My Husbands Dream a Reflection on our Relationship?

My husband told me about a dream he had a couple of nights ago. Now, it was nothing bad, but I kind of wondered if his dream was a reflection on our relationship. He told me that in it, he was a young kid again in elementary school, and how he had a crush on this one girl (no one he knew specifically) and was the object of affection of most of the boys in his class. She landed up not being very nice, so he stopped trying to go after her, and somehow he landed up wandering into a small wooden house that was on the school’s campus. He said in there was 2 brooms and a girl who was a shy and quiet and almost always by herself. He didn’t want to be in there with her, but she told him that she was lonely, and he felt sorry for her and landed up hugging her and they began talking and getting to know each other. The girl then told him that she loved him, and my husband said that she said it in the same way I say it to him, and he told her that he loved her too and they gave each other an innocent kiss. My husband said that everything about the girl in the house reminded him of me, but we never met as kids or anything. But I do see some similarities between the dream and when we first met.

A little over two years ago when we first met, I was very shy and didn’t say much when I was alone with him, and he at first wasn’t very comfortable with that. He told me that he felt like I was trying to block him out at first, but then we got to know each other better, and I told him how I wasn’t used to talking because I used to get bullied all the time at school and I never really developed close friends, so I did mostly everything on my own. He quickly started to fall in love with me once I became more open with him and spent more time with him, and within a year he proposed to me, and we just got married a few months ago.

I can kind of see how this can be related to our relationship in some ways, but some points I don’t quite understand very well. I don’t understand why he and the girls were children, or why there was a wooden house with two brooms in it… Could these symbolize anything? I’m mainly curious and interested in what it could mean…

Asked by Desirae

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  1. Hi Desirae

    First up, the dream meaning of broom is “cautions one to look past the surface; sweep away surface debris to get a clearer perception of what is beneath”. (Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols).

    House – stands for the human mind.

    Child/children – denotes a stage of acceptance and innocence.

    Our dreams are made up of a collection of all our thoughts and memories, everything we see around us, and often what we do not realise we have seen or heard. They reflect the world around us, and, if appropriate to what the person is thinking about, they will have similarities to things that have happened in our lives, or the lives of people we love.

    The dream is interesting because I think it does reflect your relationship in some ways. In the beginning he might have not realised how shy you were (the more extrovert girl), and that might have seemed like you were not a nice person (because you didn’t talk much), but once he stopped over-analysing (went into the house) the brooms told him that he needed to sweep away the misconceptions, and he found you to be a person of shyness who needed his love and protection. I think the dream might be saying that he still feels this way about you? Only he can say for sure.

    There are better dream analysis people on the site here .. what do they think?

    Love & Peace

  2. Desirae,
    Short answer….yes, it could have very much been about your relationship…and seems pretty darn positive. But I wouldn’t be me, if this weren’t more verbose then that sentence. haha!

    Well, there are really two ways (maybe more, but we’ll deal with the biggest first) in which we can interpret this.
    First up — It was simply a dream about you two…..conscious translation from unconscious mind can be very confusing. I’m still writing notes about dreams that happened when I was 15, just so I can understand all of the archetypes and their meanings.

    I post on here about dreams, quite a bit. Probably one of my biggest hobbies in life. So I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say I’m a lucid recurring themed dreamer. I don’t repeat actions often, but every since about 8 years ago, I go to the exact same city every night in my dreams. So, one night, I pulled my wife to me in dreamspace. She mostly looked like my wife, but not completely. She had lots of freckles (they were cute…but my wife doesn’t have freckles)….she was a bit shorter…but other then that, it was just a few things that were off (ear shape, eye colour, hair, etc…). It puzzled me at first. But I looked up at the clocks in the room (they are world time zones in series….I know this room well and often start there when I ‘awake’ to my dream city). I noted the time which lately bumps me into lucidity even more. Then I was completely conscious. I got excited and started asking questions about our “role in this building”…..and she jumped shark and told me “I have been here before.” To which I replied, “Where, the city? Or this building?”. My wife responded, “No. Alive. But we all have. We’ve all been gone for a long time.” Then she said something to the effect of reality being a resonance of frequencies that used to make up reality. I struggled at first….didn’t know if it was REALLY her….then she leaned forward and kissed me very gently. Then there was no question… was absolutely her.
    Interesting side note I didn’t share when I first posted the above story….when I awoke and told my wife…..she was very intrigued. She told me about a bar she owns in her dreams because she thinks it’s in a huge city too….Think Welsh pub: bar inside and out, with old heavy oak tables. The following night, I was in a pub in my dreams…..where all the menus were maps. When I told my wife of this the next day (and joking, said, is that your bar?) her jaw hit the floor. I apparently described it in full detail which validated it. According to her, the detail that hit home was the menus that were roadmaps. I wasn’t privy to this before. So the side moral here is, please know that dreams aren’t “just dreams”. We can actually share them too (aka: hyper lucidity)

    Do I know what this all means? Not entirely….but I’m still working on it.

    Ok….number one took me too long….on to number two. :)

    Second, (and please accept my usual…”this is just MY humble take on our beautiful universe): It could simply be your souls remembering each other. I know for a fact that my wife and I are soul mates….but interestingly enough, we both agree we are “new” soul mates. Meaning we may not have reincarnated that often before.
    So the second thought could be summed up as (still keeping conscious translation in mind) a remembrance of you two…..but from one or more (many, maybe) lives telling of a similar story….a similar innocents…..a similar love.

    If you don’t like the idea of reincarnation much, then you could work with the dream idea only. I would recommend you both work on some lucid dreaming exercises and see if you can reveal anymore. In my observations: if it’s on your mind enough, you will dream about it again. Next time you (or your husband) can be lucid during the dream….which is an absolutely smashing time to ask questions. It’s a process….so I also encourage patience as well as tenacity.

    If you are not familiar with lucid dreaming, as always, I recommend a great post from our fine host, Caretaker:

    Great question! As always, I promise to reread it about 40 times to see if I can glean anything else from your husband’s dream……as I said, it’s a process. :)


    P.S. Forgot to mention….don’t ever let time in dreams stump you too much. I have been a child and an old man in many dreams (I’m 34–so you have baseline). One time I was both at the same time. I have seen friends and loved ones in different stages of mortality as well….there might be a hint of symbolism here, but I don’t think it’s a great starting place…..simply put, I think our souls see a completely different time signature when observed from corporeal self as opposed to dreams. Why I use “time” as a way to pop into different levels of lucidity…..because in dreams, it’s a good way to chuck the “animal” self to the side for a second. :)

  3. Hey Siddle,

    I have questions -

    1) Hyper lucidity – I found this site. is that what you were talking about?

    2) Please explain in more detail – “Why I use time as a way to pop into different levels of lucidity..because in dreams, its a good way to chuck the animal self to the side for a second.” ‘How’ do you use time to change levels of lucidity?

    Thank you,
    Love & Peace

  4. Morning, Ama!!!

    Hmm….looks like I search too much dream stuff on this computer. I once again need to defeat google-analytics and stats so I can get a decent listing for hyper lucidity. IMHO we finally hit the internet singularity where google thinks it can outsmart you. “hyper lucidity”…not Beyonce! I don’t care about celebs! :)

    1) That site appears to be selling. Not a great description in my opinion. When most dream researchers reference “hyper lucidity” they are connotatively defining a level of lucidity that involves the paranormal. Most “lucid” dreaming is internal and personal (subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind as well as higher and lower-self…..). So this category of lucid dreaming is for such things as co-dreaming (same dream as someone else, but while one or all dreamers are lucid—and what I was referencing in my first post, above), OBE (out of body, of course) and premonition/prophetic dreams, just to name a few.

    2) sorry, this one has to come with a preface— I have always had the ability to just “have” a lucid dream randomly, but in the last 8+ years I’ve been running my own personal experiments in an attempt to find entry points into different levels of lucidity.
    To personally define “levels”, I would have to say I don’t believe they are linear (meaning: I’m kind of lucid, now I’m pretty lucid, now I’m very lucid, now I’m conscious). Instead I think of “levels” as more equations. The variables, being the resources you use (I may use reasoning from consciousness, perception from unconsciousness while impression/imprinting may be from subconsciousness). Hard to explain in words….but makes sense in dreams once you experience a few different “levels”).

    That said, I have researched many ways to “become lucid”….now I’m trying to find ways to switch to new configurations (aka different sums of resources..different “levels”) in an attempt to get a different perception in the dream…..all while not losing lucidity. Once you lose it in the process, a person usually just dreams, wakes and forgets…so one has to be light in their approach).

    Time….this preface would be a long one….so suffice it to say, I’m a nerd when it comes to time. I think about it constantly (all the “time”…hehe). As much as it was a mystery to Einstein, it is more mystery to my natural duality (symbiosis of animal-self and soul-self). So my latest, non-professional lab experiment is to consider different aspects of space-time while already lucid.

    simply put: I can look at a clock, I know well, in a dream and in doing so, my mind immediately questions both reality and dream world, as opposed to just one or the other. If I gauge the time (predict it’s next enumeration) or create a clock that goes backwards, my conscious mind will buck. This used to wake me up…..but lately I’ve become more comfortable and now creating multiple clocks is a way to essentially confuse my current “level”/”equation” of lucidity and allow me to predict or create new levels/equations. BTW: I can usually tell I’ve been successful when I stop talking in a dream and start using telepathy (I stop “needing” speech from consciousness). Also, I start having ability to “beam” to different parts of the dream or change to my liking. There are other identifiers, those two are the most common.

    There are many methods to reach higher (or as I say, more complete configurations of) lucidity, but I personally think we shoot ourselves in the foot every time we try to think of this in terms of how it would work in reality. There are major commonalities, sure, but the constructs are quite different.

    The “look at your hand” technique will make you lucid, but it won’t give you a good base to start from if you want to explore further. It involves too much of “animal-self” with all the expectations that come with that. I believe soul knows time in ALL of it’s different perceptions and correlations to reality. So when I said “why I use time”, it’s because I found it to be the best catalyst for movement in consciousness while dreaming. I mention “animal-self” as more a personal convention. I tend to oversimplify everything so I can grasp. This means I quite often refer to soul as “soul-self” and the rest of me as “animal-self”…that’s not new, I know….but may help explain why I said it that way in my last post.

    Phew….hope that makes sense.
    I wanted to explain, but I don’t know if I ever have, successfully. Can’t find a single webpage or book for what I’m testing here….suggestions have been welcome for about 8 years, though. :)


    • BTW: Forgot to mention…. I say “time” to be specific, but I am including all of space-time. I just answered directly about time itself. Another experiment tied to the one I told you, is to add correlation of space. But when your dream landscape changes as much as mine, you try not to designate anything by referencing “space”. Easier just to think about the distance between objects in terms of time/increments. Perhaps I can take on space more fully at some point.

      Again, insanely hard to explain, but also just “my” humble approach.


    • Bless ‘Google’ and all who sail in her .. I am so over Utube, Youtube and every other song site, which is all that seems to come up some days when I am searching words or phrases, even biblical ones. Back in the OLLLLDDD days (been on the net 15+ years) you could ask for something and actually get specifics. LOL

      Thank you for the explanations. How is your time sense when you are awake? I have little to none .. so have to clockwatch if I have an appointment to keep. I get very frustrated when “time” gets a hold of me (very occasionally) and I feel every second drag. It’s a very odd sensation.

      The rest is absolutely amazing – from a person who remembers next to nothing (except dreams with messages specific to my learning, or the ‘memories’ of the ghost hovering over me at that moment) from dreams, doesn’t dream but ‘works’ in my sleep (comes back with bruises and very sore muscles), and occasionally tries to beat up her partner. I thought our brains were supposed to produce some hormone that stops our bodies from expressing what we are dreaming – hence ‘sleep paralysis’ (on explanation anyway). Doesn’t work for me. Tom’s told me I’ve been walking, running, climbing, fighting, talking, muttering .. etc etc .. no wonder he doesn’t get much sleep, and I wake up exhausted. LOL I even told him, once, that I was dying .. and he worried about it for three days afterwards, before telling me. :-)

      Love & Peace

      Love & Peace

      • Hey Ama,
        Yeah, I can relate. I remember the old BB days, and then the transition to internet (darpa-net… gore-net….whatever you want to call it ). I remember the “before time”, in the long, long ago, whence for a fleeting moment one could lookup just about anything. So everyone did just that–looked up everything! It was then indexed so that search engines like google could one day make cyberspace less like a library and more like a library that was just hit by a tornado (with the addition of mindbogglingly massive amounts of pornography, inanely stupid memes and e-mail forwards galore).

        As far as time in reality….well, let’s just say I do oppose it as much as possible (and it’s really not), haha!
        Seriously, the best way to explain it, is that I let right brain take care of it most the time. hmm…that really doesn’t technically make sense either, but if I plant the suggestion (using feedback process–think it, then hear yourself say it you process it in two different ways) I can wake seconds before my alarm and remember an important date and time when it comes up. Just last week, I woke up thinking about a specific vendor we deal with at work. Within the next few minutes I worked out that I probably had a meeting. Soon after I could recall that I have a meeting about “X” in 5 minutes. So while I just “remember” when i’m supposed to be somewhere, I’m there, but fashionably late……always. :) eh….it works for me. Especially with work.

        As far as the “time gets a hold of me” comment, I do understand….but sadly, I’m pretty much a workaholic, which makes every day fly at breakneck speeds. I’m not as proud of that as most might think… is more vice then virtue at times…..a point my wife would strongly but lovely agree with.

        On occasion, however, I revel in reading of different theories of time. Meaning I do questions the nature of it a lot. Both physically and metaphysically speaking. As a result, I understand some of it’s laws, but do believe my own perception of time can change my reality quite a bit.
        In meditation I have “slowed time”, but by this I only mean I have changed brainwave frequency, sped up my ability to process and correlate information and in doing so, perceive time to slow greatly…..though I understand full well the uniformity of time to the collective. It’s perceived linearly and maintained by universal constants.

        Sorry, I know you didn’t ask for all that……but I’m also the kind of person that believes he can’t convey his thoughts or viewpoints without first explaining why he’s considered them in the first place. Feels like too much is missing if I don’t bore you with my own character development first. :)


        • Hi Siddle,

          I am fascinated not only by ‘what’ people think, but ‘why’ and ‘how’ they think it .. so you answer really well, from my point of view. LOL

          I remember when I first started working with Spirit, and got obsessed with logic problems .. have you seen them .. like crosswords only a lot less squares? It got to the point where I could look at the questions and then write down the answers .. sometimes without realising I was processing the ‘yes/no’ stuff without consciously thinking about it .. but heaven help me if I stopped to ‘think’, it would all just fade away. It turned out to be good training for the way I process information, physical and spiritual, now.

          That being said .. one of the nice things my guardian angel does for me is to remember lists, particularly grocery lists. I might forget to take the piece of paper with me, but he’ll direct me to an isle where whatever I’ve forgotten will be found .. if I can then remember what it is. LOL Or he tells me. Bless him. :-)

          The human mind is a wonderous thing,
          Love & Peace

          • LOL! You’re own personal angelic shopping assistant – hahaha! Love it!


  5. I hope no one minds me jumping in and asking a few questions I’ve been having of reoccurring dreams. I’m trying to figure out why one particular place I lived as a child keeps being the place of my dreams. The focus seems to be either the front or back yard. It was a row of town homes. There weren’t fences or anything, just a pretty much straight sweep of land that stretched along the whole row. Behind that were more typical homes (non town homes). Some of them had apple trees. (what the place really was and what my dreams try to render.)

    If the dream is focusing on the back yard, it is more often than not raining. It’s pouring rain in the dreams. So much that it is flooding and forming a creek spanning the whole length. I’m usually crossing this swampy area (wasn’t swampy in real life nor did it flood like that.) I may be searching for something, treading through tall grass, or I may be picking apples, oranges, pears, whatever. (oranges would not grow there in real life.) The most recent version had strange huge apples (I think I saw them in another dream.) I may or may not have felt like I was being watched by the owners of the house as I went about picking their apples in the dreams, but no one came out…until this last week’s dream. I turned my head and saw an 8 year old blond-haired boy staring up at me. He was frowning disapproval. I apologized for taking his apples but told him I needed them and then continued on. I wonder whst that dream meant or the boy.

    I had another dream a day or two after with a little girl of that age or younger but don’t remember anything of it. There are a number of other places that I seem to keep returning to in dreams. One is a new house (either with many rooms or just a few.) , house surrounded by trees, A forest, a city, a mall-like place, or a lake. Last night’s dream I was at the lake/dock fishing. (the lake isn’t always the same by appearance but I feel about the same approaching it. More often than not I am fishing and either catching or seeing really huge fish. I don’t fish in real life, haven’t since I was a child.

    Another more creepy thing last night was a lucid dream where I was walking down my hallway to use the bathroom. I couldn’t get the light to turn on. I flip the switch and nothing, or it would flash and then that be it. (I think earlier that day I was at Menards and struggling to operate one of their demos) I gave up and went pee (in my dream, thinking it was real at the time) and then tried to wake up. I had a brief moment of SP, but then slipped back into sleep, then I think that’s eventually when I had the fish dream or led to it. This time with my sister, dad or someone on a boat. (my sister and dad are alive but live far away.)

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