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Ok, so I’m trying to communicate to my angels and understand them better and better (and to our God us well for sure) and its really lovely relationship, I’m asking them all the time for protection but when I’m sleeping that’s something different. Its like totally different space. Anyway every time I feel really comfortable after praying Michael’s invocation and then I fall asleep I have awful nightmares (usually its like reminding me my flaws and fears. For example last night it was about me being in the highest bridge which was unstable and I was afraid to get off the ground. I was literally like stuck to the ground and things like this – just really things I’m scared of or I think I might not do really well.

My question is why and who is doing this to me? (I know it may sound weird but I some kind feel their not normal dreams, more like someone’s under thrusting them to me, like to make me insecure, but who and why? Are they ghosts trying to fear me through dreams? Cause I really don’t like it. Maybe they feel they cant catch in real life but they try it at least in dreams? Cause every time I wake up I feel totally normal for the rest of the day, only nights are creepy and still the dreams are something like living in me the whole day… like emerging.

And by the way I cant not to mention the very odd dream I had lately: I was alone at home and scared (as usual in my dreams) and our neighbors were going to complain to me about something and there was really dark but what I noticed was a huge black dog lying by my side (he was something like protecting me,looking after me) (I don’t have a black dog in real life) and my question is, do you think it was a sign from my angels not to worry? or what was it?

The second question is about my grandfathers. They both died before I was born. So I shouldn’t know them (technically) cause my 1. grandpa I have written here about him before, I have almost constant communication with him, he often comes for visits (usually I can really well sense him in school,like he’s there with me) and even through dreams I just feel like I know him for the rest of my life, (sometimes he tells me in dreams things no one else told me about him and then everyone’s shocked how I know) but my second grandpa’s making me worries. I never talked to him, never heard, never felt him, although I think about him often. Why? Is he just really silent shy person, or maybe scared to talk or what? I don’t understand but I’m worried about him, if he’s okay. How can I contact him? I would just really love to talk to him, cause I barely know how he looked like. Or is it something wrong with me, that he cant contact me??

Asked by Victoria

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  1. Hello Victoria,

    Nightmares aren’t always caused by demons. Sometimes our minds are trying to help us understand how we feel about the world, and take images from the stuff we read and watch on tv, not to mention see in the street on a daily basis. Add a spoon and stir, and it can all come back to us in a major jumble, with large amount of fears, that often make no sense when we stop and look at what we have been dreaming.

    So let’s talk about the bridge.

    Bridge – “always denotes some kind of connection”.* A bridge links two places together, usually with something challenging in between, like a long drop. I am not madly in favour of heights, but I can manage when I have to. According to what you wrote you had not yet got onto the bridge .. so you are not ready to take new chances (feet stuck on the ground) although the opportunity is waiting there for you – the bridge leading to somewhere. So what were you actually afraid of? Would you like to tell me the rest of the dream?

    After the Michael Invocation, if you are meaning the one I advise people about, you are doing this to yourself. The only beings still around you after that Invocation are usually your guides and angels, and family in spirit who would never do you harm.

    I know you were scared in the house dream, but once again, you were safe .. the big dog was there to look after you, and you knew it .. the same as you were still safe because you had not walked onto the bridge yet. The fear you felt in both cases was of the unknown .. which is something we create within ourselves, its not something done to us.

    Have you asked your guardian angel to take your first grandfather into healing? I would. He hangs around too much to be a visiting spirit, in my experience. The second grandfather .. honey, spirits don’t hang around us all the time, and should not do so. Ghosts do, people we love who have not crossed over yet .. they stay for reasons that seem good to them, but in the long run its better they are in healing getting the help they need, and then they’ll drop in once in a while, for a short, short while, and go again. They are not supposed to have a major affect on our lives .. just remind us about Love and move on. So grandpa two is acting like a normal spirit, doing his own thing, and not hanging around to satisfy your curiousity about who he was, nor his hunger for your energy because you are willing to give him the time and energy to maintain the connection.

    I am sorry if you don’t like what I say, but I do speak from experience .. my grandmother was around for far too long, and I didn’t know then what I know now. She’s so much happier in heaven.

    Love & Peace
    * Dream book – Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols.

  2. Just to keep it short and not preach. First of all you need to stop all this praying to anything but Jesus, ie God. You open yourself up to all this. That is why Jesus warned against so many activities that involve the occult and he told us how to pray sorry if you do not like the truth, but many do not.

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