My Son’s Dark Figure Friend with Brown Glowing Hands?

I really hope some one can help put my mind at rest…

My son told me tonight about a dark figure that goes through his door and stands by his bed at night, he has brown glowing hands that he puts over my sons eyes and gives him bad dreams. I have dreamt about a dark figure going in to his room before and sanding in the same spot. Its freaked me out a bit really as i think i have seen this figure in my room too.

Any ideas on what it might be or how to get him away from us??

Asked by Angelina

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  1. Hi Angelina,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am Spirit Rescuer, among other things, and you can read about me here from a link on this site Victorian Paranormal Connection .. under Friends on theright.

    Your visitor might be a ghost. What sort of bad dreams does he give your son, and how old is the boy? Is he seeing how the ghost died, which is what they often do to me?

    In the meantime, let’s clear house. To start with you could have your house blessed by your local minister, or arrange for a medium to come in and visit, check out the ghost and cross it over (make sure they can do this, and aren’t just there to ‘check out the ghost’). Or there is this link goes to the Michael Invocation. We have used it around the world very successfully for the past 15+ years. It works by changing the energy structure of a person, or a building, and allowing any ghosts and other entities to be sent somewhere they can find healing and peace.

    // Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what is being asked, then do it first for yourself, and then for your home .. by changing the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not house). You might consider doing it for your son, if he’s very young, or if he’s over 13 .. or a really bright 9 year old .. there are quite a few of them around these days .. he can do it for himself, or you can do it together.

    The planet is not supposed to be haunted by lost souls (ghosts). When we die we are supposed to go to heaven, by whatever concept a person has of that place. Sometimes we don’t go because we are frightened of many things, or because we don’t want to leave our families behind .. but what happens when they are gone too .. we wander the world alone. It’s no state for any living being to have to experience. So ghosts are drawn to people who ‘feel’ the same as they do, or might look like someone that they knew when they were alive .. and often the ghost has no idea that the person they are drawn to is ‘not’ the person they remember. Or that time has moved on and left them behind. It’s very sad.

    If you have questions you can ask them here, or email me from any of the links on my site.

    Love & Peace

  2. Ama, Can I Thank you for your help and advice…i have been going out of my head with worry. My son is 5 (a mature 5 going on 18) and the Spirit has shaken him up a bit. I thought it might be a family member but from what my son has said, it cant be. The spirit gives him bad dreams of Dinosaurs chasing him and eating him (my son adores dinosaurs). I have clensed his room and i hoping this might help a bit. I dont want him to be afraid of spirits ( i had one follow me for many years and had no problem, he became very helpful). I will be in touch with a spiritual minister if it continues. Thank you once again!

  3. Angelina,

    i’m sorry to hear about your situation. While i don’t lay claim to any titles or other designations, I do have 30 or so years of experience and research in the “spiritual” realm. Based on that, i’d like to offer some additional information/guidance. Human beings are essentially spiritual beings encased in a physical body. Our physical bodies are the conduit through which we interact with the physical world. The overwhelming majority of us are so tuned in to the physical world, that we are completely oblivious to, and unable to see or interact with the spiritual world. Often, children are more in touch with the spiritual simply because they have not yet developed all the mental blocks that most adults have – especially the ones caused by years and years of religious schooling and societal norms. There certainly may be spirits of deceased humans stuck for one reason or another in our physical world. It is, however, commonly accepted that such “ghosts” are almost 100 percent of the time, completely benevolent. It’s also widely accepted that, even if these human ghosts were malevolent, they do not possess any preternatural capabilities or powers that they did not possess when living. (For reference – “Supernatural” means “of God”, “Preternatural” means everything else, including evil) There is zero evidence to suggest that we humans are endowed with any kind of “powers” or abilities when we die. Our spirit simply leaves our bodies and goes to its final destination. In other words, no human spirit would have the ability to change its appearance (brown, glowing hands) or to interfere with the dreams or thoughts of a living human. There are, however, spirits and entities that exist in spiritual form, that do have the capacity to influence the thoughts and/or dreams of humans. These entities were never human and come in both positive and negative flavors. Most of us refer to the positive ones as Angels and the negative ones as Demons. Since “Angels” are considered Supernatural (of God), and we know that God is all about love and happiness and peace and joy, we can assume that the entity that is frightening this small child with terrible thoughts of being chased and eaten, is most likely evil in nature and origin. Some evil spirits or entities can be expelled by removing whatever brought them into your home in the first place. It could be attached to an object, the land, the house or a person. It could have been invited there if anyone has ever practiced witchcraft, engaged in any occult practices, worshipped satan, or played with a OUIJA board in your house. Or, it could simply have targeted your child for some reason. It’s very difficult to say with certainty, in most cases, how or why – but what is certain, is that you must get rid of it, and the sooner the better. These entities are not easily pushed around, especially by humans with little or no faith in God (because they really only have to answer to him). You can ceratainly try to expel it or them yourself – but if you are not completely successful, I urge you to contact a deliverance minister as soon as you possibly can. This isn’t anything to play around with and if left alone, can eventually cause extreme damage to this child. There is a multitude of evidence to indicate that many children and young adults who commit suicide or horrific crimes have been exposed to the occult or evil spirits at some point in their lives – and nothing was ever done to correct that exposure. Let’s face it, if you believe in God, as i do, then you must also believe in satan – and if you believe that God’s purpose for humanity is based on love and forgiveness and living an abundant life, then you must also believe that satan’s purpose for humanity is just the opposite – anger, hate, self-doubt, confusion and ultimately, destruction. Just as God uses his Angels to protect and guide us (even though we cannot sense them for the most part), satan uses his demons to hurt and mislead us (even though we cannot sense them for the most part). I hope this helps you understand what you MIGHT be facing. Again, I don’t claim to be anything other than someone who has spent the better part of his adult life researching and investigating this, mostly for my own knowledge and information – but what i have discovered in the last 30 years has completely changed my outlook on life and what i do and do not believe. Good luck and let me know if i may be of further assistance.

    • Thanks Stan,

      Your comment has brought up some thoughts for me. To start with, I had not heard of the distinction between supernatural and preternatural before. Dug out my dictionary:


      1. Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.
      2. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.
      3. Of or relating to a deity.
      4. Of or relating to the immediate exercise of divine power; miraculous.
      5. Of or relating to the miraculous. for more info, particularly the Catholic angle.

      and Preternatural:

      1. Out of or being beyond the normal course of nature; differing from the natural.
      2. Surpassing the normal or usual; extraordinary
      3. Transcending the natural or material order; supernatural.

      Thank God some of the societal norms are changing now, since so many children are now being born with this heightened awareness, that ‘doesn’t’ go away as they connect more to this world. Half the questions I answer are related around ‘my child has seen this, what could it be?’

      I can’t agree with the ‘almost’ 100% because I do not know of anyone who has done a survey to find out a true percentage of the ‘simply lost’ in comparison to the ‘simply nasty’, but I doubt its 99% friendly, given the amount of trouble people actually have with ghosts. Yes, most haunting are benign and the people frighten themselves, but I do a lot of ‘clearing’ houses of ghosts who are well aware of the trouble they are causing, and are enjoying it.

      If our spirits simply left our bodies and went Home we would not have hauntings. Instead they sometimes panic and run away from the Light, and anyone in spirit who is actually trying to help them. Given the belief systems of some groups, I don’t blame the ghosts at all. LOL I wish it was automatic to go into heaven, but it, like everything else we do, is a choice.

      Which religious base do you come from Stan, because the Christians don’t believe that God is all Love and Light? I am working my way through Job at the moment, and even he, a true believer, thought that God was a being that ‘would’ hurt him, and God certainly allowed Satan to do so, if a person believes that story, as the Christians are supposed to. Personally, I believe God is Love and Light and all good things .. and its led to many an argument. :-)

      One last question .. what are ‘occult practises’? Back into the dictionary

      1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
      2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.
      3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore.
      4. Hidden from view; concealed.

      Going by that meaning Tarot cards are fine, they seldom get hidden from view, and there’s nothing secret about their meanings, they are all over the net now. Obviously anyone who helps people get rid of ghosts (me) is doing an occult practice, as are any exorcists, or priests, or ministers in the church who do the same – but I guess they get special dispensation? Or is that why they are so reluctant to help most of the time? I absolutely agree that ouija are a disaster waiting to happen, but what are the rest? One church group I know of listed reflexology as an occult practise .. if there is anyone out there that doesn’t know what it is .. its a foot massage. There’s nothing fancy involved, no rituals, no incantations. You rub your foot to ease an ache and you are doing an occult practise. LOL And .. its ok to ‘own’ crystals, but not to use them for anything except ornaments. I wonder what the Jewish leaders were trying to stop people doing when they wrote that. Talking to dead people? .. oh no, raising the dead. That was it. No necromancy .. couldn’t agree with them more! We have enough problems with the entities we already have to deal with.

      Here’s an interesting list: Seems its practising other religious beliefs, such as Kabalah .. which is the Jewish mystical side of their religion. Yes, mysticism is not allowed in Christianity, except when it comes to Jesus being God’s son, and all his miracles – although the apostles also cast out demons? I also remember the Catholics taught we are not allowed to talk to the angels .. but why not? Could it be they would remind everyone that God does not need to be ‘feared’? Sigh.

      Now I will have a quiet little rant .. not at you, Stan, but just at everything …

      It’s lovely to be able to blame ‘occult practises’ for the suicides of children, rather than looking at the behaviour of their parents, siblings or school mates, not to mention the growing problem of depression and other mental illnesses. I would look to those first three factors first before seeking other culprits. I haven’t read anything that says God stops people from killing themselves, and many Christian children do it as well. This society is the problem, the lack of love, trust, truth, disciple and faith .. in any religion at all .. apart from Satanism .. I have to say that, being me. Fear makes the parents either helpless or monsters, it takes huge courage to stand against the will of the ‘crowd’ and put down boundaries for our kids and reinforce them. I did it for mine, but I know so many people from my generations who didn’t, and their kids run amok even now. It’s not occult practises that are the problem .. its us. You don’t have to believe in a God, any God, to be a good person, to be protective and loving of everyone around you, and its not taught in the churches, anymore than its taught in the houses. No, the Christian church runs on fear .. fear God, fear judgment, fear people finding out you are not a good Christian. And why .. because not only will God condemn you to hell, but so will everyone you associate with .. and then you will have no friends, no support, no love. And that’s the legacy we leave to our children? No wonder Christianity is dying out, or worse, turning fundamentalist. Sigh! I shall climb off my soapbox now.

      Wishing everyone a good day,
      Love & Peace

      • Ama,

        How long did it take you to type that response? LOL. Interesting that you’ve not come across supernatural and preternatural used in this way before. It seems to be fairly standard terminology in the circles in which i run. To answer (one of) your questions, i am a Christian. My father was actually a protestant minister and i was raised in church. However, in my teen years i started to question the faith and my own convictions and basically became a non-believer. (i’m now 52). I developed an unhealthy (smile) interest in ghosts, and hauntings and whatever esle one might associate with spiritual activity. At 19, i joined the military and that not only gave me an opportunity to investigate sites around the globe, but it also exposed me to a plethora of similar-minded people that i might not otherwise have ever met. I set out to prove once and for all (mostly to myself) that God did not exist – however, my experiences combined with my research over the last 3 decades have actually had the opposite effect. I’m a more committed believer now than at any other point in my life. My mind has not only been opened to the truth about God, but about satan and Jesus and the miracle of salvation. I didn’t receive any inspiration for this transformation in faith from any church – instead i’ve drawn my own conclusions, again based on what i’ve seen, heard, witnessed and read. I’m not a big fan of “religion”, but if i had to call myself something, it would definitely be “Christain”. Regardless of what other Christians may believe, i do believe that God is a God of love and peace and happiness and forgiveness and joy. I believe that he created us humans to have a one-on-one relationship with him and that we rebelled against him through disobedience and became fallen in God’s eyes (much in the same way that satan rebelled against God and became a fallen angel). God may be a loving and forgiving deity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he cannot or will not become angry at us for being disobedient – this anger is what we should fear.

        As far as what qualifies as “occult” – in my circles, it means anything to do with the preternatural; for example – attempts to contact the dead, witchcraft, satan worship, idol worship, attempts to cast spells or place curses, etc.. All of these activities are expressly forbidden in the Bible, and for good reason – they usually end up connecting us humans with spiritual beings that we are simply not spritually prepared to deal with. We try to deal with them in our limited physical ways (counseling, psychiatry, drugs, therapy, etc..) and those methodologies for the most part have no impact on spiritual beings. Not to suggest that all suicides or murders or other evil acts are inspired or caused by demons or evil spirits – they are not. Some humans are actually very emotionally or mentally ill, and some are themselves evil at their core (these are likely the ones whose spirits cause the most trouble on earth after they die).

        However, just as God loves us with all of his being, satan hates us with all of his. He hates us because he hates God, and he knows that God loves us. He hates us because he hates God and he knows we are created in God’s image. He hurts us becuase he hates God and he knows that destroying our souls by capturing us for eternity hurts the one he hates the most – God. There are way too many documented cases of possession and demonic influence that resulted in suicide, murder, rape, torture,child abuse, you name it, to suggest that much of that behaviour is not caused by, or at least influenced by satan and his army of fallen angels. Anyone who is at all enlightened to the spiritual world can look at the stories and questions posted on this website alone and see the patterns. Kids get involved with the occult, or play with a OUIJA board, or become addicted to drugs/alcolhol, or are abused by some adult, etc, and they invite evil into their lives. then they end up on this and other websites trying very hard to find a way to rid themselves of that evil. satan will use anything in our lives, poverty, drugs, loneliness, abuse, anger, addictions, fear, to distract us from learning about and developing a real relationship with God – through Jesus. Keep a 14 yr old girl focused on her feelings of self-worth by making her doubt that she is pretty enough for the guys at her school, and it’s a short hop from there to having sex with those boys in order to win their affection, and another short hop to the guilt and shame when she realizes that all the boy wanted was sex and has no interest in her heart, and another short hop to depression, isolation, and finally suicide. There was absolutely nothing mentally or emotionally or physically wrong with this girl that could not have been fixed with some guidance, love and counseling – but satan used it to get her to take her life before she received Jesus’ salvation, and now she belongs to him for eternity and that absolutley cannot be changed.

        ok – enough…i’ve been on my own soapbox for way too long. Not intentional – didn’t mean to preach. I always enjoy reading your posts – don’t always agree with everything, but that’s what makes life fun, right? You keep helping people – we need all the help we can get.


        • Hi Stan,

          Thank you for introducing yourself, and explaining your beliefs to us. It’s good to know we have another interesting character on this site.

          It never really takes me long to type up an answer, given I type around 120wpm, its the editing afterwards that sometimes needs ‘time’. LOL And then there’s the bits and pieces of research I do, so that anyone reading might learn from what we talk about.

          A bit of soapboxing doesn’t do any harm .. as long as we recognise we are standing on it (in my opinion). :-) I also like to keep my ‘english’ as simple as possible. I still remember joining one discussion site, around 15 years ago, who loved the word paradigm .. they were quite rude to me when I asked what it meant. (Hmm.. got a dictionary very quickly after that – also dropped out of the group because they said a lot of big words while saying practically nothing. I prefer to the KISS principle myself). I agree with what you have written here, except might debate whether God gets angry or not. When we examine the Bible closely, its obvious that Jehovah certainly does. We don’t see it in the New Testament, but its referred to by NT writers .. mostly quoting the OT. It’s a very interesting topic for me .. but not on this question site.

          Wishing you a great weekend,
          Love & Peace

  4. Any spirit with glowing hands is from Hell. I saw white glowing hands in my haunted trailor. this spirit only had glowing hands. I could see parts or hell. there were chains being dragged. I could hear moans. then the white glowing hands came up from hell trying to grab me and my child to drag us to hell. The trailor was haunted pretty horribly. I had a real battle on my hands. I had to have an exorcism. I had the priest come in and do the catholic exorcism. but the devil and his demons stayed but with lesser power. We finally packed up and moved into a house about 5 miles away. He finally left us alone.

    My story is “I’m battling evil in my trailor.”

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