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Hi . I’m niren and I’m 21. I’m from South Africa, anyway I need help or more info about sleep paralysis.

It started a few years back, but I never worry about it. Now its getting a bit hectic, when I’m falling of to sleep, I can feel my body becoming paralyzed, and I know what’s going to happen, I then manage to wake up, and I’m scared, because I can feel this dark presence is around me, I also sometimes feel like I’m being lifted of my bed. Sometimes whilst I’m sleeping it happens, and in my dream I’m paralyized and there’s shadow that is watching me, I then start praying. And when I try to awake, I’m still paralyzed, and totally scared. So yea I need some info. Thanks

Asked by Niren Naidoo

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  1. Hi Niren,

    When a person experiences sleep paralysis their body is going to sleep before their mind does. Because you are focusing on it, you are becoming more aware of it happening. People in that between-sleep state often have a sense of an unfriendly presence near them. That experience is also known as ‘old hag’. You can look it up on the internet and get lots of stories about it. The feeling of ‘being lifted’ could be your spirit going to leave your body, which we all do when we are asleep. It’s normal.

    Praying is good, because it is your way of empowering yourself, and it also gives your body time to catch up with your mind, and then the paralysis is gone.

    CareTaker put these links on another question site about sleep paralysis.


    And here’s a wikipedia site on the subject

    There is lots of information on these pages –

    I hope this helps you understand what is happening.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  2. Hello Niren, I will tell you up front my friend, you will receive all sorts of advice by posting your issue here. Let me start by saying that much research has gone into finding out that many times sleep paralysis is a spiritual and not a medical problem which in turn requires and effective spiritual solution. I am not sure what religion you might come from but there are very effective solutionns to this problem if you are willing and ready to have the defeated. Go to and you can be delivered from this torment as so many people who discovered this website have. Good luck my friend and keep us posted.

  3. Hi JK, :-)

    That is a very interesting link. Thank you for posting it. I listened to the onsite video. It is good to know that anyone, not just Christians, can call upon Jesus to remove demons. They have to do it sincerely, for themselves, and it will work. And I agree. There’s a slight contradiction though .. in the 8 things you ‘must’ do .. points 5 & 6. Five says ‘give rid of it once and for all’ and Six says ‘resist when it comes back’. If it is gone ‘once and for all’ it can’t come back. Semantics, as usual. There are other things, but I will leave it alone.

    Love & Peace

  4. Well for a start usually when sleep paralysis occurs their are only two things that could do this. One a succubus/incubus (lust demon could be a negative or positive thing unless this type of spirit will want to sap you dry of your energy or just want to see you). The Old Hag which is similar to that of a succubus but as its name is “The Old Hag” exists usually to scare and induce stress in the victim till breaking point. With that in mind if this thing is ruining your life just find a demonologist and let the experts do their work to banish the entity from your house, pay a fee and it’ll be gone from you for good. However if it is something you wish to get rid of yourself fine however if it is to tough for you to banish and you fail to do so I could imagine the thing you tried to get rid of would get a little angry so I would go on the safe side and find a demonologist just in case.

  5. You face the 1st trial of astral projection: overcoming fear. if you overcome the fear you will be able to project consciencelisley much easier. Again lifting out of body AP

  6. Hi Niren,

    I do believe that you visit the lower chakras. You need to pray intensively & learn meditation in you religious belief. A spiritual person will come your way as soon as you start to pray. This person will guide you in prayer.This would open the higher chakras. I do spiritual reading for people. My power is different. I to see all saints, satgurus, prophets… whatever belief. I am Hindu but all religios beliefs come. To become spiritual you need to accept all beliefs that the DIVINE put on earth. you have the power as you are a healer!
    Kanie (South Africa)

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