Seeing Auras?

Well when I went to a bravo I was sitting on the terrace and then the building across the street caught on fire. So I went in to tell my step mom who works there bye there was a flash of orange light across the ground.

About a week later I was riding my bike with friends when I saw a streak of yellow light that I thought was the start of a lighting bolt. (There was a thunderstorm)

After that it has been happening randomly. HELP PLEASE!

Asked by Joel

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  1. Yikes…eerie. I’ve had the misfortune of being in a fire, so that hit all kinds of nerves.

    Please give more detail about the light if you can. I’m really curious. Funny because I was going to write up a question on “how to see auras”. Your question has much more impact than I would have, so bravo! :)

    It sounds like an aura….but I say that from a very inexperienced viewpoint. I know many people who can see and/or feel them. I have been able to catch a glimpse of my own (so I’m told), and it was a bright golden outer (thin), but then another duller that was navy blue.
    I’m believing more and more that one can perceive such. I mean, even from a scientific standpoint, “auras” have been proven, if for nothing else, then to be barely visible EM fields around us (they even note it’s change based on activity/emotion/etc..). So it’s pretty tough to dismiss. On top of this, you saw it during a time of shock (for lack of better phrasing—from seeing the fire). In my observations, you will gain all manner of extrasensory perception when your mind is on overdrive from chaos that’s around and you slip into higher levels of brainwave activity.

    Tell us more. You said it’s been happening randomly. How so? Any commonality you can tie to it all? Happen during certain times of the day? Only around certain people/places? etc….etc….


    • It mostly happens during times when there is alot of energy (like the fire and the storm) or during the day

    • only around places of high energy or day

  2. Hi Joel,

    Did anyone else see the flash? If they didn’t, have you had your eyes checked by an eye specialist lately? It might be a good idea, to eliminate the possibility that you have eye problems. My daughter has a benign brain cyst that gives her flashes like this, and sparkly lights, from time to time.

    BTW, I also see flashes of colour, particularly at night .. purple, magenta and deep blue .. to me they are elemental energy (earth energy) and not scary at all.

    Love & Peace

  3. Types of migraine headaches that cause no pain can cause you to see colours and flashes of light as well, so it would pay to have it checked.
    The traditional concept of an Aura is usually associated with living things such as people or animals and plants, they don’t tend to present randomly in open space or on the ground.
    Particularly if you are young and in puberty some physical changes can effect the brain in such a way to cause disturbances in your vision.
    I’d get it checked by a doctor before you come to a paranormal conclusion.
    I’ve been seeing flashes of white light near my ceiling…….and a few hours later would have a migraine :-( By the same token I have also seen flashes of light independently witnessed by others in known haunted locations which were clearly paranormal.
    You’ll have to do a bit of homework to figure out which it is.

  4. Hmmmm…… Usually Aura is a kind of energy with the form of light that covering a thing, maybe a human body or else. Not like the one you see.

  5. I can see auras, but i’m not an expert.
    I have seen auras since I was small, and an aura is the human’s
    color. I just remember this:
    I was 3 years old, I was running starring at a person.
    Suddenly, I see colors. I shake my head, and the colors around the person,
    was gone.
    Everything, even trees ( I think so) has aura.
    So it is a very colorful day!

  6. the first one looked like it came from me. the second one may have been one of those flashes. but the 1st one was not one of the flashes

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