My Dream My Daughter and My Home

I have a dream that is so real and with every dream they get more real and in-depth to where my 14 year old daughter is getting them. I’ve never talked with her about them and I still don’t but she seems to be farther then I am with it. I haven’t gotten them lately but she has and now things have been going on in our apartment that even I can’t explain or figure out. What do I do?

Asked by naturallyme

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  1. Hi Naturallyme,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I do metaphysical things. You can find out about me here (I’m also listed on this site under ‘friends’ Victorian Paranormal Connection’.

    There are links on my site to allow you to write to me privately about your dream, if you would like to .. otherwise .. please tell me all about it, and we will see if we can sort out what is happening.

    Love & Peace,

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