Possession: Medical Mystery or Demons?

My question is, we’ve all heard of demonic possession, but is it legit?

On the one hand people have been known to speak in languages unknown to them, demonstrate psychokinesis, levitate etc. As well as seemingly demonic traits, such as being repulsed by anything religious, and have even been “Exorcised.”

On the other hand, Medical science has discovered things such as schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder etc., which goes some way to explaining it.

I can’t help but notice a large amount of these demonic possessions happen to seemingly religious people, is the exorcism just feeding into the idea that they have been invaded by an alien entity? The psychic shock of the exorcism using the power of suggestion to cast the possessed’s own personal demons? Or is it really the power of a God banishing the beast?


Asked by BigJim13

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  1. A great question BJ!

    My answer would have to be …. BOTH! It can either be medical or superantural.

    There are tests which can determine whether medical conditions will match the ‘possessed’ behavioural symptoms. However, there are some cases which simply defy all medical reasoning and knowledge.

    I notice that more practicing Catholic’s seem to get ‘possessed’ more than any other. I think, in a lot of cases, it is hysteria that is behind the problem. The reason I say that, is because I can not believe how it can take a qualified exorcist weeks, or months of intensive multiple exorcisms to try and bannish a demon from a victim. If administered correctly, it should only take one exorcism – two at the most. In these cases, I believe that the victim has actually conjured up their own self-made daemon which then turns on them. In other words, they get possessed by their own negativity.

    There are, however, many genuine cases of demonic possesson – but one exorcism administered correctly and fully would sort that out. – not loads of visits back to the priest.

    That’s my thoughts on the matter, anyway …


    • Good morning BJ & AJ,

      I agree with everything you said here. What I have noticed of some ‘exorcism’ services I have seen on the tv, is that the people are very much caught up in the idea of being possessed by negative beings as a reason for their behaviour, rather than confronting their own fears and fancies. Some people even create them so that they can feel they are ‘part of the group’, or church.

      Real possession is nothing like the the small obsessions that our minds can develop. And exorcisms can be quiet and simple, when a person truly wants to be free. On the other hand, we can also choose to hang on to our possessers, just like we hang on to bad attitudes. I wish there was an easy solution for some of the cases I know of.

      Love & Peace

      • They film exorcisms and show them on TV??????????? Did I read that right?????

        Good grief!!

        Are these show’s more a gimmick (for ratings) thing, rather than anything to be taken too seriously?? I would hope so – exorcisms are not and should not be for entertainment value.

        I agree with your comment about exorcisms that can be “quiet and simple”.


        • Hi AJ,

          Have you not seen the ones where the preacher lays hands on the person, they begin to shake and growl and God steps in and clears the ‘spirit of something or other’ out of them? I am always puzzled when the church identifies a spirit as a demon .. but .. they do that here in Oz too. The person then declares themselves healed, or not.

          And yes, exorcisms (serious ones) are recorded, but not shown on tv, thank heavens. We don’t need to give people ideas.

          Love & Peace

          • Oh! THOSE tv programs – LOL – I always put ‘those’ programs down the theatrics. It’s a great way to get people to part with their money – hahaha!

            That said, if someone feels better for having been healed by a lay-preacher, then where’s the harm …?


          • Hmm… my simple ‘cure’ message was supposed to be about the tv program, not the demons eating a man? I know I clicked on the right ‘reply’ button. Very odd.

            Love & Peace

          • None that I can see, at the time. I am all for a simple cure. Hopefully the people get more serious help if the cure wears off?

            Love & Peace

  2. I’m not disputing the idea of demonic possession as I believe it is indeed possible, and more than likely has happened. But, I believe we get ourselves into a very sticky area when we use demonic possession as an excuse for abnormal behavior, when more often that not, it can be medically explained. Sometimes I think it’s easier for people to believe that they are being influenced negatively by an outside entity rather than admitting that they may be mentally ill and require some type of therapy, or medication. After all, it’s easier to point the finger than accept responsibility for things that are less than pleasant. Those who are religious have more than likely been exposed to stories of possession somewhere in their upbringing, therefore it is an easy place to look when and if they find the need to blame someone other than themselves for negative behavior. It’s a slippery slope, and I may be completely wrong, this is merely my opinion.

  3. As an after thought, I found a short story some time ago, that sort of relates to this subject, and deals more with the self creation of demons, that A.J. pointed out above. It’s an interesting read if anyone is interested titled “Dempsey’s Demons”.


    • Cool! Off to have a nosie …


      • Thank you .. (exit stage left following AJ).

        Love & Peace

        • Hmm… gee I hope self-creating demons is not ‘that’ easy.

          Love & Peace

          • I loved the part where the two daemon’s admit to eating the miserable old duffa so to dispose of the body in a tidy fashion – hahaha!


        • I agree Ama! Though I do love a good scary story…which probably explains my propensity to hang out around sites such as these.

          I liked the story a lot too, AJ. The writer definitely has some talent.

  4. From what I understand, it is very difficult to get the catholic church to even consider doing an exorcism. My understanding is that they won’t attempt it unless a doctor has agreed that there is nothing medically wrong with these people, and this can take months, and you have to prove possession by exclusion of every other explanation. . As for why Christians become demon possessed? I believe in God the father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As a believer, i am targeted by Satan. What threat am I if I don’t believe anyway? Satan’s job is to keep people out of heaven- why bother with non-believers? .

  5. Hi Stacie,

    And yet possession happens all over the world, in nearly all religions, and some people take it on willingly???

    Guess that might mean everyone goes to heaven.

    Love & Peace

  6. schizo patients doesnt levitate.
    it is the power of The CREATOR that negatine entity who possess leave the victim.
    power of suggesstions? it is possible but of an alien nature? that i dont know. aliens wont possess anybody, aliens will take your body, if it is a friendly alien, it will ask your permition.

    i hate those psychiatrists, who thinks they are mightier than GOD, who thinks they are always right. my advise to those psychiatrist who doesnt believe in this is why dont you try exorcism on yourself?


  7. demons does exist the only way to beat it is show no fear!

  8. We can debate on this subject as much as we can. But nothing we say or do will change the mind set of someone. As i read a few of the comments i realised that every boddy has their own idea and won’t give in to the fact that they might be wrong. To me schizophrenia is just a clever word created by a pchicologist that does’t believe in paranormal, ghosts or demons. Someone i call narrow minded. But thats my opinion and every body has their own opinion.
    There are ways to you can see the difrence in demonic possesion and a mental illness. But give the condition the benefit of the dought.

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