One Person Inhabited by 1 or More Demons?

Can a person be inhabited by 1 or more demons or evil beings, (Not) full on possessed?

My question is the title. But I Have been trying to research this since I was 15 off and on. When I was 15 My family brought this surprise couple over one night. When they came in the house around me, I instantly felt threatened by them, this great irritable feeling rose over me. I wanted them to leave. Later that night after dinner everyone disappeared upstairs. I went up to see why 7 of 8 people were upstairs with the there being only 3 rooms up there.

They were in my cousins room, there was a white wicker chair in the center of the room, my uncle was standing behind it and my aunt and my VERY young cousins were sitting on the bed. The couple that came for dinner was standing in front of the chair. They told me to come in and sit in the chair, I did so and they asked me do you believe in god. I said “yea” and they started reading scriptures. and had me repeat a few.

Then they went into a smaller little book, where he started reading in a different language, I assumed Latin… but I didn’t really know. (This is where the weird comes in)
I got an urge to started laughing… after a few minutes it wasn’t me, it was but it wasn’t, it was saying things, but I couldn’t understand, It was still in my voice… a tiny bit deeper tone… still my voice. The experience was scary. I felt tight in my skin, I couldn’t talk it was talking. But it wouldn’t let me know what it was saying so the language stayed foreign to me, It took every ounce of strength to make my head look to the right at my cousin, and when I saw her, her eyes got really wide and she quickly hid behind my aunt.

I started crying in the end. when it calmed down, they said how do you feel? I said fine.. But I felt the exact same as I did before. No change, no enlightenment, nothing. I didn’t know what they just did but it scared me.

The lady told me to follow her to the place where I sleep, I did and she looked at me and pointed across the room to my bed and said you have two demons that never leave there and there is one outside above the house, that one stays there.

The problem, is all of that was when I was 15 and I’m now 25. I feel worse then ever, I can actually feel them now. And they plague my mind with everything. I have to fight off bad thoughts and its taking a number on me socially. My boyfriend and I are trying to start going to church and become more spiritual. He knows what I’m going through and is helping me fight this and I know its still there. When I go to church I have an urge to laugh when they sing hymns and I went to talk to the pastor one on one with my boyfriend. I was looking for the same thing that happened to me before. You have to get it out first.

The pastor said he wanted to do a prayer for me. In the middle of his prayer I start laughing again, and this huge grin is on my face I have to force it off. I was so excited about going to church the night before and that morning, till I talked one on one with the pastor, then I got irritated I wanted to leave. I was getting angry. But Kris said, sam we need this. I forced myself to stay, even thought I was embarrassing myself from the urges of laughing in church service.

My uncle and aunt refuse to bring this up ever again. They aren’t even together anymore. I’ve had a lot of resentment towards them, I was depressed during that time, because my popa (father) passed away that past fall. So I was a mess. and then that happened, there have been a lot of physical and sexual abuse in my life as well since I was 9 by an uncle not of blood college friend of my parents.

But can you be inhabited? How does it work. I just want knowledge about what I’ve been living with all my life.

Asked by samantha

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  1. Firstly, I am sorry that you experienced so many traumatic things. No one should have to go through those things.
    This couple that came to your house, did you ever sense an evil presence in the room before their visit? Or only after? If there was no sense of an evil presence before, I think they may have made you believe there was something where there was, in reality, nothing. Power of suggestion. And to be honest, I’m having a difficult time accepting a pair of exorcists allowing your cousins to be in the room while their “exorcism” was taking place. An exorcism is not entertainment, it’s serious business, and risky. I just can’t imagine legitimate exorcists allowing young children to observe. Also, the woman stated there were “demons” in your room. If that were the case, it seems that performing an exorcism on the house, instead of you, would have been the correct action. All in all, the description of this couple leaves me skeptical of their honesty.
    A demon’s goal is possession. Plain and simple possession. If you had been demonically oppressed for this long an amount of time, I believe a full possession would have taken place already. You don’t mention any blackout periods, and you seem to remember everything that happens during church services and prayer. That is a very positive sign. People who are possessed blackout when the demon takes control, and have no memory of anything. The fact that you remember everything indicates to me that you are not dealing with a demon. And if you had been inhabited for this long, you would have been possessed long ago.
    My personal opinion is that your issues are not being caused by paranormal influences. After all that you endured, I think you may be experiencing emotional problems rather than spiritual. If you are not currently in counselling, I suggest you give it a try. Emotional trauma is damaging, but it sounds as though you also experinced some religious trauma with the “exorcists” you met at 15. Try working through the emotional situation, and the religious situation work out as well.

  2. Hello Samantha,

    I also want to laugh in church, but I don’t see it as sinister. :-) Everything is so solemn and serious, and God, to me, is so full of love and happiness, that all that seriousness just doesn’t work – and often tickles my sense of humour, as well as making me feel rather guilty for the thought. You’ll probably know the phrase ‘they need to ‘lighten up”. And so I often smile in all the wrong moments, including when I was being ‘exorcised’ (without my permission) by a Bishop one evening on the day before he Confirmed me into the Anglican church. I was 29 at time. That was 20 years ago .. wow. LOL

    I have to agree with everything that SnowWolf has suggested to you. I am not sure which ‘church’ those people were from, but there was no way they would do a serious exorcism of you in front of your family if they had any true knowledge of the problem of demons. If you really had a demon (one or more) within you it might jump to one of them, just to start with. But – they could have implanted in you thoughts that you are possessed, and you could be manfesting that fear in what you say you are ‘feeling’ now. From what you have written I think possession of any kind sounds very unlikely, as SnowWolf says, it would have been a hell of a lot worse by now.

    Some churches blame any sort of ‘bad’ behaviour, or rebellious behaviour, on demons .. everything is demons .. they NO IDEA.

    I also would like to know if you are receiving counselling to help you deal with all those painful experiences from your youth? You have to want to change, and let go of past hurts, but its worth it. It can change your life, for the better.

    I am not discounting the emotional trauma you are going through right now, but from my training as a demonologist, you have not said anything that I would see as true possession.

    You can check me out from this site. I am listed under Friends. My name is Ama Nazra.

    And if you would like to, you can start clearing your energy of any ghosts that might be around through this invocation: // the instructions are on the page.

    Another explanation is that you might be a natural medium, one ghosts can speak to other people through, so I would learn about psychic protection and use the personal shields and house shields on this page: there’s other information there that might help you understand what is happening .. without it being demons. Ghosts and spirits are Not demons. Demons are a whole different energy.

    If I can help with anything else, you can contact me here, or from my webpages -

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • thank you for all your information. my eyes started watering when both of you explained that its not demons. no, im not in any counciling. I have thought about it, but second guessed because of my experience of childhood councling about being raised by my grandparents instead of my own parents. but I’m going to take a look at the links you have givin me. thank you

      • You are welcome.

        Love & Peace

      • Happy to be of some help :)

      • Samantha,
        First, let me start by sharing a few thoughts with you…
        About the “grin”. This smile would come over you as if it felt it would tear your face, right?
        The laughing was uncontrollable, yet nothing was funny.
        Did you ever experience a sensation of something flowing through your lower back and up, right before an “attack”?
        You were fully awhare of your surroundings, yet could not control your actions. You could actually hear what was coming from your mouth, but it wasn’t your words, right?
        As for the watering of your eyes. When you hear or read certain things, your eyes well up with tears. Not crying, but simply watering, right? This is a common accurance for you.
        I should know. I’ve lived through this for 33 months. For me, I was set free in September, 2011… not too long ago.
        10 years is too long. Heck, 33 months was too long. Let me share some light quickly: You are not possessed, that’s the good news. Rather, you are inhabited. I’m referring to demons, probably many. Don’t be fooled. Ghosts and spirits, at least, evil spirits, are demons pretending to be something other than what they truley are.
        Seek some sort of therapy if you feel compelled too, but no medication will help. Don’t ever believe you’re “crazy”. Your pastor will agree there is a spiritual war being waged, and you seem to have a front row seat. Somehow a “door” was opened. Being that young surprises me, but I’m no expert. But I seem to know more than most pastors, ministers, and preachers since I personally lived it for so long.
        The advise you received about Jesus is correct. But there is something you need to do on top of prayer in order to cease these manifestations. And yes, it’s Biblical.
        If anything I say moves you, I’ll share more. If not, that’s ok. I don’t believe I found this blog by accident. Rather I typed in the word “inhabited” and found this site. Interesting how we’re led to something we didn’t have the original intention on finding, yes? God never ceases to amaze.

  3. since you were abused you may need help spiritually and psychologically. A psychologist to help with the abuse and a priest may have to pray for you also. sounds like something that could be sinister. I know because some of those things have happened to my family members also. We had to get the Catholic churches help for a exorcism and blessings. we also went to a doctor for psychological help. We still have problems also with all this help.

  4. I agree that Church can be something fun and I laugh when I’m preaching because God is Love and He is Joy. But at what point you laughed and the short temperment does suggest something within is a miss. Demons can’t jump into someone at will who is saved unless they are invited in to that host. Go to the doctor as suggested try to resolve it physicaly if possible, but if it doesn’t work there is such a thing as demonic opression. That is when the demon isn’t possesed but instead is attacked by manipulating your emotions, perception, and all other forms of our senses to cause you to dout yourself. If no medical expert can find anything wrong or you still feel bothered do not fear a demon dear. People give them way, way, way to much credit for what they can do. From what I have read you are a Christian so know that God (through His Son) has given you power over spirits. When you cast out demons or battle a demon you don’t need symbols (e.g. cross, beads, candles, holy water) you need only the name of Jesus and they have to obey. Demons try to make themselves seem big and bad but it’s all just for show. Kept saying your commandment starting with “In the name of Jesus __ ______” They could leave instantly or it may take 5min or even 5hrs but I promise you they will leave. I have fought them hundreds of times so I’m not pulling this advice out of thin air, it just seems like people have made them out to be so much worse than they really are. Take the advice given to you above seek professional medical help first and if it doesn”t get better then yes plese tanke up Ms/Mrs(?) Nazra or feel free to reply to this and I’ll give you my info and I will try and help. I will keep you in my prayers and God bless you.

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