Shadow People What do They Mean?

One morning around 6 a.m. I was getting up and ready for work. I was in the living room folding up my blankets (I slept on the couch that night.) I was standing up, and I just felt like something was watching me.

I looked in the direction of the hallway, and standing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms was a large shadow figure. It was very tall, and it was all black. It had no facial features that I could make out, but it was in the shape of a large figure. There was no hat like some others have described when seeing shadow figures. It just stood there like it was staring me down.

I was frightened, and I just looked away and walked towards the kitchen to get away from it. I never looked back, and even though I was early, I left the house to go to work. I only saw that once, but have had many other things happen over the 24 year period while living in that house.

That shadow figure just really got to me. I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t a good peaceful feeling that I got that morning.

Asked by Anonymous

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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    Unknown things trigger fears in us, because we need to ‘know’ or understand, everything in our lives to feel safe, so when we see something ‘big, dark and looming’ .. I would want to run too. You were very brave. You just walked away. And it didn’t follow you, and you’ve never seen it since – which is good.

    What was it? The ghost of a big man who didn’t want to be seen, is the first possibility that comes to mind. My partner is a big man and he looms when he’s grumpy .. him, as a ghost would be scary, but truthfully he’s a very loving soul. Things are not always what they seem. But that doesn’t stop our bodies from reacting from fear …

    So – what is the fear reaction – its the bodies natural means of raising our energy, to give us more strength and speed to get away, but .. its also more energy to be able to communicate with spiritual beings of many sorts, if we so choose to. If something you glimpse makes threatening gestures towards you, I would not hang about, but if it was only standing there looking at you, it might have wanted you to help it?

    In the meantime, what other sorts of things have been happening over the years in that house?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. There are alot of different thoughts about shadow entities. I personally think most shadow entities are ghosts with a low energy level. By that, I mean that they don’t have the energy required to fully manifest, and a shadow shape is the only form they can take.
    The fear you felt, what was the source of the fear? Was it a natural reaction to seeing something unknown? Or did it seem to come from the shadow itself? Sometimes the fear we experience in an encounter with an entity is just a natural, adrenaline induced fight or flight reaction. The reaction is triggered by the entity, but not caused by the entity. Similar to thinking you are alone in a room, then you turn around and find your spouse in the room as well. You have an instant of fear, then after recognizing who it is the fear passes. In your case though, not recognizing who or even what you are looking at the fear doesn’t pass so easily and it sometimes becomes difficult to decide if the entity triggered to fear or was the source of the fear.

    • Over the years we have heard noises in the house, like knocking, footsteps, voices. Also lights go off and on themselves. T.v. goes off and on. You feel like someone was always watching you, it was such a strange eerie feeling in that house. Also, when you would go to sleep the feeling like someone that you couldn’t see was holding you down and you could not move. The sound of someone sitting on the bed, yet you see no one. Growling noises. Cold air rushing past you. There were times when the activity would just stop, then out of the blue start up again. The shadow figure I saw that morning just gave me a feeling of dread. It is hard to put into words. If this was the first time that something unexplained happened to me in that house, I would have said that maybe I was just my imagination or maybe I felt instant fear because I didn’t know what it was. But that wasn’t it, I felt afraid, I felt I had to get out of there at that moment and if I didn’t something bad was going to happen.

      • I had assumed the shadow sighting was the only activity you had experienced, but it sounds like there is plenty more going on.
        If you are still in the house, and it’s still bothering you, you might want to clear it out. If you are not comfortable trying to deal with this on your own, talk to your religious leader and ask him/her for assistance. If you are ok with clearing your house on your own, then keep in mind that you must remain calm and confident. If your religious/spiritual beliefs include ways to deal with ghosts, use your belief system. Working with what you know is easiest and more comfortable.
        If your beliefs have no “ghost plan,” this is my all-purpose house cleansing. Get a sage bundle (available at new age stores, or online) light it as you would an incense stick. Working one room at a time, let the sage smoke drift over everything in your house. Envision the smoke pushing out all negative energy. When you have finished the last room, put the sage in a dish and let it burn out on it’s own. If you can’t find sage anywhere, lavender incense can be used instead. After “smoking” everything, you may want to put a line of salt at each window and outside door. Regular table salt is what I always use. This method has always worked for me.
        No matter what you choose to do to clear your home, you have to have faith in the method. Whether you use prayer, or a more hands-on method, you must have perfect faith that it will work. I believe that what really scares off negative energy/entities isn’t prayer, or sage, or anything that we do. It’s the perfect, positive energy of faith that drives off negativity.

        • Thanks for the advice SnowWolf…. I am no longer in the house, I moved out 4 years ago (soon after that incident happened). And my parents moved out last year. Over the years we had the house blessed by our Priest twice. The activity would stop for a while, but in a few months time start all over again. My parents finally decided to move, and on their final day in the house, they were packing up the last of their belongings in the basement, and there was a gas leak and a water pipe burst all within minutes of each other. Maybe whatever was there was unhappy that they were leaving? I am just grateful that my family is out of that place!

          • Glad your family is out of there! Nothing is more nerve-wracking than living in a house that doesn’t like you.

        • Hi SnowWolf,

          Why do you let the white sage burn out? We put ours out, when (seldom) used, in sand, but I was taught that way. I was wondering if there’s a metaphysical reason for it?

          I also wondered if you’d ever had any adverse reacts to the white sage? AJ and I have discussed the fact that sometimes it stirs things up more, or simply doesn’t work, pure intention or not.

          I prefer lavendar incense, if I am not using energy, because the sage makes me gag. To me it smells like cigarette smoke .. yuck.

          I agree with the salt, but make sure its put outside any door that gives access to the house, including the garage door, if its attached to the house.

          And yes, it is intention and faith that makes all of this work. There is a long history of smudging being a very effective way to change the energy of a building/site. That is why, sometimes, it stops working, if a person starts to question why it does without knowing the reasons, or replaces faith with a belief in the mechanics of the process. Better to start out understanding that the ‘smoke’ changes the energy structure of the house, lightening it and dissolving any attaching energy cords or built up emotions (thoughtforms) that will draw the same ghosts, or those with similar attitudes, back to the building.

          Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama
            The reason I let the sage burn out on it’s own is that it just feels right to me to do it that
            way. I have just never been able to bring myself to snuff the sage out. I haven’t had any experiences with the sage making the situation worse. I did have a slight battle of wills with something the last time I smudged our old house. It didn’t appreciate me trying to throw it out, but I think it was more me not letting it have it’s way than the sage.
            My mother in law suggested salt to us. I had never heard of using salt, but gave it a try and have sworn by it since. I would always make salt barriers after using the sage. The sage pushed things out, the salt kept things out. For awhile at least. There was alot of negative energy where we used to live.

          • Thanks CT,

            Love & Peace

          • Good idea SW, I always advise people to trust their gut reaction (intuition etc). The salt also works through intention .. but being very literal .. ants like it too. I wonder if that’s one of the reasons why it fails after a time. Moisture and being removed by nature? People also use olive oil.

            You can also use salt on the window sills and close every access area in the house, leaving, say, the front door, unsalted, until after you smudge. Then things won’t creep in behind you as you go .. which has happened.


            Love & Peace

  3. I have had many different things come at me through the years, I tried salt, sage, Lavander, You name it I have tried it! Why would this not work when I believe it should? Things only got worse every time I tried something new! I was not wanted in my last house. And now I am feeling that with the house I am in now. How do you make them leave you alone? These are not good things either….

  4. Hi Tree,

    Use this instead


    This invocation changes the energy structure of your body, and your home when you say it for the house, and should settle things down.

    Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is asking, then say it out loud. Then .. change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not ‘house’) and say it again.

    Any questions you can ask here, or via email links on that site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here at the bottom of the page under Friends)

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