Questions About My First True Meditation

Today I did my first meditation, now I’m not sure if I did it all correctly but I sat down, relaxed, and controlled my breathing. In, out, in, out. Like that for about an hour or so. At first nothing happened until I became aware that my breathing had slowed considerable and that my body was starting to relax. This continued for a while until I started seeing colorful mist, I guess you could say, float across my vision. The most prominent colors where a dark blue, and white. Do those colors have an specific meaning? The colors shifted across my vision, the dark blue staying a mist but the white, well I think it was trying to take a shape or form but it never got there. I never made it to the point where I ‘saw’ my gate, or door or whatever to my sub-conscious.

After that I decided that that was enough for now, to be honest it was kind of freaking my out, so I backed out of my meditative state(Is there a certain way of doing this?)and opened my eyes. What was weird was when I opened my eyes I felt very sluggish, like my body didn’t want to move. Is that normal, is it a result of the deeply relaxed state? Anyway, after a few minutes of sitting there waiting for my body to start feeling normal I looked around. Is it normal to feel ‘awakened’ after you get out of meditation? Because as I looked around it was light I saw everything in a whole new light. It was like my eyes had finally opened. I still feel like this right now, though it’s not as prominent as it was when I first ‘woke up’.

Is this feeling a result of the ‘third eye opening’?

Will this feeling cause me to become psychic or empathetic or anything?

What should I expect now that I have meditated?

Am I meditating correctly?

Is there a certain way to meditate?

When I meditate does it mean I become spiritually open for attacks?

I’m sorry for all the questions but I’d really like be knowledgeable in case I do it again in the future.

Thank you so much,

Asked by Hainoki

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  1. hello Hainoki,
    First off, seeing the colors is absolutely normal. I have one question: What readings have you done about meditating? The reason I ask is because, it would tell you that at some point you should see colors. The colors are those of your Chakras. Do you know what those are? i am providing a basic chart of this for you to view here:

    The blue is your throat chakra. White usually extends from the extremities. Are you very vocal? Do you express your thoughts and feelings with ease? White usually represents God.

    As for the other things you mentioned; completely normal. I, myself have come out of a meditation session, feeling more awake and with heightened awareness. Also, the sluggish and temporarily immovable body is a result of going “deep” into meditation. My advice to you is, do a bit more research on the subject of meditation before your next venture so that you are a bit more prepared and won’t be too freaked out next time! best of luck and keep me posted!

    • Thank you Luna,
      You know what is strange, I read the description on blue chakra and it said that associated problems are an under/over active thyroid. My thyroid is under active, isn’t that strange that I would have this problem and see blue chakra. Also I am an artist so I express myself alot in my work. lol This explains alot. As for the white chakra, God is very present in my life so that explains that.

      I’m glad that it is normal to feel that way after meditating. I suppose I should have read up more on it, but I’ve read so many cool experiences of meditating here on this site that I wanted to try it out. But now that I have tried it I will definitely read more on it.

      • That’s great that you express yourself through art; I do as well! The reason for my questions about your communication abilities is because the chakras that are prominent first in meditation are usually our strongest and the others we need to focus on to strengthen. it also isn’t surprising that your throat chakra shows up and you have a thyroid condition; our chakras are what is focused on during the healing practice of Reiki. there are lots of fun tidbits you can find on the net! :D Meditation is really good and very theraputic! The more you meditate the more clarity you have! You are more focused and can make better decisions. Try to find a meditation instruction that tells you to focus on your chakras; this will help to put you more in balance. Also, try going to a Reiki session; it can aid in healing and if you get a good practitioner, you will “feel” the energy transference and that is something amazing!!

  2. Hi Hainoki

    First off; don’t worry if you didn’t feel you’d got very far. Its your first time and these things take practise. And an hour is an awful long time for a first-timer. Try 10 to 15 minutes of gentle relaxation – the rest will follow once you’ve stopped ‘fighting’ it or feeling ‘frightened’ of it.

    “I felt very sluggish”

    Again – perfectly normal. Meditation involves complete relaxation of both body and mind, which shows the body down until almost a ‘sleep’ state. In fact, its not uncommon for folk to actually fall asleep while trying to meditate – particularly if they are new to it.

    ” Is it normal to feel awakened after you get out of meditation?”

    Yes. Because you’ve relaxed, the cares of the world have fallen away from you. Your mind is clearer and your body freed from stress.

    “I backed out of my meditative state(Is there a certain way of doing this?”

    The best way is to come out the same way as you went in. For example, you slowed your breathing going in, so when you’re ready to come out concentrate on your breathing again, only this time gradually shallow the breaths and increase them. Its a bit like waking up from sleep – better to do it slowly than to jolt yourself back into the real world.

    “Is this feeling a result of the third eye opening?”

    Not necessarily

    “Will this feeling cause me to become psychic or empathetic or anything?”

    Meditation is all about self awareness so, no, it does not necessarily mean you will suddenly become any more psychic etc.

    “What should I expect now that I have meditated?”

    Its like learning to ride a bike; Practise, practise and more practise. I personally find meditation helps me to remain focused and balanced. It puts everything back into purspective. It is good for the soul.

    “Am I meditating correctly?”

    Sounded fine to me.

    “Is there a certain way to meditate?”

    Don’t rush … and try to do it when there’s less likeyhood of being desturbed. There’s nothing worse than being jolted out of a meditative state. Its like been rudly awoken in the middle of the night.

    “When I meditate does it mean I become spiritually open for attacks?”


    “The most prominent colors where a dark blue, and white. Do those colors have an specific meaning?”

    Sounds like you were simply giving body and mind healing. Colours mean different things, dependant upon what your equating them to. To me, colours in meditation aren’t necessarily to do with the Chakra’s alone.

    Why not get yourself a set of chaakra stones – they’re only a few quid – then, next time you’re meditating hold them in your hand or place them in your pocket. The properties of the stones will balance your chakra for you during mediation.


  3. Great answer Luna. I have a lot to learn on the subject of meditation.

    Hainoki, its not usual that your body will tell you what is wrong in your system during meditation. Meditation raises the ‘vibration’ of our body into higher energy, and from there its easier for our guides and angels to contact us and advise us. Your ‘higher self’ will also do this. You can also make some adjustments to your chakra energy during meditation by visualising your chakra as a flower of many petals, and gently cleaning the petals, one by one, until their colour becomes brighter. It works for all the chakras. The interesting part will be when you notice how many petals each chakra ‘has’.

    Love & Peace

  4. HI
    what ever u saw are not chakras, all colours u see is ur own energy field, that’s good ur meditation level is great even it is first time u able to go deep relax state good work go on like this u find great things in u.

    sorry other fellows u people talk about the colours and chakras are correct . but this perticular case these are not chakras it is energy field of the humany body u can say magnetic field. with out passing through this no one can’t enter to the chakras. meditating like this for long days u see no colours, see deep black only after passing through this long deep black u see light this the stage where u start feel Chakras the great beautiful….. experience

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