Possible Demon Attachment?

When I was 17 I was rehearsing for my auditions for Carnegie Mellon University’s dance/theatre school. My drama coach – a great believer in the paranormal (I now realize) brought out a Ouija Board the last evening I was to rehearse with her. It absolutely made predictions which seemed ludicrous to me at the time.

Within 5 months the predictions I felt were ridiculous began happening. These were events that turned my life in a totally different direction and my life has truly been a very hard, sad existence. I have made terrible decisions both in career and love, and many times have wanted life to end.

Since several extremely traumatic predictions did occur, predictions that I had absolutely no idea would ever come to be, is it possible that something bad, or evil attached itself to me and has stayed with me? I recently purchased my birth chart and it held information of something happening when I was 17-18 years of age, something quite negative; unless I conquered this negative influence my life would continue on this sad, personally destructive path. My life will not go on for a lot of years, as I am now 60. Please, if anyone has an answer or suggestion I would be most grateful for any input.

Asked by Leslie Bolin

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  1. Leslie,

    You’re absolutely right – your life will never be what it was intended to be if you don’t ever connect with the one that created your life in the first place. Why would anyone want to find out about their lives by consulting dead people and spirits using a OUIJA board, or seance, or birth chart, or astrological chart, or anything else, when they could simply ask the only one who really knows? If you really want to have a happy, full, joyous life, then put all the occult trappings aside, establish a relationship with Jesus and God and start to live the life you were intended to live. Do it now…before it’s too late.

    • Hi Stan,

      If it was that ‘simple’ to talk to God, and actually get a real answer .. not including waving your fingers over the Bible, which is a form of divination as you know .. more people would do it. But God has a habit of leaving us to get on with our own lives, and I love him/her for it. Free will. Not very helpful in situations such as this person’s question, but hey .. some people have visions with all the answers in them, but most don’t.

      Loving God is a two edged sword, he ‘might’ protect you, or he ‘might’ not .. he might send evil angels instead. (sigh)

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama,

        I have prayed to God at certain points through life, and in one point I think He actually talked through me.

        I think you are a very helpful woman, but what do you mean by
        “…he might send evil angels instead.”?

        Not any offence, just not really understanding :)

        • Hi Circuit,

          I was paraphrasing a quote from the Christian Bible. 1 Samuel 16:14 .. in my bible its an ‘evil spirit’ but I’ve also read it as ‘evil angel’ in other Bibles. God sent the angel/spirit to torment Saul because Saul disobeyed God. Later he did even worse to Job .. but that’s another story.

          Love & Peace

    • Dear Stan,
      I thank you for your concern. I have a very personal and steadfast faith in my Creator and in all he has created. All things have an opposite, so if there is good there must be evil. We were given brains to learn and to question; to help ourselves with ‘gifts’ provided. I think we are all expected to grow and mature and think for ourselves, to help ourselves. The universe, the galaxies and all they contain are all a piece of our existence. I believe we should learn from all that has been created.

  2. Hello Leslie,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am a spirit rescuer and a demonologist, and also a Christian with a very open mind.

    I am sorry you have had such a challenging life, but from what you have written here, I do not think you are haunted. You don’t mention any of the usual events that comes with hauntings, either by ghosts, or other nastier entities. Things like feeling you had something nasty around you trying to control you, or hearing voices that tell you to do nasty things (to yourself or others), or hearing footsteps or seeing things out of the corner of your eye, or having entities appear right in front of you, or having nightmares. Did you experience any of that over the years?

    Demons are more subtle than ghosts, they ‘inhabit’ if they can, and ‘influence’ our behaviour if we let them. We learn to fear their presence, not ‘fear’ we might have them around us, because they like to be noticed by the person they are harassing, and subtle games turn into a nightmare very quickly when they are there. If there had been one around, you would know, you would not need to ask that question.

    In life one decison leads to another, and its very easy to look back and see where we went off track, and then look for reasons for doing so that take away our responsibility for having made those decisions ourselves. It is a metaphysical belief that we choose all the major events of our lives for what we can learn from them, for good or evil. Where predictions are concerned .. they are just that .. predictions – possibilities not ‘facts’ – and we can change the path we are walking in the blink of an eye. No prediction is ever entirely accurate, nor can it not be defeated in some way. It is always up to us. But if we focus on the negative we can draw the negative to us, and we can make decisions that end up doing us more harm than good just because of what we ‘fear’ might happen, or because we believed something an ouija entity said, or half believed it, or wondered about it, because everything we have ever heard, seen or done, is stored in our subconscious mind awaiting retrieval under the appropriate circumstances. In a sense we then become a ‘self fulfulling prophecy’. So it is very easy to look back and say “I would have done such-and-such differently if I had not had ‘that’ message”.

    Would whatever happened to you have happened anyway, its entirely possible. How you reacted to it could then be influenced by the ouija prophecies. The dark can know some things about our future, but they can never know ‘how’ we will react to what they say. That is always up to us, and we can choose a path that takes us back ‘into the Light’ so to speak, anytime we like. Yes, from a challenging time it can be harder to do, and hurt more and possibly cost more (physically or emotionally), but if we are totally determined to do so, we CAN turn our lives around.

    The past creates who we are today, but we create the future. My suggestion is two things – 1) forget the prophecies, ignore them. I know its harder to do than say, but .. each time a bit of it comes to mind say “No, I negate you” (I deny you), and go and do something positive with your energy instead. Hugging trees comes to mind, because trees take negativity from us and give back positive energy. It might sound silly, it really isn’t. And the other is this ..

    This is the Michael Invocation. If there is something negative around you this will remove it and you can get on with living the rest of your life in the best way you can.


    Read it through a few times to get an understanding of the message, and then say it out loud. It has changed thousands of people’s lives over the years, and may well change yours. Questions are welcome here, or through links direct to me on that site.

    Love & Peace

    • Isn’t it safer to say it in your mind?

      • Why would it be safer, Computerfreak? And .. its more powerful for a person to speak out loud, they put more of their energy, and their breath (breath of life) into the speaking .. so its best to say it outloud.

        Love & Peace

    • Hello Ama,
      Thanks for your input. I understand what your views are and I appreciate the time you took to explain them to me. The ouija board experience was something obviously new to me and it was the only time I have ever been exposed to one. The woman who initiated it was in her early 60′s and I was a young girl. Why the memory has stayed with me is because of the fruition of several of it’s ‘predictions’, which happened much later in my life. As I wrote prior, I was easgerly anticipating attending college and the ball was rolling in just that direction. I had not an inkling of and idea or plan to marry at just 17….the board predicted I would not attend college and i would marry instead, within the next 5 months’ time. In an alarming turn of events my parents and the parents of a somewhat ‘steady boyfriend’—who was in basic training for the Air Force and in Texas and being deployed to England—made the decision that I should marry him before his deployment and join him in England upon my graduation from high school. The ‘prediction’ was in early November, ’68. The marriage took place in Mar., ’69. The parents had no knowledge that my coach had used the ouija board with me. It predicted I would have 3 children but only 2 would survive. My middle child committed suicide after enduring a lengthy illness in Oct., ’10. I certainly hadn’t given the board a passing thought in over forty-some odd years. It predicted multiple marriages, to the exact number. I don’t call these occurrences coincidences. But nor do I know how I could be ‘told’ these points about my life–which were completely laughable at the age of 17–to then have them become reality in my lifetime. There were other insignificant little things as well. The three I mentioned were all devastating to my life for their own reason.
      I have seen ‘shadows’ and ‘movement’ my entire life. I have experienced intense dreams that were ‘in sync’ with the person I was dreaming about. I have many intuitive moments which I have learned to greatly appreciate. Do I think I have ‘ability’ more than the next person? No, of course not. I pay attention and when I sense something I heighten that concentration. But that’s all I know to do.
      I will definitely read over what you reccommended and I thank you for that. I was concerned with seeming ridiculous, but since my son’s death I am searching for some kind of understanding. It was that event that sent my mind back to age 17.

  3. I believe I had a parasitic entity that attached itself to me from childhood until recently. I found I had to stand up to this being and create a life full of life. Showing I was in control helped tremendously.

    By the way, I have story after story after story I could tell about this entity that changed shapes, loved terrorizing me and eventually became so sure of itself that it wasn’t even shy when others were present.

    This thing was not nor had it ever been human – I don’t know how I know this, but I know it to be factual.

    I feel like I am a magnet for spiritual energies and sometimes negative things are drawn to me. I don’t know how or why this is, but it’s been with me since birth (or at least since I recall) and I’ve only recently been willing to accept it fully and try to learn what I can. Eventually, I’d love to help others like me.

    • Hi Robyn,

      How did you get rid of it?

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama,

        I stopped showing fear – that was very difficult to do. I also made it abundantly clear that this “thing” had NO place in my life and would not be tolerated.

        Whatever this negative thing was, it fed off my fears and grew stronger with them. You could literally see the joy on it’s face when I became terrified…the more scared I was, the happier it seemed.

        I also put iron under my mattress, said prayers and visualized a brilliant cleansing light around my entire home. I remember getting this visualization just right when I could see the light shinning out the windows even. I am a firm believer in this type of defense…especially now.

        I verbally welcomed light and positive energy into my home…happily ready to coexist with the good, but banished the bad.

        I cleansed my home with a white candle, sage, visualizing light and with a bell. There wasn’t an inch left spiritually neglected!

        I couldn’t have done this on my own. I had a friend, Jack Montgomery, who has dealt with such things all his years and he really knew his business.

        But I believe more than anything the refusal to give up my sanity and quality of life any longer was what wiped this thing out of my life.

        Mind you, it was me who was haunted and not a home as it had followed me since childhood and showed itself in every place I’ve ever lived. Both day and night it made itself known, but was worse at night. It got to the point my daughter woke up terrified and I actually refused to sleep unless it was daylight and I wasn’t alone….pretty bad!

        Months have passed since I’ve felt it’s presence and I can honestly say I’m no longer terrified.

        • Robyn,
          That is quite incredible!!! What you have described to me sounds like something of the demonic. I also read some of the things you did to rid yourself of it, and I have to say you were pretty “spot on” with most of it!!! Fear is what demons feed on and surrounding yourself with white light; brilliant!!! I believe this white light to be the light of God or the Supreme Being, or what ever people of other beliefs call Him/her. Someone else mentioned on here, and I would have to agree, evil can not occupy the same space as love! Glad your friend could give you such good advice and assistance! Keep those positive thoughts and love in your heart and may love and light surround you! Glad to hear such a positive ending to a scary story!!

          • Thank you.

            For me, when I stopped feeling helpless I felt empowered enough to take some control. I don’t think demons can read your mind – your body language and energy, yes…but not your mind….and so I simply faked being confident until I really was…lol.

          • Faking works for me. LOL No, demons cannot read your mind, unless you direct your thoughts ‘at’ them, and I don’t recommend it. Don’t give them permission to do anything for you, at you, or with you. They are not to be trusted.

            Love & Peace

  4. That’s very good to hear, Robyn. What you did is almost the same as what I recommend to people when they are haunted like this. Every situation is different and specific to the person who is experiencing it. What I do find is that some people actually do not want to let go of their entity, on a subconscious level .. they either think they deserve it, or are enjoying the experience in an odd way. But we do what we can for as long as we can. We cannot ‘make’ someone let go. It always comes down to their choice.

    Love & Peace

    • I didn’t realize I had a choice for a very, very long time. Once I knew I could take some control – no matter how little at a time – I felt a sense of hope. Hope is something negative energy doesn’t like…at least that’s how it felt. Hope = defeat for this thing.

      Ama would you agree with Luna and say this thing may have been demonic? Personally, it felt REALLY bad and terrified me to no end. I gave it power for years and it got stronger and stronger…but I still hesitate to call it a demon as it never really hurt me…it was the most evil I’ve encountered, but to me a demon would be 100% bad. While I never seen any good from this thing, I can’t say for certain it was ALL evil…Perhaps I just don’t want to admit how bad it was..I don’t know.

      • No, I don’t think it was demonic. I think it was ‘elemental’, in the sense that it was created from the elementals of the earth, the same as we are.

        Let me explain. Human beings create energy all the time, both positive and negative. Walk into a room that has been full of angry people and sensitive souls will ‘feel’ the anger. It’s still floating about in the atmosphere until it is directed elsewhere, or cleansed. Walk into a place full of love, and most people just want to sit down and bask for a while. We soak it up, just like we soak up the anger and lose our tempers. Sometimes what happens is that the energy gathers together into a shape, say a round one, instead of dissolving, and gets bigger and bigger as more energy of the type (anger in this case) is attracted to the ball. This anger element (elemental) is attracted to the same emotion, whether in the room, or in another room next door, or out in the street. It flows towards the emotion, and hits the person who is feeling it. I know this because it has happened to me. It was not ‘anger’, it was disorientation, and I ended up flat on my back in my healing centre office unable to lift my head off the floor for the dizziness it created. This being was not very intelligent, but it was very disruptive, and took me 45 minutes to clear from my system, once I realised what had happened.

        So, as a child, I believe something like this attached itself to you, and grew with you. It gathered intelligence as you did. That’s another thing they do, gather quasy intelligence, certainly enough to know when its time to let go and find a more willing meal .. unless we catch them first and turn them back into the atoms from which they were created. I know of one lady who was wearing an entity that looked like a giant prawn, with its ‘legs’ all through her chakra system. She was sure it was killing her. We released it before that happened, but it took her six weeks to feel almost normal. You are changed after an experienced like that, you can’t help but be. She had never experienced anything metaphysical in her life, and nearly died of something she had only been ‘wearing’ for a few weeks.

        There’s another thought, Robyn, you had been wearing it for so long, that in some ways its now part of your energy, and certainly has a lot of your energy within it. If it were me I’d be sending angels (Michaels) after the thing and making sure they dissolved it. You can do this. Your energy is yours to command, no matter where it ends up.

        BTW, some people call these entities daemon, not demons, but I just call them attachments, because of what they do. There are far more of them than there are of demons, in this world.

        Love & Peace

        • This makes so much sense and so much of what you’ve said is what I’ve felt without being able to really communicate it well.

      • Hello Robyn,
        I did state that it sounds demonic, but I can not know for sure. From your description, it seemed to behave as demons do, but it could be an earth bound or lost spirit, inciting fear into you to take your energy, because that is what they “feed” on. Ama will explain this in great detail, but tell me, did you feel drained and depressed at times? if so, that is because this entity was feeding off your fear. Inciting fear is a demons MO, but what made me say demon was the fact that, intuitively, you stated that you believed it to be non human. It also could have been an elemental, daemon or some energy created being like a Tulpa( but you would have had to generate that yourself, as it is created by us, knowingly or not!) There are a multitude of possibilities, but at any rate, I am glad that it is no longer around tormenting you. Yes, Ama is the expert in the area of demons and demonology, but she also does spirit rescue and can help to identify, with more info from you(preferably privately) about this entity.


        that was info on Tulpas.

        This one is about elementals.


        You will have to ask A.J. Ryder about daemons!!! Sorry. couldn’t find any info!!! Best of Luck!!!

  5. u definately attached with demon but it is good demon can’t rid of it now try not to use for bad things if so there could be happen 2 things

    1st if the spirit that attached with u get habbit of doeing bad things it leads u down to earth at last get kills u

    2nd if the spirit dont want do bad things it goes away from u and the bad spirit comes to u . it is dangerous to ur life

    all demons are not bad u r lucky dont make it to do bad things. un less that spirit is not bad it can walk into church or any other devine places with u and help u. ask that spirit to show the path of the God it guide u the path

    it is possible only when ur demon is good one

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