Protect Mom from Evil?

I had a dream last night that my mom was a young bride In a wedding gown. There was no groom to speak of even though my parents have been married 38 years. I am 35. In the dream she wore a white wedding dress with I guess what could be considered a hoop skirt. She also had a veil and looked to be about 20 years old. She had long blonde hair and was very thin. She has always had very short dark hair and has been slightly heavier.

In the dream I was my age now, 35. She was getting ready for her wedding. I remember that I felt as though she was my mother but I was older and we were in an unfamiliar room. A beam of light came through, towards us, and she was scared and I protected her the best I could from it. The light turned into a metallic oval wall. She was scared and I felt evil. I remember thinking the devil is near. I could not protect her. Her face distorted to an inhuman sneer as she got sucked into the wall of light.

That is when I woke up and woke my husband.

Asked by Lizzy76

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  1. Hi Lizzy,

    I don’t believe this was a prohetic dream. A wedding is a celebration of commitment between two people. The white of the gown represents innocence – whether the woman is a virgin or not, she was expected to take nothing of her past into the marriage, and make a total commitment to it, and to the man .. in many societies she became a member of his family, losing her own.

    In my dream book white represents purity, or innocence, at a time of great changes, so my question would have to be – what is changing in your life right now, or your mother’s, that you are very worried about, and feel you cannot control? This could relate to any aspect of your life or hers, most particularly I am wondering about your mum’s mental state, or her health (demon ‘characterises any negative aspects that plague one’s life or mind’) .. given that you were older than her in the dream, and have, perhaps, recently stepped into being protective .. playing the role of mother to her.

    I hope this helps,
    Love & Peace,
    Ama Nazra

  2. Why do you believe the dream wasnt prophetic? Couldn’t it have shown her that something was taking her mother away from the relationship with the father?
    Or that there was some evil maligned issue was attempting to seperate them?

    To dismiss a dream as unprophetic when it obviousely troubled someone enough to post it here? Personally I would say sit down and have a nice long talk with your mother and share your concerns with her, maybe not hey i had a dream kinda talk but tell her your worried and ask if everything is ok.

  3. Hi JG,

    Where is the father mentioned in the dream, apart from Lizzy saying there was no groom present? When analysing dreams you do not add in bits that are missing – you look at the component parts that ‘are’ in the dream.

    I left the lady with a whole bunch of questions to think through .. and I agree, she should talk to her mother about the situation, once she has thought them through – I figured she would know to, if she thought it was necessary.

    Why did I not think it prophetic? Because after 20 years of doing dream analysis for people in the real world, and on the net, a ‘prophetic dream’ has a certain ‘feel’ about it, and this one doesn’t.

    Have you ever looked up my webpages?

    Love & Peace

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