Old Woman in My Dreams

I am Native American and I keep haveing this old woman appear to me and speak to me. She always comes to me at night. I really need your help.

Asked by Michelle Waters

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    How long has she been coming to you, and what is the lady saying?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. She has been coming to me for a really long . she keeps saying that if i did not shutup when i go to bed she would kill me.. she also told me it was my fault that my grandfather past away.

  3. What happened to your grandfather? Is his wife living? Do you recognise this lady at all? I wonder if she’s his mother?

    In the meantime,

    This is the Michael Invocation. It is designed to help both the living and the dead. Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is asking, and then say it out loud .. and really mean it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, or angels .. because I do. It works for everyone, through my authority.

    In the name of Jesus Christ,
    Archangel Michael,
    Remove all attachments from me,
    All negative energy forms,
    All negative thought forms,
    All heavy energy forms.
    All intruders and mischief makers,
    All astral forces and dominants,
    All small demons and large demons,
    including succubus and incubus.
    All living humans who try to steal my energy,
    Or do me any other harm,
    Find all humans in Spirit who are Lost around me,
    and take them Home.
    Remove all threads and bindings
    All cords and ties
    All chains and devices of any kind
    All curses and hexes on any level
    And all karmic patterns which are self-defeating
    Return me to my perfect energy now please
    Thank you.

    Use this and then tell me how you are in a few days,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • Who is the lady?
      Is he uggly?
      dose she look familiar?
      pleese awnser

  4. michelle, the lady in your dreams maybe trying to tell you something and your not listening to her properly so she is feeling frusterated. open your mind and the answers will appear.

  5. Usually dream figures like this end up being aspects of ourselves trying to inpart information that we just won’t accept or acknowledge when awake.
    The ‘ old woman ‘ in you – even if someone is male – is the old, wise, careful part of yourself – the mother figure or grand mother figure.
    EG You may be young and out having fun and then this old woman in a dream warns you of evil or danger…..that’s the ‘ old woman ‘ in you acknowledging what you may be calling “fun”, may not actually be the right thing to be doing and you know its a bit over the top, but you’re going to go out and do it again because its fun!
    Part of you knows subconsciously you shouldn’t and the dream is an aspect of that knowledge trying to be recognised.
    Is she an old lady you know in real life or a stranger?
    What is she saying?
    If it is a reoccurring dream, there is usually something you are ‘ not listening to ‘ in your waking life, so you keep having it – almost like a post it note under your nose every day to point something out to you.

  6. Does she scare you. Does she make you feel guilty. Do you feel like its a dream or just before you dream like she is there in the shadows talking to you?

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