Need Advice Horrible Dreams and Hearing Voices

I need advice. Myself and my brother have voices in our head. We see things and dream horrible things. The doctors say its a mental disease but we know there’s more going on. Please help everyone thinks we are crazy.

Asked by Amanda Shoup

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  1. Can you give a little more detail? So far it sounds like your doctor is right, but if ypu can give more detail that might help us better understand where you are coming from.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I agree with Janna, please tell us what you are actually experiencing.

    There is a mental disorder called schizophrenia where people here voices that tell them to do really bad things to themselves, or other people. Sometimes it can be controlled with medication, and I hope, if this what is happening for you and your brother, that it can be.

    On the other hand .. there is a psychic gift called clairaudience, which means ‘clear hearing’ where you also hear voices .. and if you are like me, a medium who can help ghosts cross into heaven .. sometimes they can sound pretty nasty.

    I can’t say what you are experiencing until I have more details, so please .. tell me more..

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. When did the bad dreams start? How long have you heard the voices or been seeing things? Did you or your brother engaged on something paranormal recently, like playing the Ouija board, contacting the dead, play spiritual games or witch craft? Have you disturbed sacred items, or have you gone exploring into old buildings and may have disturbed something or brought back some thing from a known haunted area?

    There is not much information with your question for any of us to deduce or confirm if it is paranormal or not. Spirits will not bother you instantly unless you may have done something to aggravate it or provoke it.

    With just a very short question my first impression is that it sounds very similar to a condition called “Schizophrenia”, I suggest you follow the doctor’s advice. I strongly do not suggest you consult for the paranormal unless you have cleared all rational possibilities.

    If you strongly fee that what you are experiencing is paranormal, give us further details so that we may be able to come up with something.

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