Sleep Levitation From Unseen Force

Three years ago I experienced a significant demonic haunting that required two clearings to fully remove all demonic and negative human entities that resided in my home. So I guess I am on high alert.

Last night I had a terrifying lucid dream. I was in my old bedroom in my parents home (the demonic haunting occurred in my current home), I was levitated from my bed suddenly then tipped upside down. I could feel that levitation was not my own doing and that there was an unseen force with in the room. I felt terrified of what was with me. In the upside down levitation I travelled forcefully across the room to the couch. I squatted on the couch looking around the room trying to locate what was in my room. Under pressure of terror I prayed.

In the past have experienced sleep paralysis and this experience was not this. I would be grateful for some advise on the meaning of this dream.

I did have an unusual experience yesterday afternoon, where I closed my back door as I went out to do some gardening. When finished I found myself locked out. This door can only be locked when the key inside is turned. Luckily I managed to open the cat door and knock the key from the lock to get back inside. It may have been a fault with the locking mechanism, though it has never happened before and on inspection of the lock it seems to be fine. Not sure if this is paranormal, strange to say the least.

Asked by Worried

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  1. Hi Worried,

    Is there some ghost messing with your head and your house? They will try and make you fearful, and if what you fear most is what happened in the past, that is what is going to come to mind when certain of your emotional triggers are hit.

    So in the dream state you relieved either something that happened, or something that terrifies you – but it was only a dream. So take a deep breath and exhale slowly, and another one, and another one, and slow down your energy .. so that you aren’t as easy to steal energy from.

    Praying is wonderful. Here’s a prayer for you .. to change not only your energy, but the energy of your home .. (change the third line to ‘my home’ and do the whole thing all over again). It works very well ..

    In the name of Jesus Christ,
    Archangel Michael,
    Remove all attachments from me,
    All negative energy forms,
    All negative thought forms,
    All heavy energy forms.
    All intruders and mischief makers,
    All astral forces and dominants,
    All small demons and large demons,
    including succubus and incubus.
    All living humans who try to steal my energy,
    Or do me any other harm,
    And all humans in Spirit
    and take them Home.
    All threads and bindings
    All cords and ties
    All chains and devices of any kind
    All curses and hexes on any level
    All karmic patterns which are self-defeating
    Return me to my perfect energy now please
    Thank you.

    Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what you are suggesting, and then say it out loud three times, and really mean what you are saying. In most cases this is enough, but if the problem remains, either contact the people who helped you before, or you can find me at or by clicking on the Vicitorian Paranormal Connection like under friends on this site.

    Wishing you a peaceful night,
    Love & Peace,

  2. Hi Ama

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my post. I did have a blissful two nights sleep.

    I do hope that the lucid dream was only that. I was fearful in the dream, not fearful by day. The only thing I would admit is that I really don’t feel I have the energy to start clearing the house, particularly with something so strong as what we had. I became so wary with the mind games, objects moving, voices, voices mimicking other members of the family, solid black masses rushing at me and my family and horrific smells that would permeate the room. I guess once one has experienced, life is never the same again.

    We have experienced some terrifying nightmares in the past ; many of them occurred late into the demonic haunting. This recent dream was in the similar realm.

    Other than the door incident, things seem to be calm in the house. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    • I had the same dream and also felt it was demonic and it wasn’t just a dream. In my dream though, I had had walked into my hallway and got to my knees. I put my right hand out and made circular motions. I suddenly got a feeling of possession come over me. My body got completely turned around with my head toward the floor and my feet, now stretched out. Then a unseen forced my mouth into a smile. When I woke from this I had a very bad feeling. I cannot get out of my head that something is going on that is dark. Please help me. Thanks

      • Hello Meg,

        When did the dream happen and has anything else happened, while you were awake, to make you feel that you are being haunted? How did you ‘feel’ during the dream? What were the emotions and sensations? Sometimes we can have some truly strange dreams, and they are only our mind sorting through our problems through symbolism. What else do you remember of that dream?

        Love & Peace

  3. Hi Worried,

    If you think the problem has come, get in contact with me again. We can do it over again, but you shouldn’t need it.

    Love & Peace

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