Native American Indian in Full Head Dress?

My 15 year old granddaughter has seen a Native American Indian in full head dress standing in her room by the door. He picked a feather from his headdress and was handing to her. She did not take it, she was scared pulled the covers over her head, waited a few minutes looked out and he was still there, put did not have the feather in his hand.

He did not talk but she knew he was real and she was not dreaming, she had to go to the bathroom and she was awake she even pinched herself to make sure.

Asked by Pat

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  1. You should ask her to describe the indian more, and see if you can Identify his tribe. Does she have Native-American ancestory? If so, this could be a big factor. You should also try to get her to explain the manner in which he offered the feather. Sometimes, it could be a gift from the spirits, others, an omen. Best of luck,


  2. I too awoke to see a Native American in full dress standing in my doorway. I was about 13 perhaps. I am on here now trying to find out what the significance of this might be. Recently I told a native american of this happening, he looked at me, and expressed disbelief. I see it as an honor, and I hope she does too!

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