Problems Sleeping and Feeling Touched

Okay, my friend and I have Both had strange… occurrences in both our households. Same dreams, haven’t been sleeping well (as in the quality of sleep), strange things touching us (even when nothing is there), and the feeling of being watched by a more or less malevolent spirit/entity/demon. This has been happening for six nights (as of the morning this was written).

However, she lives in Colorado, and I live in Florida. In addition, a third friend of ours has also been having issues, mostly in relation to not sleeping well and feelings of being watched. Last night, in fact, both of us felt as though something was… well, fiddling with our hair. I don’t know what to do, and I feel as though it/he is watching me write this.

We are both incredibly scared, but we don’t want to tell our parents, because we doubt they would believe us. My parents know about the dreams, but nothing else. We really need some help.

This is the morning of July the 12th, year Two thousand and eleven. The dreams/occurrences began on July the 6th, also year Two thousand and eleven. If this keeps happening I don’t know what I’ll do.

Asked by Young Sphinx, Copyright 2011

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  1. Young,
    Youre going to get a lot of different advice answers here. Here’s my advice. First of all pray. Pray out loud. Pray before you go to sleep. Use Jesus Name. I dont know the reason of yall having the same dream. Also I dont know if these events have start all at once, or happen to one of you then after talking about it happen to other. If the latter is the case, just the talk about demons or supernatural may attract them.
    Secondly, most occasions that people encounter demons is that they brought something knowingly or unknowingly in there house. Something like an image, book, and art work. Many people I know that had weird stuff happen to them was after purchasing tables or some type of furniture from a yard sale or thrift store. We dont know who the previous owners were, our want practices they were involved in. Or maybe somebody left something in your house or it was already there. You can ask your pastor or priest to visit your home, but my experience that never works.
    I had an experience with a buddy of mind a few years ago. Happen his sister was into witchcraft, buying books and having the Ouija board. He started to experience the same thing as you. He was being touch while trying to sleep. Had a feeling something was watching him. I told him what he had to do. Go in to his sister room and start throwing all that stuff out. Unfortunately he was dreadfully afriad and moved out to his dads house. Well his mom was experience the same stuff but as her son didnt talk with each other about it. But she confided in my Aunt which gave her the same advice. The mother was tired of cabinets and doors swing open & close by itself. Gave her daughter a choice, throw away all her stuff that has to with witch craft or move out. She threw it away, since then nothing weird went on in that house. My advice is to look around in your house. See if anything may be attracting the demons. Hopefully the advice and experience helped.

  2. I’ve had many incidents of being touch and/or harrassed by demonic entities while sleeping. The worst was when I was slapped hard across the face, it felt as if someone was smacking me with a 1000 volts of electricity, very unnerving. I’ve also had many times when my bed would shake, usually not that hard, but hard enough that it was noticeable and very annoying. Perhaps the most disturbing thing was waking up one night and seeing the figure of a woman lying next to me facing the wall, and a few times I have seen small children form out of thin area at the side of the bed. I believe that these things got in because of my obsession with the supernatural and my incessant attempts to communicate with spirits and/or take photos of them. Prayer has always worked for me when I used it. Most recently, I woke up and felt as if something had its hands around my throat trying to suffocate me. I couldnt speak, but in my mind I called on Jesus and instantly I was released. Right now, something is repeatedly making noises, it sounds like its coming from the if something was in one of the drawers knocking, in order to get my attention. Demons are more annoying then anything else, they love to aggravate.

  3. For all the advice i can give even if the advice is varied call a demonologist to help you out ( a demonolgist is basically an all around malevolent spirit fighter). Call one as soon as you can and when you do find one tell your friends to do the same. Praying might be a good thing but in the end if god says if one man slaps you in the face turn the other cheek I am pretty sure that if you are fond off your skin attached to your skull I would suggest seeking a professional. However just to underline that if you are being followed around
    (and also your friends) by an evil entity then please there are three things you shouldn’t do (read a couple of banishing rituals online and do it yourself that spells trouble). Two don’t try to communicate with it this just opens a door for it to jump through and makes things worse. Finally and I think this is the most important tip I think, even if you are being haunted by a malevolent entity try to keep your spirits up this is because an evil entity feeds off the fear and negative energy a evil entity gets from it’s victim therefore don’t give it the satisfaction if it messing with your life. Oh and one more thing you should be cautious of what you do i would suggest not leaving anything around the ghost could use to hurt like knives or sharp metal objects (but that is just really a suggestion).

    • There is a demonologist who is a regular on this site and she is also listed here under friends; her name is Ama Nazra. She is a demonologist, and spirit rescuer and is more than capable of helping you should you need her help.

  4. well after what i have learned you should pray in jesus’s name or even better if you know your guardian angels name pray to him. it could be a nice. if thats the case then just ask it to leave (you should try this first.)

    • You don’t need to know the name of your Angel; just that they are there. The Angel that is our guardian is of The Micheal, and is ready to help all you have to do is ask. There is The Micheal Invocation listed here on this site and it calls upon the Micheal Angels to remove negative entities, energies and thought forms as well as demons. God appoints an Angel to each and every one of us, but they do not interfere with our lives because of our free will; that is why we have to ask.

      • You are right Luna, people do not need to know the name of their guardian angel, or any of the others around, they only have to ask for help.

        Hello folks, would anyone like to give an update on their situations? The Michael Invocation, which Luna has given a link to, will help solve many haunting problems, and its very easy to use.

        Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is requesting, and then say it like you mean it. Say it three times, if it makes you feel stronger and more determined. And then, if you have questions, you can ask them here, or to me privately, via an email link on my site,

        I am Ama, Luna’s friend,
        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  5. Hi I have expierienced similar feelings of being touched on my head and fiddeling with my hair.I have a different out look on this,I feel that they are gaurdian angels who have passed on and are caressing me.My mother passed away two years ago and she always loved my hair and was they only one other than my children who played with my hair.

    • What a lovely thought Veronica, and it could be your mother too, reminding you how much she loves you.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  6. Hi there thanks for sharing! Thats quite close to what i had happen to me i hate being touched because you cant see it! Oh the chills you get! I get that alot what are some more feelings you get have you seen it in your dreams? Has it crossed your minds possably you all coulld be lucid dreaming??!! Haha my friend played tag with me before i knew it she just thought she was crazy until she could control her lucid dreaming state! Its amazing what our spirits can do please if you could tell more!

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