Sleep Paralysis in Only One Specific Place?

Our family is widespread so we tend to travel a lot. Whenever we are visiting the grandparents (mine) we stay in their guest house. There are 4 bedrooms in the guest house but there is one certain one that I avoid. If I sleep in that bed room I always have extreme nightmares and often wake up completely paralyzed.

I have never had this happen anywhere else. I have read the sleep paralysis stuff here and other places and everyone seems to be saying it is just a normal thing. Why does it happen to me only there?

Sent in by Regina

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  1. When I was a kid I had nightmares very often whenever I slept upstairs at my grandparents house. If I were down stairs on the couch I would sleep fine. It happened so much that I became terrified of sleeping upstairs because I knew I was going to have really bad nightmares.

    I dont know why this happened so much there. I did have occasional bad dreams other places but not very often.

    Interesting question. I hope to see some good comments.

  2. I’ve had sleep paralysis once and just once( knock on wood). It was the single most terrifying experience I had in my life.

    • Hey phil I have also only experienced it one time. At the time that it happened I had never heard of anything like it before. I had never heard of the term “sleep paralysis” or “old hag” and knew nothing about it. My case was a bit different in that I was wide awake when it happened.

      As for the question I think the first thing most investigators would recommend would be to look at that room and area to see what differences there may be in the electrical wiring and other environmental conditions such as possible gas leaks or anything like that.

      I think it important to always try to rule out the more mundane possibilities before assuming it is paranormal.

      This would be an interesting experiment:
      Fall asleep in another part of the house and have someone move you into the room after you are asleep. It would be interesting to see if you repeat the experience.

  3. If it’s just that one space it’s probably some sort of haunting, but I almost wonder if it is residual energy?
    I do know when I sleep in hotels I have dreams that do not seem like my own…(for example in a Chicago hotel I had a dream I was an Asian woman searching for my purse, could not find it)…I’m a white lady who doesn’t carry one…LOL…so I guess I always feel like I’m picking up the thought forms, or energy left by the last person who slept in that space…if you think about how much time they spent laying in that spot, or the energy their body shed while there?

  4. My name is Myrna and I have had plenty of sleep paralysis and I can not my any part of my body. I try to scream but can’t. I try to open my eye’s and they just flutter and I can’t see. I try to move but my body is paralyzed, as if someone is holding me down. I am in fear of my life and stricken with panic, I remember calling out that I am a child of GOD and that no evil can harm me and then being released. I wake-up and run out of the room and realize that I am free. It started when I was 20yrs old and I still have them. I don’t know why they happen but I know it is not good but pure evil.

  5. It is a scary experience, try your best not to be scared. WHen it happened to me I remember being very scared, and it got worse and worse. The I couldn’t move. When it almost happened again, I jumped out of bed before it got to where I couldn’t move, It hasn’t happened since.

  6. please help me if anyone could tell me other places i could go 2 read please let me know

  7. My name is Myrna Arens and I just wanted to say that the sleep paralysis from my own experience was more than one place. I can say that it only happens while asleep or twilight-sleep. It can happen any time of the day or night but mostly at night.

  8. What causes it? I once tried to wake up and could not move at all could not talk and i felt like I could not breath I felt like I was dying.

  9. Im so pleased I found this site and know that others have been suffering the same type of issue. I began suffering from similar symptoms after my grandmother died about 7 years ago. I agree that they are extremely intense and petrifying. I went to my doctor when it got the point that i thought i was being singled out by a very angry spirit (Doctor probably not the best person!) and he told me i was having ‘panic attacks’ Perhaps i shouldn’t have offered that i feel like my body is being taken over by a spirit…Apparantly i didnt need any drugs at that point as i could clearly cope with it! Yeh right…thats whey when my husband works away i pray they dont come. I’m surprised from his response that he didnt section me. I wonder if there is someone reading who could offer some explanation or solution? Is it nurological? I am leaning toward not, given I experience all sorts of things that i have largely learnt to live with, but this phenomenon is one which i struggle to cope with.

  10. Sorry, forgot to answer the questions…it happens to me with a fairly random consistency, only when i am in bed, and it doesnt happen in just one place.

  11. No other comments since mine but just in case anyone does stumble across this, i have researched and i think i have found out why they happen…or at least this is the explanation i am sticking with. By all accounts this phenomenon has been reported for hundreds of years and given the visuals and the suspicious period of time back then it was termed ‘old hag’ as it feels like someone is sat on your chest and of course many of us see what appears to be an old woman or witch. It would appear that when our body is just about to go into a deep sleep, we release a chemical that shuts down our muscles and therefore we are unable to move and act our our dreams. It is a way of ensuring we stay safe and still whilst we dream. In some cases and mostly when we are laid on our back, our brain wakes in ‘mid dream’ so basically you are awake and can see but your brain is still dreaming (hence you are seeing things) and your body is still under the influence of the chemical that is paralysing you. There you go. Sleep consultants have researched and this is what is happening to you. Will yourself to move, even if you can move a finger and the spell is broken, or in the medical world what happens is the chemical disperses and your brain stops dreaming…i have not had one since…but i always go to sleep on my side, just in case!

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