Sleep Paralysis and Levitation?

A patient of mine recently described that for the last two months he has been going to bed at around 11pm, and waking up between 1 and 3 am. He reported that initially, his arms and legs would just be spasming or twitching, which led me to believe that it was sleep paralysis. However, he reported that as time passed, he would wake up, be floating 2 feet over his bed, fighting an unseen force, losing, and then would be thrown onto the floor. Last night he hit the corner of his eye on the nightstand.

A week ago, he banged his arm hard on some other furniture across the room. He also reported a grey/orange shadow. Can you help shed any light on this subject? I don’t believe he is crazy. He is of Hispanic culture and I need to know what to tell him, from a believer’s point of view…

Thank you so much for any help or insight you can offer.

Asked by CiR

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  1. Hi CiR,

    What do you do for a living? Doctor or psychiatrist? Start doing your research on demons, you’ll be needing it in the future. There are some really good authors out there, including M Scott Peck who is a psychiatrist.

    No, I am not some new age weirdo, though I might sound like one at times. Nor am I religious. God (by many names), the Holy Spirit, and the Christ energy all existed before all the Christian religions wrapped their inventions around them, not to mention a few of the other religions.

    Go here and read about psychic protection: these are my webpages, kept brief and simple on purpose.

    Sleep paralysis is when your mind wakes up and you cannot even twitch a muscle of your body because it is still asleep. It’s normal, as you will know. Then there is another version called ‘Old Hag’. It sounds similar but is often nastier. Go and read about that. It’s also all over the internet.

    Waking up between 1 and 3am is normal, its a way of grounding our spirit back into our body. The human spirit is often farthest away from its body at that time – in other words floating outside our bodies is also normal. We all do it. Some people call it astral travelling, when they consciously travel around. I call it going ‘Home’ and going to school. We all also do that.

    Fighting something when you are coming back into your body is not normal – well, what most people understand as normal, but it can be real, and it does happen.

    What I would tell your patient, assuming that he is Catholic because he’s from the Hispanic culture, is to go and talk to his priest about it and get blessed by him. I don’t care if he’s a lapsed Catholic, the blessing will help. Then I suggest he have his house blessed as well. He’s fighting against something that hates humanity, and it’s good to get as much help as you can. Why him? I can’t answer that without meeting him, some of the most loving people in the world have been besieged by demons, while truly nasty ones are left alone. You would think it would be the other way around, but no .. I could spend an hour speculating on why it happens though .. too much for here.

    What is a demon – short version – there are two types – the really nasty ones are fallen angels, and all the others have been created by humanity and the fallen angels since humanity fell. We create them with our thoughts, sometimes deliberately, but mostly, simply because we will not give up our hatred, our desire for revenge, our anger towards either ourselves or other people, our fears – real or imagined, among so many other negative emotions eg jealousy. All of this energy flows from our human bodies, totally uncontrolled for the most part, and far more so in today’s society when we no longer have the rigid rules of behaviour that our ancestors had. This energy is magnetic. It attracts to it energy from other people that is the same, and creates beings that are seeking even more of the same energy. The larger/older the being the more intelligent it becomes .. and we get the lesser demons, which, hopefully, is all your patient is dealing with. The blessing will change the structure of his energy and it should repel whatever he is fighting without him having to do much else. If it doesn’t, he’ll join a whole lot of other people now having problems with demons, whether they are good people or not.

    If you would like to discuss this further you can find me here. is my webpages, and you’ll find my email address there on either of the two sites it is the doorway for. Victorian Paranormal is the spookier of the two. :-)

    Love & Joy,
    Ama Nazra (Demonologist – which means I know a lot about them – I don’t talk to them.)

  2. I would say he needs to see a priest. I have never heard of anything “good” being able to do or doing anything like that. Levitation is some serious business. I am sure that Ama Nazra will comment on this and I think her opinion in the matter will be very valuable. Good luck.

  3. Thank you both for the quick reply. Actually I am neither a doctor or psychiatrist; I’m a Drug & Alcohol Counselor. This patient has been drug-free for over 10 years, but has struggled with some bouts of depression here and there. He has actually been feeling better the last few months and has been active with teaching music in his community. In addition to a counselor, I am also a believer in the paranormal due to my own experiences as well as the good and evil I see everyday. Anyway, I do find a lot of “hoopla” on the Internet, but I did read about the old hag thing as well as most other things you’ve mentioned. This man is not crazy and he thinks he may have even been
    ‘cursed’ by an older woman… I just don’t know where to go from here. I did suggest a priest already. The patient wanted to see a hypnotherapist, however, I don’t think that’s quite the direction he needs to be going in… Also, what could the gray/black/orange represent?
    Thanks again:)

  4. Hi CiR,

    Why a hypnotherapist? If he thinks he’s been cursed I would suggest a spiritual healer would be of more value, or a shaman, or whatever healer suits his faith. Curses can be a problem, but they can also be removed.

    A hypnotherapist might help him relax, but their job is to help us through placing suggestions in our subconscious mind, if the patient can be hypnotised at all? (Not me). :-)

    I would want more information on the circumstance of the grey/orange (and now black?) shadow. Where was it? What was it doing? Was it during the levitation or some other time? What did it actually look like? I can think of a few things, but can you provide those details first?

    Love & Peace

  5. I have had this for years> sometimes I feel as though im being crushed, sometimes I have thought i’ve seen a black mass over me, once i heard a vulgarity whispered into my ear> Yet I’ve always put it off to sleep Paralysis> I always feel like i’ve been dropped onto the bed when I snap out of it. Sometimes my eyes are open an sometimes they are closed. I’ve always felt like it was more than a sleep problem, (im actually 40yrs old an still sleep walk sometimes). I have noticed that the episodes are more recurring when im really stressed. But anyhoo the last time I had a particular terrifying episode MY DOG REACTED AN STARTED BARKING UP TOWARDS THE CEILING! My husband woke swatted my dog an reached over an pulled my arm down he says I was twitching in my sleep like I was having a bad dream. But I could swear I had my eyes open I was just frozen an couldn’t move. I would really like to hear more opinions on this also! I’ve been afraid its a spirit or demon trying to invade me if that makes any sense to anyone. But i’ve also been afraid if i acknowledge it, it may happen. I am a worry wart!

  6. My case is sorta like Mary’s only nothing really violent happens(and I hope it stays that way). At first it was just the “Old Hag” thing, where I couldnt move or breathe or talk while I was on my back, but I could still see around the room. I told it to go away strongly with my mind and encouraged myself that God would help me out of it, and sure enough it left, but I was still too scared to move until maybe half an hour later.

    but now its different. Instead of just not being able to move, I NOW LEVITATE AS WELL. I usually wake up halfway on the way up to the ceiling, and then, right before I hit the fan hanging from the ceiling, I don’t. I then gently float back down. A moment of blackness happens and I open my eyes again, not levitating anymore and am just in bed. It’s weird because I don’t feel my covers hanging from me when I go up, but when I’m back down and “wake up”, I’m under my covers. My dog who always sleeps next to my bed never barks or anything; she’s usually asleep, but when I wake her up, all she does is look up at me and wag her tail.

    I don’t know why this is happening to me. I’m in highschool. Is my soul just wondering around my room or is there a demon toying with me? Please if anyone has any thoughts or advice on this I’d REALLY love to hear it! people think I’m crazy or something when I tell them, which is why I don’t really like to talk about it that much…

  7. Hi Anonymous Girl,

    Sounds to me as if you are in the beginning stages of astral travelling. Next time you float up, roll over and look at your body still in bed. Float gently back down. The blacked out feeling for a moment is when your spirit re-enters your body. Do some research on the internet on astral travel. Everyone does it, being aware of it or not.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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