Question About Ceation of Woman

In the first chapter, verse 21 speaks of God creating man and woman… no mention of the woman being made from Adam’s rib. It isn’t until the second chapter, verse 22 that woman was created from man.

I looked at the King James version of the Bible and verse 21 chapter 1 says and god created great whales and every living creature that moveth but no mention of crating man and woman? I also check the Vulgate Bible and same.

What Bible can I find this reference. As for the Isaiah 34:14 it’s there.

Asked by Pedro Medina

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  1. Hi Pedro,

    There are so many different translations, and adaptions, of the Christian Bible .. its no wonder people get confused.

    The bible I use is the New Oxford Annotated Bible 2001 .. in 2006 when I bought at Theology college, it was still the most up-to-date, and accurate, translation of the bible that theologist had. I really must check on a new one. LOL

    I am not sure what you are asking about but –

    To start with, Genesis 1:27 says God created humanity in ‘their’ image .. “male and female he created them”.

    Adam’s rib is in the second chapter .. Genesis 2:21 where God put adam to sleep and took a rib, and from that he created Eve.

    Isaiah 34:14 talks about Lilith, who was, according to Jewish teachings, the first wife of Adam .. who later became a demon. Are you asking about her? She is not mentioned much in the Christian bible.

    Love & Peace

  2. hi im not a huge follower of these websites, but i thought this was interesting. As a girl and a christian, i’ve thought about this, and have tried to investigate into perhaps how we man and woman were made. i can’t remember where, but i remember there was one tale (i think native american) that said that in the beginning when humans were made, there was not two but one human. they lived in peace with one another until violence and judgement came into the world. at that moment, what we know as male and female began to seperate spiritually until one day they became two. this kinda makes sense to me. look at all the ancient symbols: yin yang, fire and water, earth and air, ect.

    • Also known as ‘emotion’ (female) and ‘logic’ (male) and a variety of other polar opposites.

      I’ve heard stories, and myths, about hemophrodite humans as well, and they are still born today. Since most myths have a basis in fact, one has to wonder ….

      Love & Peace

  3. Hi Ama. I was wondering if what u read about the hermaphodite (sp) humans being born stillborn these days is a true fact. Is it?

    • Hi Janna,

      I haven’t read anywhere that hermaphrodites are being ‘stillborn’ more than other genetic abnormalities? I would think the media would thrive on the oddness of it if it was? Why do you ask?

      Love & Peace

      • I asked because I miss read wht ypu wrote. Ypu said they were still being born , not stillborn… Lol I’m sorry my bad! I’m such a goof! :-)

  4. Hello there, Pedro
    I know this is a very late response. Maybe you or somebody that has the same question may look over this. Similar to Ama’s statement, the bible is a very deep but confusing book. Due to the difference in culture, sentence structure and the use of illustrations and figurative or literal interpretations it causes confusion. That’s why its mention in John 17: 3 that we need to continue taking up knowledge of the true God.
    Well, Genesis confused me when I read scriptures not in its entirety but verse then reading another verse. It seems that Genesis sets things up, then starts to explain in detail after. I don’t know if anybody seen pulp fiction. I know it’s a bad comparison but it’s the only one I can think have right known. The point is it sets up the climax from the very beginning. Then explaining how the story got to that part.
    The Isaiah scripture is a warning of the destruction of the land of E’dom (I think that’s the name of it). The use of “goat face demon” is a figurative representation of something…. Of what, I need to look into it a little more. I’m currently at work, so I don’t have that luxury to do that at the moment.
    You can compare that to the beasts used to represent world powers and false religion is the book of revelations. It’s not describing literal monsters, but certain aspects of these “hybrid beasts” like strengths or speed. Then use that in its representation.

  5. Hi S*D,

    The confusion starts when people try to take the bible literally. Seen as a fascinating look at the Christian ‘history’ and beliefs, and Jewish mythology, beliefs and history, and its a very good read.

    Love & Peace

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