Past lives in England and France?

From a very young age I have always known there was something different about me. I insisted on wearing “party” dresses I called my “marry” dresses and “party” shoes and ruffled socks. I live in a very cold part of America where snow pants and boots are essential but to no avail I would still insist on my dresses.

I have always been prim and proper with fine etiquette. I feel like 1400′s – 1500′s dress is how I should dress to this day and I am able to talk in that manner as well. I read books on kings and queens and can relate and say “well yeah that’s how things went”.

I know and feel certain things when I see pictures of places in England and France almost like a longing. I find myself now talking in an accent very easily and people think it’s funny but it feels so normal to me. Sometimes I find myself crying because it all feels so normal but so far away and that I will forever be unable to capture that happiness. Weird I know.

What do you guys think? Thank you.

Asked by Lindsey

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  1. Hello Lindsay,

    My name is Ama and I remember all of my past lives, and ‘between lives’ rather well .. rather too well sometimes, when it comes to one that invades my ‘reality’ now, and sometimes stops me just being ‘who I am’ today. I was buried alive once, and left to die. I suffocated. The man who buried me is an old friend in this lifetime, in that lifetime he was my brother and I inherited the ‘money’ in the family. I am sure you get the picture. I remember everything about myself, but mostly particularly I remembered how I died.

    When I first connected to the memory of that lifetime it was a ‘small bother’, until one day I had to have a medical check called an MRI, which is where they put you in a tunnel and scan your brain and muscles for problems. You are slid into a machine, that is about 6 inches above your nose .. and they slid me into the machine, and I hit the memory, or it HIT ME .. and I lost it completely and started to cry and beg to be let out, and lived in the horror of that ending for a few hours afterwards, shaking myself to pieces.

    Now, I know you are not caught up in anything like that, but you are allowing a past life memory to overshadow who you are today. I know how fascinating it can be to touch on another culture, believe me .. I have lived in many countries around the world, over many lifetimes, but you are HERE NOW .. you are ‘Lindsay’ who I will guess doesn’t live in england or france, and doesn’t actually speak with that accent ..

    The memory of past lives is given to use so that we can balance the behaviour of one lifetime (karma) with better behaviour in this one. When you are ‘feeling’ you are inside that memory, look around you and see what ‘seems’ familiar (as if it belonged to both lives) or look at the events that are happening, and try and see what your mind is trying to teach you. But .. don’t stay there. It’s not healthy to become trapped in the past, just like its not healthy to be trapped in a memory of being buried alive.

    Yesterday, at an ex-lunatic aslyum, a ghost group and I went into the mortuary and some of my friends laid down on the drawers of the ‘cooler’ (where they kept the dead bodies) and were slid into the darkness and had the doors closed on them. It’s not very big inside there, actually bigger than I expected .. because I did it too. I want to conquer this fear I have of being buried alive. It messes with my mind once and a while, and I want to ‘live’ wholely present, right now, and truly be the person that I am .. so that ‘fear’ has to go.

    Who you were can bring you great joy, and acting out the past can also, but it is NOT who you are now. Spend a little time ‘playing in the past’ but don’t get lost there. You belong with us here.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Ama-

    That is quite fascinating that you can remember so much from your past lives. I myself am trying to figure out why there is such a connection to that time period and what it means for me in the “present”. Quite frankly I am not sure. What I do know though is that I am here in this “present” time for a reason. I wonder if I were to regress and see what in that life went wrong and if it needs to be fixed in this life?

    Question- What do you do in between lives? Do you always come back to earth with the same souls around you? How do our souls pick a person to live in?

    Sorry I know I asked a bunch of questions but you are so knowlegeable and I know you don’t judge.


    • Hi Lindsay,

      Yes, we are all here for a ‘reason’ .. the reason being that we chose to be here. We are all important to the greater scheme of things, because every person is a vital link in a web of energy that covers this planet, which is known as humanity.

      Regression therapy can be very helpful, but I do recommend you first meet the person who will assist in this, to make sure you are happy with them .. because it takes trust to allow another to be so close to you when you are vulnerable.

      What do I do between lives .. have a holiday? :-) I am overdue one, I think. There was only about seven years between my last death and being born this time (the norm is 80-90 years, if not longer). It was not enough. LOL We exist as part of our family, without separation .. without individuality, which is only a human trait. So many people fear death because they think they will vanish, or not be themselves, but the truth is this small aspect of ‘myself’ called Ama .. is nothing in comparison with who I am when I go Home. I am so much ‘everything’, so much loved, so much at peace .. if we didn’t get so bored with ‘instant manifestation’ we would probably never come back here.

      Most of the time people come back with the same souls, who are a part of their collective group (soul group/family). We all play different roles for each other in all our lives. Sometimes we are born into other groups, but, once we have grown, we tend to be drawn back to ‘like minded people’ .. in other words, family.

      Souls don’t pick a person to live in. A body is created for them when the soul decides on the family it will be born into, who have the right criteria for what they want to achieve in the lifetime. That can be positive or negative energy, behaviours, genetics (for lessons through illnesses or disabilities), gifts, beliefs and so much more. It’s very complicated and I am grateful we don’t have to make the choices without help of our guides and angels.

      I hope that helps,
      Love & Peace

      • Ama-

        Yes, your explanation helps greatly. Thank-you for explaining so many different aspects of my questions.

        Why do people have to take so much time in between lives? You said it was 80-90 years and why do some come back almost immediately?

        I love that you said “soul groups” because as the years go on and as I grow as an individual it seems to me more and more people are feeling like old energy and that I have know them for “ever” haha :)

        Have a wonderful day!!

        • Hi Lindsay,

          At first thought, I thought I no idea why we take as long a holiday as we do between lives .. but I do know that if you don’t take the time, you do end up very tired, so it has to have something to do with energy .. and also with your healing process. A person who had a horrible life might be likely to take more time, if they have problems letting go of their pain and fear accumulated during the lifetime, or the other ego based issues that bind them as human. And in the scheme of things, of an infinite ‘forever’ of our spiritual lives, 80-90 years is not even a blink of an eye. It might seem long when we are in the body, but .. not really. As I get older, time is flying by far more quickly, even if the days still have 24 hours in them. Time is an illusion, one of the many we live in on this planet.

          Love & Peace

  3. Hi Lindsey

    Interesting! have you ever travelled to, or would like to travel to either England or France? Particularly those places which draw you in the most? These might spark off more memories.

    And what about history? Can you remember enough about things like the style of dress which would help to pin-point 1400′s – 1500′s in the specific country? Although French and English arastocracy dressed similarly there were a few differences? If you wore nice dresses chances are, you’d have been royalty or at least of the higher social order. The Renaissance period was quite turbulant so maybe, by studying the period again, you might get memories flooding back?

    I don’t remember past lives – but I do remember the inbetweenie bit. Not much to write home about there though – lol! I seem to have spent my time standing before a huge spherical shaped object, along with others (I could see 4 ‘others’, but more ‘others’ stood behind the sphere, out of my view), and just watched the world in the ‘refection’ of the sphere’s surface. And that it! No thought; no opinion; no emotion, just observation and reporting what I see to the powers that be.

    Told you it was nothing to write home about – lol!


    • Hey AJ,

      I did the ‘hunt the clothes’ thing when I was sorting out the timing of various lives (or the ‘hunt the helmets LOL). It does help. :-)

      Love & Peace

  4. A.J.-

    I really would like to travel to England and France. I think I need to do a regression or contemplative practice series before I do that so I can kind of pin point where I feel like I was at before I travel.

    The dresses I wore I know had a fitted bodice and a hoop skirt. I know they were finely made and they felt good. I know I had some sort of hood, but again I would have to regress to exactly know what it they looked like. I am going to attempt to do that.

    I have studied quite a bit on the subject and get small images of my past life. I see a very green grass and a beautiful gray castle on a hill with a brown walk way up to the house. I know and feel that there was stone steps that lead to my room. I feel like I really like to sit and look out a window. I know I really enjoyed entertaining people and loved to dress up. I feel like I always wanted to scent my hair because I couldn’t stand the smoke from the fire in my room smelling in my hair!! HAHA :D I was a little priss ;)

    That is quite interesting regarding your “inbetweeinie” life!! So you were around a sphere with (4) others? What the sphere any certain color? Where the other souls different colors? Did you guys pin point what or where or who you were watching? What time in the world were you in the “inbetween”? So fascinating!!


    Yes, being a good pupil is the key to success ;)

    • Hi Lindsey

      The ‘others’, like myself (ourselves actually, – I was part of a collective energy, just as each of the others were a collective), had no physical form. We were just pure energy. We may have looked identical, but we had different tasks given for each collective to perform. We were also all connected to the spherical object.

      The spherical object was also made from pure energy. Pure, untarnished energy. It was a bright as the sun, but looked cool, not hot.

      As far as I can make out we were all observing humanity and acting on instructions when given. Unfortunatly, none of us had any personality of our own, so its difficult to say who did what or why.

      I seemed to have spent an eternity standing before that sphere before coming down here – lol!!

      It’s probably a memory of being an alien or something!??


  5. A.J.-

    I have to first say “CREEPY” ;) Who would give you the “tasks”? Sounds like you were a ufo haha!!

    • LOL! Yeah! It is odd!

      To answer your question, all I can say is the ‘source’ gave me /us instruction. The way I understand it, I was a part of an ‘other’ who, along with the other ‘others’ (lol!) were a part of a bigger ‘other’. Think of it as working like a mechanical clock. Each cog, no matter how small, has an important part to play, if the hands of the clock are to go round. Independantly the cog is nothing but, connected to the ‘others’ (see what I did there??) and you suddenly have a well oiled machine that keeps time.

      Other than that – no idea! LOL!


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