body and goes into the astral plane and travels around, visits friends, goes to interesting places and sometimes back to school. We know this as astral travelling. When its time to come back our body, which is usually between 3am and 5.30am we do so, slip back in, and ‘wake up’ like normal, either feeling wonderfully rested, or really tired, depending on how busy your night was. If our body is woken by a fright during the night, we can bounce back in, ‘wake up’ shuddering ourselves to pieces and feel like we are having an anxiety attack (done that). With sleep paralysis the spirit has returned, the mind wakes up .. but thebody is lagging behind. So we are caught ‘between’ the two worlds of spirit and earth, with our ears being attuned to higher energy, and so we ‘hear’ the void .. the place between heaven and earth we cross to go visiting, which is usually not a problem, but sometimes very negative energies can be around in there. So we hear things we would not normally, and they can add to the general sense of fright.

    But when we wake up properly, a minute or five later (it can feel like a month) we find there’s nothing nasty in the room, and then we need to calm down.

    Sometimes, if you do the work I do, you wake up with a ghost beside you sorrowfully, or angrily, telling you what happened to it .. but, for the most part, they don’t mean any harm. They just want attention.

    So, if it ever happens again, and it might not, think of your toes. Seriously. Think of your toes and wiggle them. They might not move, or seem to, but its a way of telling your body you are awake and ready for action. And you’ll find out you are just fine. The praying to God thing is good to, because it also helps ground your spirit in your body.

    In the meantime, on the site here is a search box where you can put in sleep paralysis and read lots of other answers to the same sort of question you asked. There are webpage links as well. Good reading.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
    p.s. the red sight .. the blood vessels in your eyes are red, and your spirit was looking through your eyes, a bit like wearing red sunglasses – just not quite connected yet. It’s ok.

  3. Sounds like SP to me. Does this happen often? I’m not ruling out it being paranormal, but I find more comfort looking into the rational first before diving into whatever is my worst fear at the time.

    I get it time to time (though lately haven’t…knock on wood). There were times I had episodes like you described nearly every day. Stress, sleep deprivation, shifts in how much sleep I got, etc seemed to bring it on more. It used to terrify the hell out of me, thinking a demon or the devil was after me. I’d feel like something evil was attacking me, pray to God, rebuke it etc, which seemed to help bring me peace of mind. I got the most comfort learning what was going on and the fact it is something natural (our bodies do this every time we dream, just we aren’t always awake when it occurs.) The voices and visual hallucinations we get are because we are still partially asleep and dreaming.

    After researching SP, I’ve lost most of my fears about it. I’m still frightened and try to wake up (I’ll hear voices, usually garbled, but sometimes clear, sometimes family members who are living miles away. I’ve been nearly suffocated in quite a few episodes only to wake up to breathing normal. I’ve also seen a number of creepy things, enough to fill a post.) But it seems the less fear I feel during an episode, the better my chances of waking up quickly, returning to a peaceful sleep and avoiding a future episode.

    If it happens again, you can try waking up fully, get out of bed to the bathroom, go pee (seriously that helped me. It seemed my body’s way of telling me I needed to do this and get it over with before I could sleep.) Do whatever it takes to calm down, then try sleeping again. I’ve found if I try to go right back to sleep after an SP episode, I’ll just go through it in cycles, rather uncomfortably and not getting any sleep at all!

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