Question About Life Charts

My question is about the “Life Charts” we map out for ourselves:

Do we map them out to the very last detail, leaving almost no room for free will, or do we map out the important events leaving us to make choice that will further our learning in this lifetime?

I am curious to know the different theories on this, as I am a believer in reincarnation, as I believe that I have lived at least once before (if not many times before!) Thank you in advance for your responses!

Asked by LunaTerra

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  1. Good morning LunaTerra,

    My understanding is that we lay down the framework of our lives, a variety of possible major events depending on choices as we go through the years, and then fill in the details from our free will. Here’s an example – if I had paid attention to Spirit, and a medium over a year ago, who told me I had ‘an illness (but the outcome will be good)’ I would not have ended up having a major operation for cancer in March this year. I had known I had a problem for about 2 years before I chose to act on it, and I have been very lucky because I am cancer free, but if I had continued to ignore it .. well, it could have spread and I could have died.

    Instead, I intend to get very old. LOL

    Just think how complicated our life charts must be. Like a geneology of a huge family, choice leading to possibilities leading to more choices .. and more choices .. no wonder we need help from our guides and teachers to lay it out.

    We are fascinatin beings, aren’t we. :-)

    Love & Peace

  2. @Ama: Yeah, we are ^0^ Living Creatures, especially Humans, are so interesting!

  3. Why Thank you, Ama!
    To me, your explanation makes the most sense of the one’s I’ve heard! One in particular was from another “certain” psychic/medium we both know to have appeard on the Montell Williams show! lol! Her version was that we map our lives out to the most minute detail, to even a particular song playing on the radio! I was perplexed how free will came into her theory as I do recall remembering her stating that she believed humans had it! To map out that you are going to scratch your nose at exactly 10:56pm eastern standard time, seems to me, to leave no room for free will to be able to decide that you are going to scratch it at, say maybe 11:00pm? To even phathom(and it’s only an analogy!) that you would spend that much time factoring in “nose scratching” is rediculous! LOL! Anyway, adding a little humor to my point, I seem to believe as you, Ama, that we only map out certain major or specific details and what would happen as a result of our choices to those details. Glad to hear the outcome of your major surgery was a possitive one and sorry to hear that you ended up having major surgery; scary no matter who you are or what kind of procedure you are having. At any rate, I hope to hear other theories as well; it will be ineresting to learn all the other opinions/ theories that are out there!!

  4. It does not really matter whether you map it out or not. You have absolutely no control of it and it is ultimately in God’s hands. You can commit suicide but that would not be under your control but that of the demonic. So draw what you like, it will not make a difference. We all go through life and make the wrong decisions. The difference is that God forgives those who have surrendered their lives and will to Him. It is questions like yours that really make me want to shout, Read the Bible. There is something else out there that will not only make your life here on earth meaningful but also guarantees that your soul will live eternally in the presence of Almightly God.

  5. Hi JK,

    I am also a person who has firm beliefs. I firmly believe God loves us and doesn’t send us to hell because we have doubts and don’t follow any religion. On the other hand, I surrendered myself to Jesus again (the first time as a tiny child) at 29 when I changed from a grumpy Methodist to a happy Anglican .. actually, I was really happy after the confirmation service, I floated on air for 3 days, and my grandmother, who died 8 years before I was born, very happily went into heaven finally, after spending all my growing years around me.

    I dedicate myself to God and Jesus every day. They have my heart and my soul .. and yet I still have visions, deal with ghosts and demons, and talk to fairies when the need arises. And I read the bible. I studied Theology at university level, and continue the fascination today. The bible lives here on my desk.

    I am not deluded, nor possessed, nor insane. And the work I do helps people that the churches have abandoned, or frightened away .. because fundamental beliefs trap people when their lives don’t match what true believers hold dear.

    I suffered from depression between the ages of 13 and 18. No, I was not possessed by a demon, though I did have suicidal thoughts and it was Jesus who saved me. He came to visit me in a vision and we had a really good talk. Depression is a medical condition, it can be helped by drugs in most cases. Possession, on the other hand, cannot be helped by drugs.

    So my question to you is .. which part of the bible in particular speaks of life charts, of what happens before our lives? Be specific, because I”ve never found it – and its a releveant question given that so many people have past life memories they need to understand. You can’t turn your back on some memories, you have to have an explanatiion … and its not any bible that I’ve read, and I have 13 copies, of various degrees of accurate translations of the Hebrew and Greek etc.

    I also like to say ‘read the bible’ to people. Read the bits that talk of love and tolerance and turning the other cheek, which I have just ignored. Pity more people don’t practise what they preach.

    I now apologise to CareTaker.

    Love & Peace

    • apologize for what? :0)

    • Ama, regarding fairies, have you ever seen them? I have had times where I looked out my window at night and could actually see them amongst the branches and leaves of the trees that are against my window. I can’t always see them though. One in particular had long dark hair and a feminent shape. Her backside,in the buttocks area sharply stuck out. Its hard to explain, but it appears that they actually take form within the leaves themselves. There was small amount of lighting cast on them during these times when I seen them. I kid you not, I actually seen a couple of them appearing to have intimate relations a couple of times.

      • Hi Erik,

        Seen them and talked to them on numerous occasions, and once got told off by a ‘mother’ .. which people call a Deva. Do not annoy the elementals. They are not the sweetness and light representations we see in the cartoons. LOL Elementals exist in many different forms, and wildly varying levels of what we see as intelligence. They have specific tasks to perform .. just like the angels.

        The lady, Madga, was blue, dressed in long leaves, had long dark grey hair .. and it was like the leaves were part of herself .. she was magnificent, also bossy, and incredibly powerful.

        Do they breed? I don’t know. We breed. The pattern seems to work well, why would God not repeat it?

        Bedtime. Wishing everyone a very good day,
        Love & Peace

        • How tall was she, the one female I observed was probably 6 to 8 inches tall, also dressed in leaves, a very prominent behind and very long dark hair. I’m amazed that we both notice how the leaves blend into these things, it confirms to me that what I seen was actually real.

        • Can elementals be very small, like the size of insects? About 4 years back, I was renting the loft of a house. It was pitch black during the night there. At one point, I would wake up and notice what appeared to be some sort of insects flying around just above the bed. They would emit this greenish light intermittently. One appeared that is was caught in some sort of web. At first, I would try to swat them with my hands, but my hands would go right through them. I quickly became fascinated with them and started to take pictures of them my digital camera, in the dark with my flash on. I would do this while they were crawling on the bed, and I would point the camera down real close to them before snapping the shot. I think this bothered them, because the next night I woke up several times to what felt like something forcefully punching my mattress from underneath. So powerful were these ‘punches’ that the one end of the mattress I was lying on actually lifted off the bed at least a good foot or so.

          • Hi Anonymous,

            Elementals, being energy beings, can be any size, or shape, they want – so the flickering fairies we see n tv cartoons are also a way they manifest themselves. I’ve seen them tiny, pinspecks, around a plant I thought was a weed .. which I then weeded out .. and oh! where they mad at me! I had taken something of value from them, so they took something of value from me .. a silver ring from my finger. I rushed inside and rang a friend in America, who is very good at ‘finding’ lost things, and emailed another friend in England who does the same, and both of them told me the ring was right in the same spot .. you guessed it .. right where the ‘weed’ had been – but I never found it. Hmm… gotta love them. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • That was me that asked the elemental question, I forgot to sign my name in. Thanks for all your input!

          • No problem, Eric, you are welcome. :-)

            Now I shall go and garden .. avoiding fairy bushes. LOL

            Spring is sprung, the flowers are coming out, and the apple orchard is starting to produce leaves again .. yippeee!

            Love & Peace

        • Do you think anyone can ‘see’ these things, or that you and I see them because of some extra sensory abilities that we may have?

          • I think people can see them when the elementals let themselves be seen, Erik. They are ‘higher plane’ beings, and not everyone can ‘see’ at that level .. but hopefully they will learn to over time.

            Love & Peace

  6. Yes, some people are a puzzle, LunaTerra,

    Love & Peace

  7. Hi Caretaker,

    Losing my temper. When I wrote, and rewrote, that message, I thought I sounded too sharp, but when I reread it a few hours later it seemed ok.

    Love & Peace

  8. I absolutely HATE the idea of fate & destiny. I like to believe we create our own learning curve. I just don’t like the idea that I’m living my life under something that was already pre-planned, or [I don't know how else to say this] under someone else’s guise of what my life should be.

    I do have an easier time when I think that perhaps whilst waiting to be reincarnated or born, that we ourselves may plan out what we wish to learn. I know I am meant to be what I am today, a historian. But I believe that was my own wish before I came to this life, that is what I chose for myself and by me alone to learn by and experience.

    But no. Someone else doing it for me is unfathomable. I can’t agree with that. After all, we are all held accountable for our actions. Fate and destiny don’t enter into the picture (for me anyhow.)

    Good question, Luna.
    Peace & Hugs
    Steph xxx

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