Scared to be Alone

Why is it when I’m home alone at night I am awakened by something in my room trying to touch me? And it talks to me, not always clear what it saying all the time but I can feel it touching me and on my bed. When I try to open my eyes I can tell it it is trying to hide. Its like a rush of energy behind me or somewhere in my room but only when I’m home alone.

Asked by Catherine

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  1. is there realy ghost how can we feel it

  2. Hello Catherine,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I’m a Spirit Rescuer .. which means a ghost buster, among other things. You can find out about me here or under ‘friends’ in the column on the right here Victorian Paranormal Connection.

    It sounds as though you have a ghost in your house. It might not be meaning you any harm, just wanting your attention .. but .. its not good to be haunted, either for yourself, your family, or the ghost itself.

    May I suggest you ask for help to clear the problem. Here is a simple solution to begin with. I use it all the time, and it works very well:

    I don’t know if you believe in angels, but that doesn’t matter because they believe in us. You can ask your guardian angel, who stands behind your right shoulder, to FIND and TAKE into healing/heaven, the ghost the next time it visits. Note the words in capitals. Make sure you use them. Do not confront the ghost, or try to talk to it, let the angels do their work .. and you should not be troubled again.

    Sometimes ghosts are a little stubborn, so if the experience repeats please contact me either here, or through my site, and we’ll clear it in other ways.

    Wishing you a quiet night,
    Love & Peace

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    If something touches you .. cold fingers .. and there is no one in the room? If it leans on you, lies on you, or scares the hell out of you? If you start to feel very cold, tired, sad, angry, frustrated, jealous, and other negative emotions, and you have no reason for doing this .. there might be a ghost around. They like us to feel what they feel .. it means they have attached themselves to our energy and are feeding from it. It’s not something that I recommend people decide to experience .. though some very stupid people have, and then have had to seek help to return to a feeling of ‘normal’.

    It is a lot easy if you can see the ghost .. but that’s a different form of energy attachment .. and you would have to have the gift of mediumship, in one form.

    It’s not something I recommend.

    Love & Peace

  4. It only appear when you are alone? My, what a weak entity…. It’s not strong enough to resist another person’s energy. You’re still lucky. If you want, cleanse your room using holy water or anything that can be used to purify and cleanse your room. If it’s that weak, it would be away for a while.

  5. I agree with Adhinferno.And maybe it needs help.

  6. You suffer from sleep paralysis

  7. i heard ghosts only bother you is when they have un finnished business with the living

  8. Hi Ciara,

    Trouble is that some ghosts don’t know who they have unfinished business with, and anyone will do when they want energy …

    Better not to let them hang around.

    Love & Peace

  9. Some ghosts, who are consumed by their own wrath and grudge, would like to do anything bad to anyone surrounding it. It will not choose their victims. They don’t care even if their victims is actually the person they have unfinished business with or not. They becomes like demons.

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