My Sons Ghost?

Last night, I had just turned off the TV laying in bed trying to go sleep, when I heard one of my 19 month old twin sons say, “Momma.” I opened my eyes and towards the ceiling I saw his ghost, I tried to reach out to him, I was telling him, “No come here you cant leave me” soon enough it vanished.

I looked beside me to see if they were both there and they were. I then put my hand on his chest to check if he was still breathing and he was. After that, I couldn’t sleep in that room anymore. So, I moved to my mothers room and slept in there with her and my sons.

Can you please tell me what this means ? I am so scared just thinking of his ghost. I need some answers as soon as possible!

Asked by Kristy

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  1. Hi Kristy,

    It wasn’t your son’s ghost, it was a his spirit. A ghost is a spirit that has not returned to heaven after the person dies, but while we are alive we remain attached to our bodies the whole time we are busy on the astral plane – which is why what he was doing is called astral travelling – which is what happens when our spirit leaves our body and goes to visit heaven again. We all do it when we are sleeping, its normal and healthy.

    If you do see him doing this again, and both twins will be doing so .. be mom and tell him to ‘go back to bed’. And don’t worry about it.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • Ama Nazra, where did you get such theologies ?

      kristy , there are demons and no such ghosts existing in this world. a dead soul cannot return to the world in any ways impossible and they are preserved for judgement.
      there are two categories 1) a person living for Christ and obey his commandments in his daily life and focused on his goal. 2) just living the his sake and enjoying all the sins in this world and with then their souls are dead itself but they do live. in such case what all deceptions satan had made in this world will be applicable and will undergo.
      you could have faced the second one and first seek the kingdom of God.

      • Hi Hari,

        You might never have experienced ghosts or spirits, as I know that most people have not, but once you have you cannot go back to believing (not that I ever did) either of them are demons. Once you have experienced demons you will have no doubt ghosts and spirits exist – the difference in the energy of all three of them is a story unto itself. I have experienced all of them, and angels, and elemental beings, in my lifetime of training to work for God, and with the angels.

        I agree people should seek God, but pretending there are no ghosts, when one touches you, or talks to you (and is written about in the Bible), is very hard to do. And I don’t think God created us all to consider ourselves insane when we are born with a gift that allows us to ‘discern spirits’, which happens to be one of the ones accepted by various churches.

        Love & Peace

      • With all do respect Harri- I’m agreeing with AMA on this one. Ypu speak of sins and a 19 month old can not sin. His soul is too young and innocent. Sorry. Read some Sylvia Browne and ypu will better understand astral projection. Itsounds amazing and I wpuld love to have the gift tp do it one day!

        • Hello Anonymous,
          I just wanted to comment on the statement you speak of sins and a 19 month old cannot sin.” Don’t know if you know this, but once your born youre in a sinful state. Hence, the reason we grow old and die. May not sound fair, but we have our “loving parents” to thank for that (Adam & Eve). So that statement is incorrect. If you mean, if hes involved in sinful actions or deeds, true the baby is innocent. Unfortunately we all have inherited sin.

          • Oh SD, sometimes you say such great stuff, and then there’s this bit of nonsense. I know its your ‘opinion’, based on reading the bible, rather than actually researching any of its actual history’, but even logically the story of Adam and Eve is impossible. If they were the ‘parents’ of humanity .. the only ‘humans’ on the Earth ‘in the beginning’ .. then where did Cain’s wife come from, and then Seth’s. Adam and Eve only bred sons, no daughters … ‘ And Cain was not a ‘good’ parent .. apart from the fact that he never had kids, he was a murderer.

            It’s a great creator myth, based on Summerian, Mesopotamian and Egyptian creator stories, add in the Babylonian Epic of Atrahasis of the flood stories, and we have Noah and his family being the only humans and them breeding the population of the world ‘anew’ .. trouble with that one is that all the males are related to their father, so the family would breed to genetic mutations within three generations, and then die out.

            But in the meantime you just said that your own children are created in Sin .. and sin God abhors sin … not a good thought. People really do believe that God continues to condemn us without us having to do a thing? Don’t talk to me about God’s LOVE under those circumstances.

            You know something, I think God had the good sense to realise that living to a ripe old age (900 years) was counter-productive and so he shortened our lifespans to somewhere that allowed us to live generally healthily and not become a burden on our families. Of course, being human, we want to challenge God, like everyting else LOL and so we are working at lengthening our own lives again .. who knows where that will end up .. more depression, more alzheimers, more insanity? That’s what is showing through at the moment. I think God was wise to give us limits. But that is just my opinion.

            Love & Peace

          • Adam and Eve are a myth; the whole story is scientifically impossible. We could not have possibly come from just those two people as Adam and Eve, according to the Bible, had two sons and no daughters. Unless, of course you think there was some “inbreeding” going on, in which case, we should all be walking around with white hair and pink eyes and no pigment on our skin or other deformities, as is a result of “inbreeding.” Adam and Eve are just a story to teach a lesson.

          • According to most peoples understandanding of the Bible. Myself I do not see it that way. In fact I think it very possible that “Adam” referred to many more than just 1 male as “Eve” referred to multiple women. We cannot all agree on what the Bible is ‘talking’ about in the creation stories………….

          • it says in the bibal that to enter the kingdom of heaven one,must be,like a child “.let the little chilldren come to me because theirs us the kingdom of heaven”. i think that speaks for it self

  2. One more thing can any body help me get on a site where somebody has lost and child and that child comes back from beyond? plz n thx

    • Hello again Renee,

      You actually changed question site with this question.

      Stories like this are all over the internet. I don’t know of any one specific site? Does anyone else? I will ask a friend whose son died last year if she has found any and get back to you.

      Love & Peace

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