Seeing a Demon in My Back Yard Related to Shootings?

My daughter for the last week keep seeing a demon in the woods by the back oak tree. It was trying to get into my house. It finally got in and whispered Latin to her. It told her to sit down.

Finally we heard on the news a boy was shot in the head 4 blocks away in the direction she was seeing the demon.

Also every time she see this demon the next day later there is a shooting here in our town Rockford Illinois. We finally went and got crosses and prayed.

Now in our town there had been a fatal shooting almost every night for the past week.
We are afraid. When she doesn’t see this demon the shootings stop.

Asked by carri

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  1. Wow!! Carri!!
    It is possible that your daughter is seeing demons/beings and it seems a bit too coincidental that this demon keeps appearing before the murders. Demon’s themselves don’t commit the murders but they sure can influence others to do so!! If you belong to a church, get your parish priest/pastor to bless your home, and try doing some white light shields to protect yourself from this entity. You can find this shield on Ama Nazra’s site(she frequently comments here and is friends with the creator of the site) at Victorian Paranormal Connection found under the friends section. She is a Demonologist and Spirit rescuer and she is much better equipped to handle this, than I. Get in contact with her and your parishioner as soon as possible!!! Best of luck and I will be sending God’s Light your way!!!

  2. Hi Carri,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I’m a demonologist and I have questions. You can find out about me from my webpages, listed here under ‘Friends’.

    How old is your daughter?
    What does the entity say to her?
    How does your daughter know the being spoke in Latin?
    Did it tell her to sit down in English, or whatever is your first language?
    How did it get in the house?
    When does she see it most?

    I am not sure the shootings and the visitations are connected, unless your daughter is doing the shooting under its influence (which she obviously isn’t), or the entity wants to brag to her about it, or warn her about them, or get her to stop it happening somehow? Does it do any of these things?

    Love & Peace

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